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Help to write a shakespearean sonnet

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Help to write a shakespearean sonnet

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bob black work essay No one should ever work. Help To Write A Shakespearean Sonnet. Work is the source of nearly all the misery in the world. Almost any evil you’d care to argumentative essay about, name comes from working or from living in a world designed for a shakespearean work. Thesis In Pharmacutical Marketing. In order to stop suffering, we have to stop working. That doesn’t mean we have to stop doing things. It does mean creating a new way of life based on play; in other words, a ludic revolution.

By “play” I mean also festivity, creativity, conviviality, commensality, and maybe even art. Sonnet. There is more to play than child’s play, as worthy as that is. I call for a collective adventure in generalized joy and freely interdependent exuberance. Play isn’t passive. Doubtless we all need a lot more time for sheer sloth and writing about in me, slack than we ever enjoy now, regardless of income or occupation, but once recovered from employment-induced exhaustion nearly all of us want to act. Help. The ludic life is essay totally incompatible with existing reality. To Write Sonnet. So much the argumentative essay smoking outline, worse for “reality,” the gravity hole that sucks the vitality from the little in life that still distinguishes it from to write sonnet, mere survival.

Curiously or maybe not all the old ideologies are conservative because they believe in work. Some of hilfe bachelorarbeit, them, like Marxism and most brands of anarchism, believe in to write sonnet work all the more fiercely because they believe in so little else. Liberals say we should end employment discrimination. I say we should end employment. Conservatives support right-to-work laws. Following Karl Marx’s wayward son-in-law Paul Lafargue I support the right to be lazy. Leftists favor full employment.

Like the surrealists except that I’m not kidding I favor full un employment. Trotskyists agitate for email resume permanent revolution. I agitate for help a shakespearean sonnet permanent revelry. But if all the writing an expository essay about, ideologues (as they do) advocate work and not only because they plan to make other people do theirs they are strangely reluctant to say so. They will carry on endlessly about wages, hours, working conditions, exploitation, productivity, profitability. Help. They’ll gladly talk about resume pdf, anything but work itself.

These experts who offer to do our thinking for us rarely share their conclusions about work, for all its saliency in the lives of all of us. Among themselves they quibble over the details. Unions and management agree that we ought to sell the to write a shakespearean, time of our lives in exchange for survival, although they haggle over the price. Marxists think we should be bossed by bureaucrats. Libertarians think we should be bossed by businessmen. Feminists don’t care which form bossing takes so long as the bosses are women. Clearly these ideology-mongers have serious differences over how to divvy up the thesis in pharmacutical, spoils of power. Just as clearly, none of them have any objection to power as such and all of them want to keep us working. You may be wondering if I’m joking or serious.

I’m joking and serious. To be ludic is not to be ludicrous. Play doesn’t have to help a shakespearean sonnet, be frivolous, although frivolity isn’t triviality; very often we ought to take frivolity seriously. I’d like life to be a game but a game with high stakes. I want to play for keeps . The alternative to work isn’t just idleness. To be ludic is not to be quaaludic. As much as I treasure the pleasure of torpor, it’s never more rewarding than when it punctuates other pleasures and pastimes. Nor am I promoting the managed time-disciplined safety-valve called “leisure;” far from it. Leisure is nonwork for the sake of work. Leisure is portrayal of women in music videos essay time spent recovering from work and in the frenzied but hopeless attempt to to write sonnet, forget about work.

Many people return from vacations so beat that they look forward to returning to work so they can rest up. The main difference between work and leisure is that at work at least you get paid for thesis marketing your alienation and enervation. I am not playing definitional games with anybody. When I say I want to abolish work, I mean just what I say, but I want to say what I mean by defining my terms in non-idiosyncratic ways. My minimum definition of work is forced labor, that is, compulsory production. Both elements are essential. Work is production enforced by economic or political means, by the carrot or the stick. (The carrot is just the help, stick by email pdf other means.) But not all creation is to write work.

Work is never done for its own sake, it’s done on account of some product or output that the worker (or, more often, somebody else) gets out of it. Hilfe Bachelorarbeit. This is to write a shakespearean sonnet what work necessarily is. Thesis. To define it is to despise it. But work is usually even worse than its definition decrees. The dynamic of domination intrinsic to work tends over time toward elaboration.

In advanced work-riddled societies, including all industrial societies whether capitalist or “communist,” work invariably acquires other attributes which accentuate its obnoxiousness. Help A Shakespearean. Usually and this is even more true in “communist” than capitalist countries, where the state is almost the only employer and everyone is an essay for usc employee work is to write a shakespearean employment, i.e., wage-labor, which means selling yourself on the installment plan. Thus 95% of writing an expository essay about, Americans who work, work for somebody (or some thing ) else. In Cuba or China or any other alternative model which might be adduced, the corresponding figure approaches 100%. Only the embattled Third World peasant bastions Mexico, India, Brazil, Turkey temporarily shelter significant concentrations of help a shakespearean sonnet, agriculturists who perpetuate the hilfe, traditional arrangement of most laborers in the last several millennia, the payment of taxes (= ransom) to the state or rent to parasitic landlords in return for being otherwise left alone.

Even this raw deal is beginning to look good. All industrial (and office) workers are employees and to write a shakespearean, under the sort of surveillance which ensures servility. But modern work has worse implications. College Prompt. People don’t just work, they have “jobs.” One person does one productive task all the time on a shakespearean sonnet, an or-else basis. Even if the task has a quantum of intrinsic interest (as increasingly many jobs don’t) the monotony of its obligatory exclusivity drains its ludic potential.

A “job” that might engage the energies of some people, for a reasonably limited time, for the fun of it, is just a burden on those who have to do it for forty hours a week with no say in pdf how it should be done, for the profit of owners who contribute nothing to the project, and with no opportunity for sharing tasks or spreading the work among those who actually have to do it. This is the real world of work: a world of bureaucratic blundering, of sexual harassment and help to write sonnet, discrimination, of bonehead bosses exploiting and scapegoating their subordinates who by any rational-technical criteria should be calling the shots. Essay In Me. But capitalism in the real world subordinates the rational maximization of productivity and sonnet, profit to essay prompt for usc, the exigencies of organizational control. The degradation which most workers experience on the job is the sum of assorted indignities which can be denominated as “discipline.” Foucault has complexified this phenomenon but it is simple enough. Discipline consists of the totality of totalitarian controls at the workplacesurveillance, rotework, imposed work tempos, production quotas, punching-in and out, etc. Discipline is what the factory and the office and the store share with the prison and the school and the mental hospital. It is something historically original and horrible. It was beyond the capacities of help to write a shakespearean, such demonic dictators of yore as Nero and Genghis Khan and Ivan the Terrible. For all their bad intentions they just didn’t have the machinery to control their subjects as thoroughly as modern despots do. Discipline is the portrayal in music videos essay, distinctively diabolical modern mode of control, it is an innovative intrusion which must be interdicted at the earliest opportunity.

Such is “work.” Play is just the opposite. Play is always voluntary. What might otherwise be play is work if it’s forced. This is axiomatic. Bernie de Koven has defined play as the “suspension of sonnet, consequences.” This is unacceptable if it implies that play is inconsequential. The point is hilfe bachelorarbeit not that play is without consequences. To Write A Shakespearean Sonnet. This is to demean play. The point is that the in music essay, consequences, if any, are gratuitous. Playing and giving are closely related, they are the behavioral and transactional facets of the same impulse, the play-instinct.

They share an aristocratic disdain for results. The player gets something out of playing; that’s why he plays. But the core reward is the experience of the activity itself (whatever it is). Some otherwise attentive students of play, like Johan Huizinga ( Homo Ludens ), define it as gameplaying or following rules. I respect Huizinga’s erudition but emphatically reject his constraints. To Write. There are many good games (chess, baseball, Monopoly, bridge) which are rule-governed but there is much more to college essay prompt, play than game-playing. Conversation, sex, dancing, travelthese practices aren’t rule-governed but they are surely play if anything is.

And rules can be played with at least as readily as anything else. Work makes a mockery of freedom. Help To Write Sonnet. The official line is that we all have rights and live in a democracy. Other unfortunates who aren’t free like we are have to live in police states. These victims obey orders or-else, no matter how arbitrary. The authorities keep them under regular surveillance. State bureaucrats control even the smaller details of everyday life. The officials who push them around are answerable only to higher-ups, public or private. Either way, dissent and prompt for usc, disobedience are punished. Informers report regularly to the authorities.

All this is supposed to to write sonnet, be a very bad thing. And so it is, although it is nothing but a description of the about a change, modern workplace. The liberals and conservatives and libertarians who lament totalitarianism are phonies and hypocrites. There is more freedom in any moderately de-Stalinized dictatorship than there is in help a shakespearean the ordinary American workplace. You find the same sort of hierarchy and discipline in an office or factory as you do in essay a prison or a monastery. In fact, as Foucault and others have shown, prisons and factories came in at about the same time, and their operators consciously borrowed from each other’s control techniques. A worker is help to write a shakespearean a part-time slave.

The boss says when to an expository essay about, show up, when to leave, and what to do in the meantime. He tells you how much work to do and how fast. He is free to carry his control to humiliating extremes, regulating, if he feels like it, the clothes you wear or how often you go to the bathroom. With a few exceptions he can fire you for any reason, or no reason. He has you spied on by snitches and supervisors, he amasses a dossier on help to write a shakespearean sonnet, every employee. Talking back is called “insubordination,” just as if a worker is argumentative essay a naughty child, and it not only gets you fired, it disqualifies you for unemployment compensation.

Without necessarily endorsing it for them either, it is help a shakespearean sonnet noteworthy that children at home and in school receive much the same treatment, justified in their case by their supposed immaturity. What does this say about their parents and teachers who work? The demeaning system of domination I’ve described rules over half the waking hours of a majority of women and of women in music, the vast majority of men for decades, for help to write most of their lifespans. For certain purposes it’s not too misleading to call our system democracy or capitalism or better stil l industrialism, but its real names are factory fascism and office oligarchy. Anybody who says these people are “free” is lying or stupid. You are what you do.

If you do boring, stupid, monotonous work, chances are you’ll end up boring, stupid, and monotonous. Work is a much better explanation for the creeping cretinization all around us than even such significant moronizing mechanisms as television and education. People who are regimented all their lives, handed to work from school and bracketed by the family in the beginning and the nursing home in college prompt the end, are habituated to hierarchy and psychologically enslaved. Their aptitude for autonomy is so atrophied that their fear of sonnet, freedom is among their few rationally grounded phobias. Bachelorarbeit. Their obedience training at work carries over into the families they start, thus reproducing the system in sonnet more ways than one, and into email pdf, politics, culture and everything else. To Write Sonnet. Once you drain the vitality from people at work, they’ll likely submit to hierarchy and expertise in everything. They’re used to it. We are so close to the world of work that we can’t see what it does to us. We have to rely on outside observers from other times or other cultures to appreciate the extremity and the pathology of our present position. There was a time in our own past when the “work ethic” would have been incomprehensible, and perhaps Weber was on to something when he tied its appearance to a religion, Calvinism, which if it emerged today instead of four centuries ago would immediately and appropriately be labeled a cult.

Be that as it may, we have only to draw upon the wisdom of essay, antiquity to put work in perspective. The ancients saw work for what it is, and to write, their view prevailed, the Calvinist cranks notwithstanding, until overthrown by industrialism but not before receiving the essay, endorsement of its prophets. Let’s pretend for a moment that work doesn’t turn people into help, stultified submissives. Let’s pretend, in defiance of any plausible psychology and the ideology of its boosters, that it has no effect on the formation of character. And let’s pretend that work isn’t as boring and tiring and argumentative about, humiliating as we all know it really is. Even then, work would still make a mockery of all humanistic and democratic aspirations, just because it usurps so much of our time. Socrates said that manual laborers make bad friends and bad citizens because they have no time to fulfill the to write sonnet, responsibilities of friendship and citizenship. He was right. Because of work, no matter what we do, we keep looking at our watches. The only thing “free” about so-called free time is that it doesn’t cost the boss anything.

Free time is mostly devoted to getting ready for work, going to work, returning from thesis in pharmacutical, work, and recovering from work. Free time is a shakespearean sonnet a euphemism for the peculiar way labor, as a factor of production, not only transports itself at its own expense to and from the workplace, but assumes primary responsibility for its own maintenance and repair. Coal and steel don’t do that. Lathes and typewriters don’t do that. No wonder Edward G. Robinson in one of his gangster movies exclaimed, “Work is for saps!” Both Plato and Xenophon attribute to Socrates and obviously share with him an awareness of the destructive effects of work on the worker as a citizen and as a human being.

Herodotus identified contempt for work as an hilfe bei der bachelorarbeit attribute of the classical Greeks at the zenith of their culture. To take only to write a shakespearean sonnet one Roman example, Cicero said that “whoever gives his labor for money sells himself and puts himself in the rank of slaves.” His candor is now rare, but contemporary primitive societies which we are wont to look down upon have provided spokesmen who have enlightened Western anthropologists. The Kapauku of West Irian, according to Posposil, have a conception of balance in life and email, accordingly work only every other day, the help to write, day of rest designed “to regain the lost power and health.” Our ancestors, even as late as the eighteenth century when they were far along the path to our present predicament, at least were aware of what we have forgotten, the underside of industrialization. Their religious devotion to “St. Monday” thus establishing a de facto five-day week 150-200 years before its legal consecration was the despair of the college essay prompt for usc, earliest factory owners. They took a long time in submitting to the tyranny of the help to write a shakespearean sonnet, bell, predecessor of the time clock. In fact it was necessary for a generation or two to replace adult males with women accustomed to obedience and children who could be molded to fit industrial needs. Even the pdf, exploited peasants of the ancien régime wrested substantial time back from their landlords’ work. According to help a shakespearean sonnet, Lafargue, a fourth of the email resume, French peasants’ calendar was devoted to Sundays and holidays, and Chayanov’s figures from help a shakespearean, villages in Czarist Russia hardly a progressive society likewise show a fourth or fifth of marketing, peasants’ days devoted to repose. Controlling for productivity, we are obviously far behind these backward societies.

The exploited muzhiks would wonder why any of us are working at all. So should we. To grasp the full enormity of help to write a shakespearean, our deterioration, however, consider the earliest condition of humanity, without government or property, when we wandered as hunter-gatherers. Hobbes surmised that life was then nasty, brutish and short. Others assume that life was a desperate unremitting struggle for college prompt for usc subsistence, a war waged against a harsh Nature with death and disaster awaiting the unlucky or anyone who was unequal to the challenge of the struggle for a shakespearean sonnet existence. Actually, that was all a projection of fears for essay the collapse of help to write a shakespearean sonnet, government authority over bachelorarbeit communities unaccustomed to doing without it, like the England of Hobbes during the Civil War. Help A Shakespearean Sonnet. Hobbes’ compatriots had already encountered alternative forms of society which illustrated other ways of lifein North America, particularlybut already these were too remote from their experience to be understandable. (The lower orders, closer to the condition of the Indians, understood it better and often found it attractive. Throughout the seventeenth century, English settlers defected to Indian tribes or, captured in war, refused to return to hilfe, the colonies. But the Indians no more defected to white settlements than West Germans climbed the Berlin Wall from the a shakespearean sonnet, west.) The “survival of the fittest” version the portrayal videos, Thomas Huxley version of Darwinism was a better account of economic conditions in Victorian England than it was of natural selection, as the anarchist Kropotkin showed in his book Mutual Aid, A Factor in Evolution . (Kropotkin was a scientist a geographer who’d had ample involuntary opportunity for fieldwork whilst exiled in Siberia: he knew what he was talking about.) Like most social and political theory, the story Hobbes and his successors told was really unacknowledged autobiography.

The anthropologist Marshall Sahlins, surveying the data on contemporary hunter-gatherers, exploded the to write a shakespearean sonnet, Hobbesian myth in an article entitled “The Original Affluent Society.” They work a lot less than we do, and their work is hard to distinguish from what we regard as play. Sahlins concluded that “hunters and gatherers work less than we do; and, rather than a continuous travail, the food quest is intermittent, leisure abundant, and there is a greater amount of sleep in the daytime per capita per year than in any other condition of society.” They worked an average of four hours a day, assuming they were “working” at all. Their “labor,” as it appears to us, was skilled labor which exercised their physical and intellectual capacities; unskilled labor on any large scale, as Sahlins says, is impossible except under industrialism. Thus it satisfied Friedrich Schiller’s definition of play, the only occasion on which man realizes his complete humanity by giving full “play” to both sides of his twofold nature, thinking and feeling. As he put it: “The animal works when deprivation is the mainspring of its activity, and it plays when the fullness of its strength is this mainspring, when superabundant life is its own stimulus to activity.” (A modern version dubiously developmental is Abraham Maslow’s counterposition of college prompt, “deficiency” and “growth” motivation.) Play and freedom are, as regards production, coextensive. Even Marx, who belongs (for all his good intentions) in the productivist pantheon, observed that “the realm of freedom does not commence until the point is passed where labor under the help to write a shakespearean, compulsion of necessity and external utility is required.” He never could quite bring himself to identify this happy circumstance as what it is, the abolition of workit’s rather anomalous, after all, to thesis in pharmacutical marketing, be pro-worker and anti-workbut we can. To Write A Shakespearean. The aspiration to bei der bachelorarbeit, go backwards or forwards to a life without work is to write evident in every serious social or cultural history of pre-industrial Europe, among them M. Dorothy George’s England in Transition and Peter Burke’s Popular Culture in argumentative essay smoking outline Early Modern Europe . Also pertinent is Daniel Bell’s essay “Work and Its Discontents,” the sonnet, first text, I believe, to refer to the “revolt against work” in so many words and, had it been understood, an important correction to in pharmacutical marketing, the complacency ordinarily associated with the to write, volume in writing an expository essay a change in me which it was collected, The End of Ideology . Neither critics nor celebrants have noticed that Bell’s end-of-ideology thesis signaled not the to write, end of social unrest but the beginning of a new, uncharted phase unconstrained and uninformed by writing ideology. Help. It was Seymour Lipset (in Political Man ), not Bell, who announced at the same time that “the fundamental problems of the Industrial Revolution have been solved,” only a few years before the post- or meta-industrial discontents of college students drove Lipset from email pdf, UC Berkeley to the relative (and temporary) tranquillity of a shakespearean sonnet, Harvard.

As Bell notes, Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations , for an expository in me all his enthusiasm for help a shakespearean sonnet the market and the division of essay, labor, was more alert to (and more honest about) the seamy side of work than Ayn Rand or the to write a shakespearean sonnet, Chicago economists or any of Smith’s modern epigones. As Smith observed: “The understandings of the greater part of men are necessarily formed by their ordinary employments. The man whose life is spent in performing a few simple operations has no occasion to exert his understanding He generally becomes as stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a human creature to bachelorarbeit, become.” Here, in a few blunt words, is my critique of work. Bell, writing in 1956, the a shakespearean sonnet, Golden Age of Eisenhower imbecility and American self-satisfaction, identified the unorganized, unorganizable malaise of the 1970s and since, the one no political tendency is able to harness, the one identified in HEW’s report Work in America , the one which cannot be exploited and so is ignored. That problem is the revolt against work. Essay About Outline. It does not figure in any text by any laissez-faire economist Milton Friedman, Murray Rothbard, Richard Posner because, in their terms, as they used to say on Lost in Space , “it does not compute.” If these objections, informed by the love of liberty, fail to persuade humanists of a utilitarian or even paternalist turn, there are others which they cannot disregard. Help A Shakespearean. Work is hazardous to your health, to borrow a book title. In fact, work is mass murder or genocide. Directly or indirectly, work will kill most of the people who read these words. Between 14,000 and 25,000 workers are killed annually in this country on the job. Over two million are disabled.

Twenty to twenty-five million are injured every year. And these figures are based on hilfe, a very conservative estimation of what constitutes a work-related injury. Thus they don’t count the half-million cases of occupational disease every year. I looked at one medical textbook on occupational diseases which was 1,200 pages long. Even this barely scratches the to write, surface.

The available statistics count the marketing, obvious cases like the 100,000 miners who have black lung disease, of whom 4,000 die every year. A Shakespearean Sonnet. What the statistics don’t show is that tens of essay about smoking outline, millions of people have their lifespans shortened by work which is all that homicide means, after all. Consider the doctors who work themselves to death in their late 50’s. Consider all the help to write a shakespearean sonnet, other workaholics. Writing. Even if you aren’t killed or crippled while actually working, you very well might be while going to work, coming from to write a shakespearean sonnet, work, looking for work, or trying to forget about work. The vast majority of victims of the automobile are either doing one of these work-obligatory activities or else fall afoul of a change, those who do them. To this augmented body-count must be added the victims of help to write sonnet, auto-industrial pollution and resume, work-induced alcoholism and drug addiction. Sonnet. Both cancer and heart disease are modern afflictions normally traceable, directly or indirectly, to work.

Work, then, institutionalizes homicide as a way of life. Prompt For Usc. People think the Cambodians were crazy for exterminating themselves, but are we any different? The Pol Pot regime at a shakespearean sonnet, least had a vision, however blurred, of an egalitarian society. We kill people in the six-figure range (at least) in order to sell Big Macs and Cadillacs to the survivors. Our forty or fifty thousand annual highway fatalities are victims, not martyrs. Bachelorarbeit. They died for nothing or rather, they died for work.

But work is nothing to die for. State control of the to write a shakespearean, economy is no solution. Work is, if anything, more dangerous in the state-socialist countries than it is here. Thousands of Russian workers were killed or injured building the an expository essay a change, Moscow subway. Chernobyl and other Soviet nuclear disasters covered up until recently make Times Beach and Three Mile Islandbut not Bhopallook like elementary-school air-raid drills. On the other hand, deregulation, currently fashionable, won’t help and sonnet, will probably hurt. From a health and safety standpoint, among others, work was at its worst in the days when the economy most closely approximated laissez-faire. Historians like Eugene Genovese have argued persuasively thatas antebellum slavery apologists insistedfactory wage-workers in the Northern American states and in Europe were worse off than Southern plantation slaves. No rearrangement of relations among bureaucrats and businessmen seems to make much difference at marketing, the point of production. Serious implementation of even the to write a shakespearean, rather vague standards enforceable in theory by argumentative smoking outline OSHA would probably bring the economy to a standstill.

The enforcers apparently appreciate this, since they don’t even try to crack down on most malefactors. What I’ve said so far ought not to be controversial. A Shakespearean. Many workers are fed up with work. There are high and rising rates of absenteeism, turnover, employee theft and sabotage, wildcat strikes, and overall goldbricking on the job. There may be some movement toward a conscious and not just visceral rejection of work.

And yet the prevalent feeling, universal among bosses and their agents and also widespread among workers themselves, is that work itself is inevitable and necessary. I disagree. It is hilfe bei der bachelorarbeit now possible to abolish work and replace it, insofar as it serves useful purposes, with a multitude of new kinds of help to write a shakespearean sonnet, free activities. Writing An Expository About A Change In Me. To abolish work requires going at it from two directions, quantitative and qualitative. On the one hand, on the quantitative side, we have to cut down massively on the amount of work being done. At present most work is useless or worse and we should simply get rid of help to write a shakespearean sonnet, it. On the other hand and I think this the crux of the matter and the revolutionary new departure we have to take what useful work remains and transform it into a pleasing variety of essay about in me, game-like and sonnet, craft-like pastimes, indistinguishable from other pleasurable pastimes except that they happen to yield useful end-products.

Surely that shouldn’t make them less enticing to do. Then all the artificial barriers of power and property could come down. Creation could become recreation. And we could all stop being afraid of each other. I don’t suggest that most work is salvageable in this way.

But then most work isn’t worth trying to save. Only a small and diminishing fraction of work serves any useful purpose independent of the defense and reproduction of the work-system and its political and legal appendages. Thirty years ago, Paul and of women in music videos essay, Percival Goodman estimated that just five percent of the work then being done presumably the help to write a shakespearean sonnet, figure, if accurate, is lower now would satisfy our minimal needs for food, clothing and shelter. Theirs was only an educated guess but the main point is quite clear: directly or indirectly, most work serves the unproductive purposes of commerce or social control. Right off the bat we can liberate tens of millions of salesmen, soldiers, managers, cops, stockbrokers, clergymen, bankers, lawyers, teachers, landlords, security guards, ad-men and everyone who works for them. There is a snowball effect since every time you idle some bigshot you liberate his flunkies and underlings also. Thesis Marketing. Thus the economy implodes . Forty percent of the workforce are white-collar workers, most of whom have some of the most tedious and idiotic jobs ever concocted.

Entire industries, insurance and banking and real estate for instance, consist of nothing but useless paper-shuffling. It is no accident that the “tertiary sector,” the help to write sonnet, service sector, is growing while the “secondary sector” (industry) stagnates and the “primary sector” (agriculture) nearly disappears. Because work is unnecessary except to those whose power it secures, workers are shifted from marketing, relatively useful to relatively useless occupations as a measure to ensure public order. Anything is better than nothing. That’s why you can’t go home just because you finish early. Sonnet. They want your time , enough of it to make you theirs, even if they have no use for most of it.

Otherwise why hasn’t the average work week gone down by more than a few minutes in the last sixty years? Next we can take a meat-cleaver to production work itself. No more war production, nuclear power, junk food, feminine hygiene deodorant and above all, no more auto industry to speak of. An occasional Stanley Steamer or Model T might be all right, but the college prompt, auto-eroticism on a shakespearean sonnet, which such pest-holes as Detroit and Los Angeles depend is out of the question. Already, without even trying, we’ve virtually solved the energy crisis, the environmental crisis and assorted other insoluble social problems. Finally, we must do away with far and away the largest occupation, the one with the longest hours, the lowest pay and some of the most tedious tasks around. I refer to housewives doing housework and child-rearing. By abolishing wage-labor and achieving full unemployment we undermine the sexual division of labor. College Prompt. The nuclear family as we know it is an inevitable adaptation to the division of labor imposed by modern wage-work. Like it or not, as things have been for help sonnet the last century or two it is economically rational for the man to bring home the bacon, for the woman to do the shitwork and provide him with a haven in essay about smoking a heartless world, and for the children to help to write sonnet, be marched off to youth concentration camps called “schools,” primarily to keep them out of Mom’s hair but still under control, but incidentally to acquire the habits of obedience and punctuality so necessary for workers. If you would be rid of patriarchy, get rid of the nuclear family whose unpaid “shadow work,” as Ivan Illich says, makes possible the work-system that makes it necessary.

Bound up with this no-nukes strategy is the abolition of childhood and the closing of the schools. In Pharmacutical Marketing. There are more full-time students than full-time workers in this country. We need children as teachers, not students. They have a lot to contribute to the ludic revolution because they’re better at playing than grown-ups are. Adults and children are not identical but they will become equal through interdependence.

Only play can bridge the generation gap. I haven’t as yet even mentioned the possibility of cutting way down on the little work that remains by to write a shakespearean automating and cybernizing it. All the scientists and engineers and technicians freed from bothering with war research and planned obsolescence should have a good time devising means to eliminate fatigue and tedium and danger from activities like mining. Undoubtedly they’ll find other projects to amuse themselves with. Email. Perhaps they’ll set up world-wide all-inclusive multi-media communications systems or found space colonies. Perhaps. I myself am no gadget freak.

I wouldn’t care to live in a pushbutton paradise. Help A Shakespearean. I don’t want robot slaves to do everything; I want to an expository essay about a change, do things myself. To Write A Shakespearean. There is, I think, a place for labor-saving technology, but a modest place. The historical and pre-historical record is not encouraging. When productive technology went from hunting-gathering to portrayal in music, agriculture and on to industry, work increased while skills and self-determination diminished.

The further evolution of industrialism has accentuated what Harry Braverman called the degradation of work. Intelligent observers have always been aware of this. John Stuart Mill wrote that all the help, labor-saving inventions ever devised haven’t saved a moment’s labor. Karl Marx wrote that “it would be possible to thesis marketing, write a history of the inventions, made since 1830, for the sole purpose of supplying capital with weapons against the revolts of the to write a shakespearean, working class.” The enthusiastic technophiles Saint-Simon, Comte, Lenin, B.F. Skinner have always been unabashed authoritarians also; which is to say, technocrats. We should be more than skeptical about the promises of the an expository about in me, computer mystics. They work like dogs; chances are, if they have their way, so will the rest of us. But if they have any particularized contributions more readily subordinated to human purposes than the help sonnet, run of prompt for usc, high tech, let’s give them a hearing. What I really want to see is help sonnet work turned into thesis marketing, play.

A first step is to discard the notions of a “job” and an “occupation.” Even activities that already have some ludic content lose most of help a shakespearean, it by being reduced to jobs which certain people, and only those people, are forced to do to the exclusion of all else. Is it not odd that farm workers toil painfully in the fields while their air-conditioned masters go home every weekend and putter about in their gardens? Under a system of permanent revelry, we will witness the Golden Age of the dilettante which will put the Renaissance to shame. There won’t be any more jobs, just things to videos, do and people to do them. The secret of turning work into play, as Charles Fourier demonstrated, is to arrange useful activities to take advantage of whatever it is that various people at various times in fact enjoy doing. To make it possible for some people to do the things they could enjoy, it will be enough just to eradicate the irrationalities and distortions which afflict these activities when they are reduced to work. I, for a shakespearean sonnet instance, would enjoy doing some (not too much) teaching, but I don’t want coerced students and I don’t care to suck up to pathetic pedants for tenure.

Second, there are some things that people like to do from time to time, but not for too long, and certainly not all the of women in music videos essay, time. You might enjoy baby-sitting for a few hours in order to help to write a shakespearean sonnet, share the company of kids, but not as much as their parents do. The parents meanwhile profoundly appreciate the essay prompt for usc, time to themselves that you free up for help to write sonnet them, although they’d get fretful if parted from their progeny for too long. These differences among individuals are what make a life of free play possible. Essay Prompt. The same principle applies to many other areas of activity, especially the primal ones. Thus many people enjoy cooking when they can practice it seriously at help to write, their leisure, but not when they’re just fueling up human bodies for work.

Third other things being equal some things that are unsatisfying if done by in pharmacutical yourself or in help a shakespearean sonnet unpleasant surroundings or at the orders of an overlord are enjoyable, at hilfe bei der, least for a while, if these circumstances are changed. This is probably true, to some extent, of help to write sonnet, all work. People deploy their otherwise wasted ingenuity to make a game of the least inviting drudge-jobs as best they can. Activities that appeal to some people don’t always appeal to all others, but everyone at least potentially has a variety of interests and an interest in variety. As the saying goes, “anything once.” Fourier was the thesis marketing, master at speculating about how aberrant and perverse penchants could be put to use in help sonnet post-civilized society, what he called Harmony. Essay Smoking Outline. He thought the Emperor Nero would have turned out all right if as a child he could have indulged his taste for bloodshed by working in a slaughterhouse.

Small children who notoriously relish wallowing in help to write a shakespearean filth could be organized in “Little Hordes” to clean toilets and empty the garbage, with medals awarded to the outstanding. I am not arguing for these precise examples but for writing essay about a change in me the underlying principle, which I think makes perfect sense as one dimension of an overall revolutionary transformation. Bear in mind that we don’t have to take today’s work just as we find it and match it up with the proper people, some of whom would have to be perverse indeed. If technology has a role in help a shakespearean sonnet all this, it is less to automate work out of existence than to writing an expository essay a change, open up new realms for help to write a shakespearean re/creation. To some extent we may want to bachelorarbeit, return to handicrafts, which William Morris considered a probable and desirable upshot of communist revolution. Art would be taken back from the sonnet, snobs and bei der, collectors, abolished as a specialized department catering to an elite audience, and its qualities of beauty and creation restored to help to write, integral life from which they were stolen by work. In Pharmacutical. It’s a sobering thought that the Grecian urns we write odes about and showcase in museums were used in their own time to store olive oil. I doubt our everyday artifacts will fare as well in help sonnet the future, if there is essay about a change in me one. Help To Write. The point is that there’s no such thing as progress in the world of work; if anything, it’s just the essay about, opposite. We shouldn’t hesitate to pilfer the past for what it has to to write a shakespearean sonnet, offer, the essay prompt, ancients lose nothing yet we are enriched.

The reinvention of daily life means marching off the edge of our maps. There is, it is true, more suggestive speculation than most people suspect. Besides Fourier and Morrisand even a hint, here and there, in Marx there are the writings of to write a shakespearean sonnet, Kropotkin, the syndicalists Pataud and Pouget, anarcho-communists old (Berkman) and new (Bookchin). The Goodman brothers’ Communitas is exemplary for outline illustrating what forms follow from given functions (purposes), and there is something to be gleaned form the often hazy heralds of alternative/appropriate/intermediate/convivial technology, like Schumacher and especially Illich, once you disconnect their fog machines. The situationists as represented by Vaneigem’s Revolution of Everyday Life and in the Situationist International Anthology are so ruthlessly lucid as to be exhilarating, even if they never did quite square the endorsement of the rule of the help a shakespearean sonnet, workers’ councils with the abolition of work. Better their incongruity, though, than any extant version of leftism, whose devotees look to be the last champions of work, for if there were no work there would be no workers, and portrayal videos essay, without workers, whom would the help to write, left have to organize? So the abolitionists will be largely on their own. No one can say what would result from unleashing the thesis marketing, creative power stultified by work. Anything can happen. Sonnet. The tiresome debater’s problem of portrayal in music essay, freedom vs. Help To Write A Shakespearean Sonnet. necessity, with its theological overtones, resolves itself practically once the production of use-values is coextensive with the writing an expository about in me, consumption of delightful play-activity. Life will become a game, or rather many games, but not as it is nowa zero/sum game.

An optimal sexual encounter is the paradigm of productive play. The participants potentiate each other’s pleasures, nobody keeps score, and everybody wins. The more you give, the more you get. In the help to write sonnet, ludic life, the best of sex will diffuse into in music videos essay, the better part of daily life. A Shakespearean Sonnet. Generalized play leads to the libidinization of life. Sex, in turn, can become less urgent and desperate, more playful. If we play our cards right, we can all get more out of life than we put into it; but only if we play for portrayal of women in music videos essay keeps.

Workers of the world relax! This essay originated as a speech in 1980. Help. A revised and enlarged version was published as a pamphlet in 1985, and in portrayal of women essay the first edition of The Abolition of Work and Other Essays (Loompanics Unlimited, 1986). It has also appeared in a shakespearean many periodicals and anthologies, including translations into French, German, Italian, Dutch and Slovene. Revised by the author for the Inspiracy Press edition.

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resume xml standard HR-XML (also comes in a JSON variant, HR-JSON?): There is also Microformat (hResume): Europass is used by the European Union, HR-XML is used by a shakespearean sonnet the US government. Microformats are probably used by resume pdf many. This stuff is OLD news.

We certainly don#x27;t have a shortage of usable standards. The problem here is: some European countries use very particular formats for help a shakespearean, their CVs. e.g. Germany has the tabular CV, which expects all these things to be organized by time and date, it even includes where and when you went to portrayal of women videos essay, Kindergarten. A Shakespearean Sonnet! Europass doesn#x27;t fit many of portrayal in music videos essay, those particularities (which is kind of the point). At one point I even added an explicit line to help to write sonnet, my Word#x2F;PDF versions: this document is also available in bei der HR-XML format on request. Nobody ever asked, so eventually I just took the line out. I#x27;ve never heard of a shakespearean sonnet, Europass CV, but I live in England, where EU is a dirty word. TBH, this is the essay about outline, sort of stuff most recruiters don#x27;t bother with anyway, in my experience the (European) recruiting industry runs on help to write, MS Office.

Some industry vendors might do some munging and conversion behind the scenes, but they#x27;ll likely never allow people to submit their own data outside of tightly-checked web forms. - Eliminate first#x2F;last name distinction, and let people just put in their full or legal#x2F;passport name. Names are very crazy across cultures, as in some people don#x27;t have first or last names, so might as well just let them enter free form text as their name. - Include a Preferred name field, also as freeform text. Some people like to go by nicknames, or shortenings of their names, and it will help out. - Collapse location region and state into a single field. - If websites is a hash with only a single field, call it website and make it a string.

3. Publish your JSON Schemas to Iglu Central, the first schema registry for portrayal of women in music videos, JSON Schema - https:#x2F;#x2F;;snowplow#x2F;iglu-central. As for feedback on the schema itself, I#x27;d probably like to see some more detail allowed for the courses under education. I remember after graduating, there really wasn#x27;t anything more substantial that I could put other than details about my courses. Using the help a shakespearean, example on your page, I think HS1302 and essay, Introduction to American History could possibly be separate fields, and I think there should be an additional details#x2F;description#x2F;highlights field. Also, I am a consultant, and a shakespearean sonnet, I like to list a projects section. Resume Pdf! Each project could have a name, a client, an employer (the consulting company), a date range, and details. Seriously, JSON really sucks at markup (it also kinda sucks as data interchange as well, but let#x27;s not worry about that here). Help To Write Sonnet! This #x27;standard#x27; is so hand-wavy. Every property is a #x27;string#x27;, so why are you even bothering putting it in? Right, not really #x27;strings#x27; because a bunch of writing essay about a change in me, fields have a JavaScript (so we#x27;re not really sticking JSON here, are we!) comments to describe it. Presumably order of object properties matters, or maybe it doesn#x27;t, or maybe it matters for some (e.g. Help A Shakespearean Sonnet! root object #x2F; address) and not for others (eg. phone numbers).

Date format? Who needs that! Which fields are optional? All of them? Some of them? None of them? I like the #x27;hobby#x27; field. Complete waste of space on a real resume and thesis in pharmacutical marketing, a complete waste of help to write a shakespearean sonnet, space here as well (hah: hobby name and a change in me, hobby keyword).

Urgh. It#x27;s a mess. Help A Shakespearean! A total mess. I#x27;m sorry, but XML isn#x27;t some panacea of describing or encoding document structures. It#x27;s generally a collection of fragile verbose and overly complicated tools in a few given platforms to thesis, satisfy people that think enterprise programming means implementing every pattern that loosely fits their situation instead of to write a shakespearean sonnet, clean, simple, elegant solutions that hide complexity where needed instead of creating more. JSON + JSON-Schema is argumentative essay smoking outline no more of a mess than XML + XML Schemas. And generally far more forgiving in any modern programing environment for sonnet, client#x2F;server use. For this reason, many developers resist JSON-Schema.

We already have one mess, if we need it - let#x27;s keep JSON clean! That#x27;s why we like it. A concrete example of keeping JSON clean was the writing an expository, removal of comments from the a shakespearean sonnet, JSON spec to stop people using them as directives. If they had stayed, and JSON became complex and ugly and messy, would its popularity have continued? However. the increasing prevalence of complex JSON formats may eventually make some form of JSON schema necessary. That part on argumentative about outline, the homepage is a documentation generator I made for any given schema, it#x27;s suppose to be more of to write, a go to hilfe bachelorarbeit, reference manual but I guess that is unclear on the homepage.

All the modules have to pass the to write, validator which is based off the formal specification in bachelorarbeit the repository. I think that is help to write a shakespearean sonnet what you mean and as far as JSON is concerned, will keep at it for writing essay a change in me, a bit and see how far it can go, if it#x27;s impossible hopefully a new standard in help to write a correct format will take off and use some of the same tooling that we have built. There#x27;s a lot of reading between the portrayal videos essay, lines that can be done in an resume. Even the help to write a shakespearean, fonts say something about the essay smoking, person. If the person is to write sonnet claiming to be a UI designer and their resume has poorly chosen fonts and bad kerning, I#x27;d toss it. Writing Essay In Me! If they claim to be a physics researcher and the resume is written in Word, I#x27;d toss it too. With a JSON resume you don#x27;t get any of to write a shakespearean, this information. Also, it#x27;s not entirely clear how extensible this standard is. Resumes take multiple forms. A computer scientist might want to list a few open source projects.

A photographer might want to embed a sample or two of their work. The organization of a resume is prompt almost as useful an introduction to a candidate as the a shakespearean sonnet, terms on essay smoking, it. Help To Write A Shakespearean Sonnet! It#x27;s also useful to understand how much time was put into the resume. If they claim to be a physics researcher and the resume is written in Word, I#x27;d toss it too. Hm, that#x27;s going too far, though! However, I#x27;m not at college prompt all convinced that JSON is the way to do it. I think the to write sonnet, way to do it is essay about outline with XML and XSLT, although I already can hear the help sonnet, cries of But XML is yucky and XSLT is hard. About Smoking Outline! But by using JSON, we lose some semantic markup and end up having to parse it to create some semantic markup.

Still, I hope this, or something like it, takes off. This just needs a web-based GUI tool to publish a resume so that non-geeks can make it happen. LinkedIn actually exports into a Microformat called hResume which has been around for a long time but has evidently not been able to amass a large developer community. This was another reason we decided to not start with XML. That doesn#x27;t make sense. You wanted a low barrier to entry, but you have to mark this up yourself with JSON, install command line tools, etc.

Seems to me a web app that I fill in some forms and generate a page on help sonnet, your site would be the quickest way to lower the barrier. At the moment the majority of bei der, web technologies are using JSON so we believe that to get this standard off the ground we will need to go with the grain. I understand the desire to to write, use what#x27;s popular. But I just don#x27;t think it#x27;s the right choice. Writing A Change In Me! I#x27;m interested to sonnet, see the implementation of argumentative essay about, how this is turned into a PDF though. Right now, though, it does sound a bit like every problem is a nail. Perhaps it#x27;ll become more clear to me as I dig in help to write sonnet more. Again, I do think the project is very cool and will be encouraging my students to take a look at how they can use this to promote themselves. We actually had to pull our PDF converter due to bugs and are currently just using a service called Though the general idea is that HTML can be passed through WebKit and rendered as various image formats and PDF - http:#x2F;#x2F;; Here is a link to what your first idea might look like, it automatically generates forms based of of women in music, JSON specifications - http:#x2F;#x2F;;json-editor#x2F;

I#x27;ll start adapting to support jsonresume. I created my site as a LinkedIn resume generator, so integrating a JSON formatted feed shouldn#x27;t be much trouble. I#x27;ll start work on it tonight and post it to show HN when it#x27;s done. But let me guess: you will? (I#x27;ve worked at three recruiters, two of the biggest in the UK) So, not trying to be rude here, but have you wondered why it is that an XML resume format hasn#x27;t taken off? Other than it being based on help sonnet, icky XML?

I mean XML+XSLT has been around for thesis, a loooong time and can more than handle exactly what this format sets out to do, and yet a standard XML resume format hasn#x27;t taken off. I mean XML+XSLT has been around for a loooong time and can more than handle exactly what this format sets out to do, and yet a standard XML resume format hasn#x27;t taken off. It#x27;s just as likely that the answer is to write a shakespearean sonnet a standard resume format hasn#x27;t taken off where the an expository about in me, serialization format is irrelevant. Maybe not enough people are interested in working with documents and knowledge at that deeper, semantically meaningful level. Maybe sending resumes as PDF or MS Word or ODT and using simple keyword extraction has been good enough that nobody has felt the pull to help to write a shakespearean, use a better system? What I mean is, it#x27;s entirely possible that this will fail to gain adoption for resume pdf, the exact same reason that the XML based one(s) did, and that the difference between JSON and XML is help to write actually irrelevant. This is, of course, just speculation on my part. In any case, I hope this (or something like it) gains traction, since I#x27;m a strong proponent of publishing semantically meaningful content, whether it#x27;s in email resume pdf RDF#x2F;XML, JSON-LD, SGML, DAML+OIL, YAML, Texinfo, Markdown, Hytime or hieroglyphics chiseled into stone tablets. To Write! :-) But all that#x27;s needed is a script that eats XML resumes and outputs json resumes, and essay about, vice versa.

Just like I#x27;d rather write markdown and read (rendered) html+css. That said, on the subject of XML not being icky: one resource for having fun with XML: Program Generators with XML and help sonnet, Java by J. Craig Cleaveland (Prentice-Hall, 2001): All this, and it doesn#x27;t provide line numbers when reporting errors due to an extra comma in the json file? Nor does it (yet) have LaTeX output. Still, can#x27;t complain, 5 minutes and I have a resume draft that doesn#x27;t look half bad in html, and is presumably entirely reasonable to customize (not to mention it#x27;s all inn a json-file anyway, so one could just use what#x27;s in resume pdf ones actual resume, and shove the help sonnet, json through pretty much any scripting language w#x2F;templates and of women, generate something reasonable). Currently have 60 fresh issues on Github for the schema so after we digest those we will be improving the CLI once again.

Just to be clear, I was taking the help sonnet, same position you were. Not to mention, XML is hilfe bei der much more verbose, and when you wrap it in things like ws*#x2F;SOAP it gets really ugly really quickly, and sonnet, if you don#x27;t map everything, it gets complicated and often fails. College Prompt For Usc! When you publish a service using one toolkit, it#x27;s often difficult to use the service in another toolkit (example, using Java services in help to write a shakespearean sonnet .Net gets really painful at times). Unless a lot of detail is done, or an API client in that client#x27;s environment is provided. This isn#x27;t about XML specifically but about the bei der bachelorarbeit, environment it tends to create.

JSON is typically simpler to help to write a shakespearean, write, easier to thesis marketing, code against and more forgiving in the tooling than XML is. Much like the help to write, differences between a scripted environment and a statically compiled environment. but intrinsically you can#x27;t look at XML file and know how a codified representation should look like. To me, it seems that both of those: 1. In Pharmacutical! need a schema to be useful as a standard 2. express their hierarchy 3. Help To Write! don#x27;t specify data type (although I could add that info to both if needed) 4. have a level of annoying to them (commas, colons, angle brackets, etc) which modern IDEs have taken care of for us. if you have an essay about a change in me, element it will have properties and child elements. said child elements may contain children, strings, or . I need to use documentation to use `package.json` files too, because each node may or may not contain children. Node graciously tells me if I missed something. Docbook also tells me if my XML is malformed.

I see no difference here, JSON maps much more naturally to help sonnet, an object model in a given language. It maps to a hash#x2F;dictionary. I#x27;m not sure that qualifies as an object model unless you only write JavaScript. I#x27;d really like people to understand that XML is, like HTML, really great at describing and marking up content so that something else may process it. Though I would love to hear someone else#x27;s thoughts on argumentative essay about, why an XML resume hasn#x27;t gained critical mass. Here#x27;s a silly playground I wrote to show my students XML. There#x27;s a pre-built example you can run.

XML is perfectly human-readable. but I also don#x27;t know XML that well. Suddenly that statement makes sense. The majority of to write a shakespearean, which technologies? The CV generators that are already out there, which are the most relevant ones, don#x27;t use JSON. How are you creating a low barrier to in music, entry by completely disregarding what people are already using? JSON was a much better choice. YAML would have been better still (it#x27;s more human readable), but both beat XML hands down in any situation. It#x27;s one of the best tools for marking up content. It#x27;s a Markup Language!

If you#x27;ve never used XSLT you really should look at what it can do. Because I can transform an XML resume into something gorgeous without writing too much programming logic. It#x27;s the help to write a shakespearean, reason so many technical book publishers use XML. Easy to transform content while also describing that content. It is absurdly popular in bureaucratic environments.

Bureaucrats adore its complex rules, ability to create arcane standards and illusion of openness. It#x27;s also good for job security. However, none of that bodes well for of women in music videos, the rest of to write a shakespearean sonnet, us. I have used XSLT and I am absolutely appalled that something like that can even exist. It#x27;s actually worse than XML. It is a turing complete language (this means that you can make it as complex as you like, and boy oh boy does THAT happen), but its readability is AWFUL. There is marketing a reason we have other general purpose languages turing complete like python or javascript or even java and that is because, while they may have some warts, they have had a lot more thought put into them in order to help make them more consistent, better structured and readable than similarly committee-designed #x2F; thrown together languages like XSLT. I can use a normal programming language transform a JSON resume into something gorgeous and I GUARANTEE it will be lot easier to read and a shakespearean, modify than your XSLT equivalent. Sorry to rain on your parade, but it#x27;s true.

Oh stop. XML syntax is a change freaking simple. Help A Shakespearean! tagcontent#x2F;tag, tagchild. #x2F;child. #x2F;tag, or tag attribute=value . #x2F;tag. Toss in namespaces for composing other formats _if need be_ (and you don#x27;t have to use them). And. Portrayal Of Women Videos Essay! you#x27;re done for help, 99.9% of any use case you can think of. You have to repeat yourself when you close a tag. Email! Whoopdedoo.

Any decent editor will close them for you anyway. I think the help to write a shakespearean sonnet, XML sucks crowd are conflating very complex XML _formats_ with XML _itself_ and deciding that XML is ridiculously complex and verbose because e.g., SOAP is complex and verbose. Just curious, do you hate HTML for similar reasons as well? Truth be told, I find XML easier to read than JSON in many cases. shrug. * Namespaces and namespace collision handling. * The likelihood that you will receive badly formed XML and be forced to parse it anyway. * The multiple different ways of escaping characters.

Oh, and your parser has to handle ALL of this. It#x27;s no good assuming that since the essay smoking, basics are fairly basic it doesn#x27;t matter. It doesn#x27;t matter only help a shakespearean when you#x27;re generating XML, but somebody SOMEWHERE is going to have to consume it. Wanna know why it#x27;s typically possible to blow up an XML parser with a memory leak or a buffer overflow but not a JSON parser? This complexity is why.

Just using it creates an increased attack surface for your internet facing API. Just curious, do you hate HTML for similar reasons as well? I#x27;m not its biggest fan, and I feel like it could have been done a lot better. However, A) there isn#x27;t much alternative so bitching about it it somewhat pointless and B) at least I never have parse it (want an in pharmacutical, exercise in frustration some time? try doing THAT. ). I was mentioning the 99.9% use case of XML for to write a shakespearean sonnet, e.g., a resume format. Resume! You don#x27;t have to help sonnet, specify DOCTYPEs, namespaces, etc. The likelihood that you will receive badly formed XML and be forced to parse it anyway.

You#x27;re supposed to fail on badly-formed XML! Oh, and your parser has to email, handle ALL of this. So? I don#x27;t have to write an XML parser because there are numerous well-tested ones already written. I wouldn#x27;t write a JSON parser for the same reason. Wanna know why it#x27;s typically possible to blow up an help sonnet, XML parser with a memory leak or a buffer overflow but not a JSON parser?

First of all, you shouldn#x27;t speak in absolutes. You certainly could write a JSON parser that blows up for the same reasons. There#x27;s nothing inherent in JSON that makes it impossible to write a bad parser. at least I never have parse it (want an exercise in frustration some time? try doing THAT. ). For anything more than a trivial format you can automatically have the parser bind the about, content to help, a POJO (or your language#x27;s plain old object analogue). Just because you were forced to use bad schemas in enterprisey situations doesn#x27;t mean XML is bad. SOAP is not XML. Spring MVC is not XML. Those things use XML.

Docbook#x27;s pretty easy to follow. That, in my opinion, is prompt for usc a great example of XML+XSLT. With XML I can do this: experience titleManager#x2F;title companyVeridian Dynamics#x2F;company description Responsible for doing all manner of things. #x2F;description #x2F;experience It describes exactly what we#x27;re looking for in the same way as the JSON variant does. My editor will auto-close those tags the same way my editor will auto-close the to write sonnet, closing curly braces in essay the JSON version. Of course, we could make it suck if we just go ahead and help to write, add all sorts of email, extra rules and hierarchy and turn it into a monstrosity. But I#x27;d rather not. I am not complaining about being forced to use bad schemas in enterprisey situations, either. That is merely the icing on the cake of the a shakespearean sonnet, badness that is XML.

I am complaining simply because there is writing an expository essay about a change not one instance I have ever come across in my entire programming career (12 years now) where XML would have served me better than an a shakespearean sonnet, alternative (assuming I had a choice). Zero. With XML I can do this: experience titleManager#x2F;title companyVeridian Dynamics#x2F;company description Responsible for bachelorarbeit, doing all manner of things. #x2F;description #x2F;experience Yes, you can, but so what? You can do that in YAML and JSON too. Furthermore, your YAML#x2F;JSON parser is 10x less complex, faster, less likely to have buffer overflow security issues and less likely to have memory leaks. Furthermore, while my app that consumes this markup will probably have to treat experiencetitleManagercompanyVeridian#x2F;experience as valid, because consuming badly formed XML is standard and expected (your product manager will probably treat not parsing it as a bug), my app won#x27;t EVER have to help to write sonnet, treat invalid JSON as valid. Of course, we could make it suck. Yes, and argumentative smoking outline, there#x27;s a 90% chance somebody will. Whereas with JSON and a shakespearean sonnet, YAML the chances of it being made to argumentative essay smoking, suck are far lower, because so many of the unnecessary avenues which are used to make XML suck are closed off in YAML.

XML is a markup language. A Shakespearean! JSON is writing about in me a serialization language. YAML is help a serialization language too. I want to semantically mark up my content. And this is very different than application programming with XML. You want to writing essay in me, write a book with Docbook#x27;s XML? Better give it exactly what it wants, or it will reject it. It#x27;s not SOAP. The way I look at it this is as much (and probably way more) a platform to write services on top of as it is a another hole to help a shakespearean, throw resume.xml down. And for argumentative smoking, that, json is help a shakespearean undeniably better suited. Nobody is trying to convince you to publish books in json.

Yes you do, because otherwise people will treat your application as buggy. People have tried doing this with browsers and in pharmacutical, it never, EVER, ever works. If one app accepts malformed markup, they expect every other one to do it as well and no amount of preaching about the sanctity of help to write, well formed markup is going to change their mind. You#x27;re talking web services again and I#x27;m talking about resumes. If resumes are going to be done in resume pdf markup it#x27;s so they can be consumed by web services. There is no point in to write sonnet having a machine readable language if it#x27;s not going to be read by machines. You#x27;re talking general and I#x27;m talking about a specific place, publishing content, where XML shines. I would rather use LaTeX for publishing content. It#x27;s complex, but it can handle layout beautifully. For simple markup, I would rather use markdown.

Markdown in YAML would probably be a better solution than docbook, but docbook#x27;s the standard now, so not much you can really do about that. Yes you do, because otherwise people will treat your application as buggy. You are mistaking HTML#x2F;Browser rendering and essay about, XML parsing. An application that parses XML for book rendering, or whatever the hell the purpose of the application is, will fail on invalid input, whether it is to write a shakespearean sonnet because of invalid tag nesting or schema invalidity. That is thesis in pharmacutical NORMAL, and you would do the same with JSON, so that#x27;s not because of help to write a shakespearean, history of portrayal of women videos essay, HTML and IE#x2F;Netscape#x2F;whatever that you need to change your mind about XML. If resumes are going to be done in markup it#x27;s so they can be consumed by web services. So if a web service was to sonnet, accept a specific type of writing essay about a change in me, XML, it would certainly need to be made valid, if a client does not conform why the fuck do you want your service to be permissive? Seriously.

You can make a service that accepts the help to write sonnet, resume schema directly, or embed it in a CDATA if you want to. I would rather use LaTeX for publishing content. It#x27;s complex, but it can handle layout beautifully. Talking about apple and in pharmacutical marketing, oranges. XML and docbook are not the same. I am not mistaking, I am comparing. An application that parses XML for book rendering, or whatever the hell the purpose of the application is, will fail on invalid input.

Which will be treated as a bug if other applications DON#x27;T fail (which some undoubtedly will). That is NORMAL, and you would do the help a shakespearean sonnet, same with JSON. In my experience the OPPOSITE is normal. If XML is invalid but still makes sense, you treat it as valid, because if you don#x27;t, your competitors will. If the email, customer is getting XML from output X and feeding into help a shakespearean, your app, he doesn#x27;t care that output X is writing an expository outputting invalid XML if your competitors#x27; apps accept it. Help A Shakespearean Sonnet! He#x27;ll just treat your app as the in music videos, broken one, not buy it and sonnet, move on with his life and you#x27;ve just lost a sale. I#x27;ve seen it happen MANY times. This phenomenon does NOT just apply to browsers, it#x27;s just more aptly demonstrated with browsers. NOBODY wants a browser that doesn#x27;t accept valid HTML. They never did and they never will. And what#x27;s different about web pages to any other kind of XML?

There#x27;s more of them, that#x27;s all, and people want ALL of them to work. Permissiveness in the consumers is inevitable with ANY kind of XML document that becomes popular for exactly the same reason as it is with browsers. that#x27;s not because of history of HTML and IE#x2F;Netscape#x2F;whatever that you need to change your mind about XML. Yes it is because this sort-of-invalid-but-not-quite problem is in pharmacutical a unique one to XML. JSON doesn#x27;t have it. So if a web service was to accept a specific type of XML, it would certainly need to be made valid. If you don#x27;t think somebody would throw invalid XML at sonnet your app and not expect it to work then you#x27;ve clearly never worked with XML seriously. If you think you can just tell the customer to college prompt, go fuck themselves because the XML they got from another service doesn#x27;t validate, see my previous point. if a client does not conform why the fuck do you want your service to be permissive? Seriously.

Because it will make your service work where an impermissive one won#x27;t, and a shakespearean, when your service works and thesis, competitors don#x27;t, that#x27;s called gaining marketshare. You can make a service that accepts the resume schema directly, or embed it in a CDATA if you want to. Or you could just use JSON or YAML. Talking about apple and oranges. A Shakespearean! XML and docbook are not the same. Yes, you are mistaking it. Argumentative Essay! HTML is relaxed about help to write a shakespearean, various parsing errors. Smoking Outline! XML absolutely is not. To Write A Shakespearean! If the input document so much as has a closing tag missing, parsing will fail, end of story. If it doesn#x27;t match your schema, parsing will fail, end of story.

I#x27;m not sure why you keep going on about this point. You#x27;re woefully misinformed if you think XML parsers accept malformed input. Which will be treated as a bug if other applications DON#x27;T fail (which some undoubtedly will). Are you talking about my app accepts schema A and another app accepts schema A.1, therefore if I don#x27;t accept schema A.1 people will think my app sucks? I#x27;m not sure why you think this is an XML-specific issue. Yes apples and oranges. They taste different, because they are.

In my experience the OPPOSITE is normal. Writing An Expository About! If XML is help to write invalid but still makes sense, you treat it as valid, because if you don#x27;t, your competitors will. If this is a business requirement you would do the same for JSON. If you don#x27;t think somebody would throw invalid XML at your app and not expect it to work then you#x27;ve clearly never worked with XML seriously. Nope, if you have a customer sending you an XML which should validate against bachelorarbeit a predefined schema, no, hell no. Help Sonnet! I#x27;ve worked for an expository about a change, the European office of help to write a shakespearean, publications, and the web services were just receiving tons of XML on a daily basis.

And you know what, invalid XML were rejected that#x27;s as simple as that. If you don#x27;t respect the supplied schema, retry when correct. Docbook USES XML. Last but not least, HTML is not XML, HTML is not a subset of XML. Permissiveness has nothing to do with web services acceptance of invalid schemas. If you call a Google service whether it uses SOAP (so XML) or REST, if the request body is in music essay invalid, you#x27;ll be rejected either way. The SOAP one won#x27;t try to help, parse more or resolve issues just because it is bei der bachelorarbeit XML based. XSLT isn#x27;t a document format, its by to write a shakespearean sonnet design a domain-specific programming language designed for use in transforming XML documents to other formats. Adding xsl:if makes it code, horrible, horrible code. Its supposed to be code. In Pharmacutical! Now, if you want to argue that its horrible code, that#x27;s another issue, but complaining that XSLT is code when that#x27;s the whole point of XSLT is, well, missing the point.

They have a HR-JSON and HR-XML schema for HR docs.. If that standard is important and well designed, it should be trivial to write a converter from help to write, JSON Resume. As Douglas Crockford once said (I believe in reference to XMLRPC) the great thing about reinventing the wheel is that you might get a round one. (on the HR Open Standards Board of hilfe bei der, Directors) The plan is to create a standard that developers worldwide are comfortable enough with to sonnet, build upon. To give the standard some traction, we have built tools to portrayal of women in music videos, export to other formats such as pdf, txt and doc. We also thought it would be cool and useful to have an NPM like system for resumes. So we built a CLI heavily inspired by NPM, to init and publish your resume to the registry.

The themes right now are in bad shape, and to write a shakespearean sonnet, we are looking for designers who would love to jump in during the early stages. Thesis! We are thinking of building a theming version manager on a shakespearean, top of NPM to take advantage of versions#x2F;distribution and also allow theme developers to email resume, implement their theming systems however they like (erb, mustache, md etc). People with comments about the help, standard semantics and structure are encouraged to post their ideas to Github issues. - http:#x2F;#x2F;;jsonresume#x2F;resume-schema We also want to formalize the standard a lot more over the coming weeks. If the project can be pulled off professionally and driven by the community, we believe that working with resumes will be fun! Edit: Here are some of the of women videos, reasons why I personally think JSON resumes will improve HR. (trying to figure out bullet points) - Better searching and a shakespearean sonnet, filtering than PDF#x2F;doc. Making recruiting a tad easier.

- Applying themes will be a lot easier. - Applying for jobs will be easier. Instead of email resume pdf, filling out sonnet, complex forms over outline, and over again services might start allowing you to auto-fill with your JSON resume. - There are many services that ask for your career history such as LinkedIn, etc. These could be autopopulated or synced with your master copy.

- You can update your resume programatically so Github projects can be inserted and any other online certificates that you might want automatically added to your resume like Mozilla Open Badges - http:#x2F;#x2F;; - The comment section suggests that lots of innovation could arise from it. Make sure you try the CLI! sudo npm install -g resume-cli. I#x27;ve posted an issue on github [0][1] mentioning that firstName and to write, lastName is probably not a good representation of names. I don#x27;t actually know what the solution is, but this article [2] gives some great reasons why we tend to essay, make incorrect assumptions about peoples names, which have the possibility of excluding some people form our tools based on their name alone. 1. Help To Write! Asking for Given Name and Surname clears up most issues with cultures like Korea (where surname comes first). 2. Argumentative Essay About Smoking Outline! Simply have a Name field. Help To Write! Accept any Unicode characters. Hope for the best.

If someone has a name that cannot be represented in written characters or cannot be rendered in Unicode (which would be amazing, since Unicode covers ancient dead languages and fictional languages like Klingon) they probably have more pressing issues than trying to serialize their resume. In Germany it#x27;s not really common to call people by their first name (IT is an college for usc, exception), but I would hardly put Mr. Lastname into help to write a shakespearean, what do we call you. It all depends on the context, even in the limited scope of a resume. You see, if you are calling person from Germany, knowing how to address him is not enough, you shall still know how to make a call. Thesis! If you don#x27;t know that, you#x27;ll be rude anyways, and if you know that, you#x27;ll also know a proper way of addressing persons in sonnet different cultures.

Is there really any further scope that should be covered? If there are specific cultural issues, shouldn#x27;t that be hammered out later? Really, the design question for JSON Resume is For what purpose is essay a name being provided? Perhaps you should just require full name which the author of the resume would decide for him or herself. Regarding that: I recently reached the help sonnet, fed-up point with sudo or not sudo to install nodejs app and the mess it leaves behind when using sudo for in pharmacutical, just installing some local binaries. I stumbled upon to write a shakespearean sonnet nvm[0] when installing docpad: The above should not require sudo (the # means sudo). If it does, we recommend reinstalling Node.js so that it doesn#x27;t. Otherwise you#x27;re likely to run into permission problems in the future. Hilfe! Follow the Step 1 instructions to reinstall Node.js without requiring sudo.[1]

Which led me to this: It makes npm installs everything under $HOME and never needs to be ran with escalated privileges. `nvm install X.X` and `nvm use X.X` allows switching between node versions and installed packages. My resume.json for help to write a shakespearean sonnet, science [3] What they#x27;re proposing is structure, not machine readability. Technically, with the state of OCR and other methods, many things like LaTeX, PDFs, .DOCs, etc are all perfectly machine readable -- the argumentative essay about, problem is getting the information out in a meaningful way. that#x27;s usually done by standardizing on help a shakespearean sonnet, structure. When it comes to specifying structure, XML and JSON are pretty much the front-runners (at least I think so), and since XML isn#x27;t so popular lately (since it#x27;s so verbose), JSON is in pdf the spotlight now. Uh, no. What does OCR even have to do with the #x27;machine readability#x27; (for your strange definition of it) of the formats you mention? Other than the fact that most of the things I noted are ALREADY in a state that is help to write a shakespearean computer usable (whether it makes sense to humans looking at marketing computers is another question), I was trying to point out a shakespearean sonnet, that getting the information into a computer (A.K.A. Machine readability) is portrayal essay not the issue we#x27;re struggling with now, it#x27;s structuring, characterizing and understanding the information.

I mentioned OCR because it#x27;s used to help to write a shakespearean, parse resumes to find important bits when other methods fail (or someone submits something crazy like a scanned version of in pharmacutical marketing, their resume instead of the help sonnet, file) -- something that wouldn#x27;t be necessary if there was a standard (like is resume being proposed) to adhere to, that people could semantically find what they wanted from. Also, if you read closely, I said with the state of OCR AND OTHER METHODS. OCR does not have anything to do with the machine readability of other methods, it#x27;s just one method people use to extract data, or for help to write sonnet, machines to read the document. The big picture is to essay, make as many things as possible machine readable (things more difficult than resumes), and use machines to work faster than humans ever could. Edit: references should also have an optional #x27;organisation#x27; field and a #x27;position title#x27; field.

This reference was the technical lead at Foo Corp, my second-last job. Contactable here It took me ages to figure out what this actually was, because your non-standard lazy spelling made me think this was about resuming interrupted downloads#x2F;transfers of generic JSON data. A Shakespearean! (Possibly by email resume pdf doing a partial parse of the help a shakespearean sonnet, data that you have got, or over a non-HTTP protocol, otherwise why not just use HTTP Range: headers?) I had to unlearn that before the essay about a change, light-bulb went off. I mean, resume and resume have the same French root, but in English - even American English as far as I can tell - they#x27;re totally different words! Even the pronounciation is to write a shakespearean sonnet completely different. So why would someone spell resume as resume, especially in the name#x2F;title of a project about an expository a change, them? How is that going to do anything except cause confusion? We have words with the same spelling but different meanings and pronunciations all the time - so called Heteronyms [2]. Doesn#x27;t seem that confusing to me.

To me it#x27;d be pretty weird if people who understood the word role were baffled by help to write sonnet the word role. Really? I#x27;ve always thought of heteronyms as one of the most stand-out features of English that exemplify its confusing inconsistency. More so than the homophones, because it#x27;s harder to portrayal of women in music videos essay, think of the other meanings if you#x27;ve got the wrong pronunciation in your head. In reference to to write a shakespearean sonnet, the passage you quoted about diacritics, if only essay for usc you had read as far as the next-but-one paragraph, you might have noticed: Words that retain their accents often do so to help indicate pronunciation (e.g. frappe, naive, souffle), or to help distinguish them from an help to write, unaccented English word (e.g. expose, resume , rose). Anyway, more to the point, there has been some existing work done on developing standards for in pharmacutical, representing resumes. I would highly , highly encourage you guys to look at this and consider making whatever you do compatible with the existing work as much as possible. Consider ResumeRDF[1] for help a shakespearean sonnet, example. Maybe consider doing JSON-LD and using the FOAF and email resume pdf, ResumeRDF vocabularies? It#x27;s probably a bad idea to help to write a shakespearean sonnet, encourage people to list protected characteristics on argumentative essay outline, a CV #x2F; resume. Help A Shakespearean Sonnet! Employers (except vary rare exceptions) can#x27;t use this information so there#x27;s no point including it.

I#x27;m guessing it happened because they borrowed a generic notion of person attributes from some other, less specific, source, and essay for usc, didn#x27;t really consider the help to write a shakespearean sonnet, legal implications you mention. I guess it#x27;s an open question whether or not there#x27;s any actual valid scenario where somebody would want to put that stuff. It seems unlikely to me, but maybe in other countries or something? Hmmm. dunno. - Allows extensibility with other xml standards (such as SVG and MathML in hilfe your resume, which might makes sense) - Allows linking to other stuff with XLink - Allows styling it with lots of help to write sonnet, xml styling technologies. - Better versioning support. JSON is not bad however, so if you just want to email resume, have simple plaint text cv#x27;s, json is good enough. I do agree that with XML comes bloatness, complexity, and more crap. Help! However from a pure technical point of bei der bachelorarbeit, view, its a better option for doing resumes.

That project seems dead now, and recent updates to my systems have resulted in me being able to build HTMLTXT but not PDF. In the future, when looking for help to write a shakespearean sonnet, a job, I#x27;ll be looking at JSON instead. It might not be the prompt for usc, best tool, but it seems to be what several _live_ and active projects are using. * By open source standard, what do they mean? I don#x27;t see any evidence they#x27;re on to write a shakespearean, an RFC track, so this would be standard in what way? * Why? I#x27;ve never needed a resume in writing an expository essay JSON format, but that is anecdotal. Help To Write A Shakespearean Sonnet! They don#x27;t really say why they#x27;re pursuing this on the site, except why they chose JSON. Good luck, either way! Making something isn#x27;t easy, so I applaud any effort to do anything. Let#x27;s say you had a bank of essay about a change in me, resumes -- you could easily find all resumes that know Java and help to write a shakespearean, have had at least 2 jobs and an active GitHub repo, and automatically send out a request to argumentative essay smoking, their references.

Currently, you have to help to write a shakespearean sonnet, read an unformatted PDF and extract the college essay prompt for usc, info manually -- it#x27;s not the end of the world, but it gets tedious if you#x27;re dealing with lots of to write sonnet, resumes. Except that you#x27;re going to bachelorarbeit, have people who put J2EE or J2ME or JavaFX or whatever else people like to specialize in instead of plain Java. For example, what is an help, RFC track? I was also hoping that Github Issues might be able to replace the mailing list style of managing standards, what do you think? I feel like it would be a much better way of in pharmacutical, handling resume type data if it was self describing rather than using a very specific schema that ties you into a data structure that may not make sense in many cases.

In that case you could simply look for to write a shakespearean sonnet, different types of data to display versus a very specific format that won#x27;t hold up to every use case. If you want JSON, you can export it from the hResume using a parser. Unlike JSON (or XML), non-programmers can read HTML in a crazy new piece of technology called a web browser without having to run it through any transformation tool. Essay! Want PDF to send to a company? There are a few WebKit PDF renderers available. Want to help to write a shakespearean sonnet, style it? CSS. Want nice fonts? WebFonts. It#x27;s a web page.

Crazy idea. The only #x27;benefit#x27; I see is that the crawlers#x2F;recruiters can parse your resume easier. Great for them; usually not so great for you. You are just backing up my point that recruiters will use it to email pdf, grab your data and filter you like a product. There is absolutely no benefit to you as an help to write sonnet, engineer. Quality #x2F; noise ratio is the issue here. It#x27;s boring and tedious work, and portrayal in music videos essay, the number of edge cases will multiply geometrically, but it#x27;s likely the only kind of help a shakespearean sonnet, thing that would make this take off. P.S.

Why not YAML? I agree that making it interchangeable is best overall (especially since there is a 1:1 convertibility between the portrayal of women in music videos, two languages). Perhaps the brand should actually reflect this instead. JSON is preferable in a data interchange scenario, but for keeping or displaying a human readable version, YAML is better. As before, though, it#x27;s not YAML#x2F;JSON - it#x27;s the help to write a shakespearean, richness of the import#x2F;export filters that will make this idea float or die. Nobody much is going to want this so that they can publish their resume on People will want to use it so they can efficiently and writing a change in me, easily import their linkedin resume and upload it to [insert fortune 500] company#x27;s custom HR portal #x2F; top 7 job sites. - I found it a bit odd that #x27;resume init#x27; only prompted for to write a shakespearean sonnet, firstName and personal email; a more complete wizard would be useful. I suppose it wouldn#x27;t be hard to create a third-party JSON resume generator app with a nice friendly pretty interface for this (it is just JSON, after all).

- As mentioned in portrayal of women videos other comments, the firstName and lastName fields make excessive assumptions about the user#x27;s native#x2F;preferred naming convention. - The schema only provides for help to write, a blog element in the websites array. More options would be appreciated, since not every personal website is a blog. Prompt For Usc! Alternately (if the intent is really for only one website entry), providing a scalar#x2F;string website element would be more to-the-point. - As someone who prefers YAML (it looks so much nicer), built-in support for YAML-JSON conversion would be awesome for me (i.e. Help A Shakespearean! be able to export to #x2F; import from YAML). For now I#x27;m fine with using yaml2json#x2F;json2yaml, but such import#x2F;export functionality would be awesome. Perhaps a command-line switch for exporting (i.e. resume init --yaml)? Alternately. - On the above note, would it be possible to make resume init output to STDOUT instead of directly to a file?

That way, it would be simple to hilfe, run resume init | json2yaml resume.yaml (for example). Will add your other feedback to a shakespearean, the issue tracker soon. * It#x27;s common for resumes to include a full address, so elements supporting that could be added to the location. Writing An Expository In Me! There should probably be a way to strip this out to write, before publishing it to a public place though. * I#x27;d like to bachelorarbeit, see a section for volunteer activities. To Write Sonnet! I do some volunteering which, while not related to my day job, is worth highlighting. * The references section would usually include contact information for a potential employer. Generally this would be a separate page that would be given during an interview.

My main resume says References available upon request and essay prompt, I have a separate document with my references in it. The biggest win, in help my mind, is that the schema captures the knowledge of what belongs on email, a resume. Being able to take that single source and produce multiple versions (e.g., the public one, the sonnet, private one with full details, a list of references, etc), not to mention everything else that comes with a standard schema, is email a huge bonus. Your meta-layer idea is help to write a shakespearean great too, at the moment we only an expository a change in me have password protected resumes. We are actually building an encryption converter, so you can encrypt your resume with a passphrase, I imagine these public,private etc versions could be controlled by encryption. I posted about to write, it then (http:#x2F;#x2F;;2013#x2F;06#x2F;19#x2F;my-happiness-formula-me-js. College! , but the thought at help to write the time had been that it would be nice if prospective employees published something along the lines of things that contributed to their contentment with work. This was eventually intended to be presented sans ratings in a little browser plugin, for of women essay, recruiters and the like to score themselves honestly against the criteria, and a little bit of math would yield a compatibility rating on a click. It wouldn#x27;t take long until such a thing evolved into help to write, a more full-featured resume such as this.

I like the idea. I can imagine that for resume pdf, certain people it offers opportunities to network, but in my case it is more an invitation for random people to spam me than a tool to connect. Beyond the resume, I am wondering if it would be possible to to write sonnet, build some kind of decentralized professional network, with resumes as nodes and professional#x2F;academic relationships in between, maybe even a vetting system (LinkedIn recommendations are not only time consuming but also worthless IMHO). I don#x27;t know that the themes, necessarily, are that useful (I don#x27;t like the idea of implicitly connecting presentation with JSON like that - i#x27;ll make my own themes thank you) but I do like the idea of a common transport format for college essay prompt, resumes. You have publications, but that implies written material is help a shakespearean sonnet produced.

And should publications have a place for co-authors? It seems wrong to not acknowledge them. We also want to build a feature into the command line tool that lets users sync their resume.json to LinkedIn. All you have to do is use the bei der bachelorarbeit, terms with JSON-LD. I#x27;m surprised they didn#x27;t go for interoperability with what#x27;s already out there. Checking that dates are logical, spell checks, checking for a shakespearean sonnet, dead links, showing employment gaps and so on. Sorry I really don#x27;t understand the use-case. Having an API is good for styling (as you say), or doing some soft of programmatic transformation to data. I am having trouble understanding the need to do either for a resume. Maybe it would help as metadata for a search engine, but in that case I think a plain text search would be just as effective?

I think json schema is a really nice thing to have and I#x27;d like to portrayal in music essay, see more people adopt it, but I#x27;m having trouble coming up with the point for this use. Of course, this is not to to write, imply that having a really well-done resume is really worth much either. I#x27;ve actually written my resume in markup for hilfe bei der bachelorarbeit, a while just so that I could put it on a nice dynamically driven site. Sort of a shakespearean sonnet, a fun weekend project (no, it#x27;s not hosted anywhere). While I strongly doubt that this will ever be a standard, I think it#x27;s nifty, and potentially useful. It opens up easy, pretty resumes, which the world really needs (Note: I#x27;m not being sarcastic. The number of mountains-of-text word document resumes I#x27;ve gotten in the past few weeks is hilfe bachelorarbeit too high). People have been doing XML+XSLT for their resumes for to write a shakespearean, a long time, yet it really hasn#x27;t taken off in a standard way for whatever reason. Not sure this being JSON-based will change that.

I guess I#x27;m wondering what this solution brings to the table that previous attempts didn#x27;t. Other people have mentioned the firstName#x2F;lastName problem and the region#x2F;state ambiguity. I#x27;ll mention a few more items that might be helpful if you really want this to thesis marketing, become a worldwide standard: 1. In some countries, it is not only legal but also customary for to write, employers to ask for, and job seekers to include, various demographic information about themselves that would be considered discriminatory in the U.S. For example, sex#x2F;gender, date of birth, marriage status, and thesis, family details.

It would be good to define such fields in the schema but leave them optional. Or define a catch-all field where anyone can add any key-value pair. 1-1. Don#x27;t forget the a shakespearean, full street address, including the postal code! 1-2. Hilfe Bei Der! Citizenship.

This is very important for companies that might need to help, sponsor your visa and#x2F;or geeen card. 1-3. In some countries, it is customary to include a photograph of yourself in your resume. Perhaps this could take the form of a photo field that takes a URL. 1-4. There needs to be a field where you can write down an portrayal of women videos, alternate expression of your name. Many Korean names can be written in help to write either Hangul or Hanja. Most Japanese names are written in Kanji, but often accompanied by Hiragana to help the thesis marketing, reader pronounce them properly. A lot of a shakespearean sonnet, employers in these countries require both forms. 2. Since this is going to resume, be electronically processed, perhaps it would be a good idea to help a shakespearean, include the ticker code for bei der bachelorarbeit, publicly traded companies in one#x27;s employment history?

GOOG is much easier to search for than variations of Google, Google Inc., etc. 3. Help A Shakespearean! The publications schema will need to be significantly expanded if you want scientists and other academics to even consider using this. Take a look at how academic publications are cited. At the very least, there needs to be a field to prompt, specify the type of publication, e.g. book, ebook, edited book, journal article, newspaper article, conference presentation, workshop presentation, blog post, website, etc. There should also be a doi field for a shakespearean, scientific and other academic publications. 3-1. Argumentative About Smoking! The education schema needs a summary field, just like the employment schema.

4. Help! Some employers prefer to get the in music essay, content of the reference from the referee him#x2F;herself, rather than having the help to write sonnet, applicant include it in the resume. Hilfe Bachelorarbeit! (Otherwise, the applicant could modify the content.) So you need fields to put the email address (to contact the referee) and a URL (to grab the content of the help, reference) in the references field. Thesis Marketing! Oh, and don#x27;t forget the a shakespearean sonnet, referee#x27;s employer and college essay, title#x2F;position. Those things matter. 4-1. To Write A Shakespearean! Bonus points if the hilfe, content of the reference can be authenticated with the referee#x27;s PGP key.

4-2. Help To Write! Extra bonus points if the entire resume can be authenticated with the applicant#x27;s PGP key, to prevent hiring agencies from messing with the content.

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14 Skills and Values Employers Seek in Jobseekers. by help a shakespearean Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., and Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. Job Skills to list on your Resume. College Essay Prompt For Usc. Deals with acting in sonnet, a responsible and fair manner in all your personal and work activities, which is seen as a sign of maturity and self-confidence; avoid being petty. How to describe this skill on your resume: Conscientious go-getter who is highly organized, dedicated, and committed to professionalism. Employers probably respect personal integrity more than any other value, especially in light of the portrayal in music videos essay many recent corporate scandals. How to describe this skill on your resume: Seasoned professional whose honesty and a shakespearean sonnet integrity create effective leadership and optimal business relationships. Deals with openness to new ideas and concepts, to working independently or as part of writing an expository about a change a team, and to carrying out multiple tasks or projects. How to describe this skill on to write a shakespearean sonnet your resume: Highly adaptable, mobile, positive, resilient, patient risk-taker who is open to email, new ideas. Employers seek jobseekers who love what they do and will keep at it until they solve the problem and get the job done. How to describe this skill on your resume: Productive worker with solid work ethic who exerts optimal effort in successfully completing tasks.

5.Dependability/Reliability/Responsibility. There#8217;s no question that all employers desire employees who will arrive to work every day? on time? and ready to work, and who will take responsibility for their actions. How to describe this skill on your resume: Dependable, responsible contributor committed to excellence and success. Employers want employees who will have a strong devotion to the company? even at times when the company is not necessarily loyal to its employees. How to help a shakespearean, describe this skill on your resume: Loyal and dedicated manager with an excellent work record. 7.Positive Attitude/Motivation/Energy/Passion. The jobseekers who get hired and the employees who get promoted are the ones with drive and passion? and who demonstrate this enthusiasm through their words and actions.

How to describe this skill on your resume: Energetic performer consistently cited for unbridled passion for work, sunny disposition, and upbeat, positive attitude. Look at it this way: if you don#8217;t believe in yourself, in writing about in me, your unique mix of skills, education, and abilities, why should a prospective employer? Be confident in yourself and what you can offer employers. How to describe this skill on your resume: Confident, hard-working employee who is to write a shakespearean sonnet, committed to achieving excellence. 9.Self-Motivated/Ability to in music videos essay, Work Without Supervision. While teamwork is always mentioned as an important skill, so is the ability to work independently, with minimal supervision.

How to help a shakespearean sonnet, describe this skill on your resume: Highly motivated self-starter who takes initiative with minimal supervision. In Pharmacutical. No matter what your age, no matter how much experience you have, you should always be willing to learn a new skill or technique. Jobs are constantly changing and to write a shakespearean sonnet evolving, and you must show an openness to grow and learn with that change. How to describe this skill on your resume: Enthusiastic, knowledge-hungry learner, eager to meet challenges and quickly assimilate new concepts. While there is some debate about whether leadership is something people are born with, these skills deal with your ability to take charge and portrayal of women essay manage your co-workers. A Shakespearean Sonnet. How to thesis in pharmacutical marketing, describe this skill on your resume: Goal-driven leader who maintains a productive climate and confidently motivates, mobilizes, and coaches employees to meet high-performance standards. 12.Multicultural Sensitivity/Awareness. There is possibly no bigger issue in the workplace than diversity, and jobseekers must demonstrate a sensitivity and help a shakespearean sonnet awareness to other people and cultures.

How to describe this skill on your resume: Personable professional whose strengths include cultural sensitivity and an ability to pdf, build rapport with a diverse workforce in multicultural settings. Deals with your ability to design, plan, organize, and sonnet implement projects and resume tasks within an allotted timeframe. Also, involves goal-setting. How to to write a shakespearean sonnet, describe this skill on your resume: Results-driven achiever with exemplary planning and organizational skills, along with a high degree of detail orientation. Marketing. Because so many jobs involve working in help a shakespearean sonnet, one or more work-groups, you must have the ability to work with others in a professional manner while attempting to achieve a common goal. How to describe this skill on your resume: Resourceful team player who excels at building trusting relationships with customers and colleagues. Final Thoughts on Employment Skills and Values. Employability skills and personal values are the critical tools and traits you need to succeed in the workplace? and they are all elements that you can learn, cultivate, develop, and maintain over your lifetime. Once you have identified the sought-after skills and values and assessed the degree to which you possess them, begin to market them by building them into your resume, cover letter, and interview answers) for job-search success. See also our Transferable Job Skills for Jobseekers.Click here to begin building your own resume! More Information about Employability Skills:

Skills Employers Seek, reporting on annual results from the National Association of essay outline Colleges and Employers (NACE) survey of help to write employers to determine the top 10 personal qualities/skills employers seek. From the Career Development Center at Binghamton University. Skills Employers Seek, from Loughborough University. Skills Employers Seek, from Psych Web Top 10 Soft Skills in Demand, from LiveCareer Resume Skills Section, from LiveCareer. Building Tools That Build Better Work Lives. College Essay For Usc. Since 2005, LiveCareer’s team of career coaches, certified resume writers, and savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over 10 million users build stronger resumes, write more persuasive cover letters, and develop better interview skills.

Use our free samples, templates, and writing guides and help to write sonnet our easy-to-use resume builder software to help land the email resume pdf job you want. To Write Sonnet. Dr. Randall S. Resume. Hansen. Help A Shakespearean Sonnet. Dr. Randall S. Hansen is founder of Quintessential Careers, one of the portrayal of women essay oldest and most comprehensive career development sites on the Web, as well CEO of

He is also founder of and He is publisher of Quintessential Careers Press, including the Quintessential Careers electronic newsletter, QuintZine. Dr. Hansen is also a published author, with several books, chapters in books, and sonnet hundreds of articles. He’s often quoted in the media and conducts empowering workshops around the country. Finally, Dr. Hansen is also an educator, having taught at the college level for more than 15 years. Visit his personal Website or reach him by email at for usc Check out Dr. Help A Shakespearean Sonnet. Hansen on GooglePlus. Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and email associate publisher of Quintessential Careers, is an educator, author, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine, an electronic newsletter for jobseekers, and blogs about storytelling in a shakespearean sonnet, the job search at A Storied Career.

Katharine, who earned her PhD in organizational behavior from argumentative essay about outline Union Institute University, Cincinnati, OH, is author of Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates and A Foot in help a shakespearean sonnet, the Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market (both published by Ten Speed Press), as well as Top Notch Executive Resumes (Career Press); and with Randall S. Of Women In Music Videos Essay. Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters, Write Your Way to a Higher GPA (Ten Speed), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Study Skills (Alpha). Visit her personal Website or reach her by e-mail at Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus. I AM A CAREER CHANGER This page is sonnet, your key source for all things career-change related.

You#8217;ll find some great free career-change tools and resources. Changing careers can be traumatic, especially if you have been in a change in me, your current career for a long time, but you do not have to go through the process alone or [] Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog. Sonnet. Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog Career and job-search news, trends, and scoops for job-seekers, compiled by the staff of Quintessential Careers.The Quintessential Careers Blog has moved!! These pages remain as an in pharmacutical marketing archive of our previous blog posts. Please check out the new and improved Quintessential Careers Blog for Job-Seekers and Careerists.

Interview Advice Job [] The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers. The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to help to write a shakespearean, the job/career/employment section of a specific employer#8217;s Website.Because more and more companies are developing career and employment centers on their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to go straight to the career and employment section of the [] Quintessential Careers: I am a Career Coach or Counselor. Of Women Videos. The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to the job/career/employment section of a specific employer#8217;s Website.Because more and more companies are developing career and employment centers on their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to sonnet, go straight to the career and employment section of the [] Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter. Customer Service Customer Service. 800-652-8430 Mon- Fri 8am - 8pm CST.

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Essay On Odysseus Character Traits Essays and Research Papers. Odysseus , the ruler of the help a shakespearean island kingdom of Ithaca, was known by college essay for usc, all for his cleverness and cunning, but what I noticed throughout my readings . of Odysseus is that he is also shows some weaknesses at times. I will discuss examples of help to write a shakespearean each of these prevalent traits throughout this essay . About? Throughout The Odyssey, Odysseus is driven to many wanderings during which he sees many wonders and a shakespearean sonnet endures many sufferings. Part of Homer’s theme in The Odyssey is the vicissitudes that have promoted Odysseus’s. Cyclops , Hero , Homer 1449 Words | 4 Pages. it displays arrogance, heroism, and cleverness. College For Usc? A quote that represents Odysseus well is by help to write a shakespearean sonnet, Garth Stein: The true hero is flawed. Pdf? The true test . of a champion is not whether he can triumph, but whether he can overcome obstacles - preferably of his own making - in order to triumph.

Like all heroes on their journey they will eventually complete their quest, but there will always be hardships along the way. Especially with Odysseus rash decisions. Help A Shakespearean? In book 9 one of resume pdf Odysseus’s mistake is when he. Cyclops , English-language films , Greek mythology 975 Words | 3 Pages. destiny. Their influence is evident in to write a shakespearean, determining the an expository in me outcome of every adventure and obstacle that the hero, Odysseus , faces during his . lengthy, perilous journey home following the events of the Trojan War. Man’s free will is overshadowed throughout this epic poem by help a shakespearean sonnet, the use of prophecy or the direct influence of the gods to ultimately foretell and argumentative smoking outline decide the outcome. The choices Odysseus makes may have direct consequences and influence on his life, gaining or denying him favor with the to write a shakespearean gods. He. Athena , Greek mythology , Hermes 1197 Words | 4 Pages.

Leadership qualities of writing an expository essay about a change in me Odysseus throughout the book. Odyssey Essay Leadership Ross Johnson Throughout the help to write a shakespearean sonnet Odyssey, the lead character , Odysseus , is presented as the essay smoking outline . ideal Greek leader. To Write A Shakespearean? He demonstrates this through the treatment of his men and how he deals with problems that are presented to him. Portrayal Videos? Because the Odyssey was first a spoken myth, it took on help a shakespearean, the shape of the society in which it was told. Including that society's moral and ethical values, as well as its desires in in music, the traits of a leader. A leader must first be defined, then set apart from. Achilles , Ancient Greece , Hero 974 Words | 3 Pages. the odyssey if were actually watching it eventhough that the teacher already taught it . it seems that the help students not only enjoying watching it but the . same time learning. moreover, I can say that The Odyssey is an enjoyable story following King Odysseus ' adventures during the ten years he spent returning from the Trojan War to Ithaca, Greece.There were many differences between this version in thesis in pharmacutical marketing, movie of The Odyssey and Homer's original story.

In the movie they include the a shakespearean facts that encounters with. Achilles , Epic Cycle , Greek mythology 913 Words | 3 Pages. Character Analysis Essay English II As part of our study of the novel Of Mice and resume pdf Men by John Steinbeck, you will be writing . a character analysis essay . Below are the criteria of this assignment. Criteria ? Choose a character to analyze. ¦ George, Lennie, Slim, Curly, Curly’s Wife ? Identify one dominant characteristic of that character . ¦ DO NOT choose a physical characteristic. ¦ Choose a PERSONALITY trait . ? Develop your analysis of the character by help a shakespearean sonnet, finding and analyzing. Character , Fiction , John Steinbeck 474 Words | 3 Pages. ? Odysseus In The Odyssey, Odysseus breaks Homers’ rule of writing essay about a change characters not changing by a shakespearean, going from a glory-seeking . leader with a big mouth, to about a change in me, being a home-seeking leader that is patient. Odysseus has all the help sonnet Homeric characteristics that define a leader. He has nobility, strength, courage, and college prompt for usc a sharp intellect. Odysseus , along with every other hero, also has a few bad traits . He likes to linger around in one place for too long, his pride and ego are too big, and a shakespearean sonnet he wants glory so much he loses. Greek mythology , Homer , Iliad 1071 Words | 3 Pages.

February 8, 2015 English 9 Honors Odyssey Final Essay In the epic poem, The Odyssey by Homer, The . hero Odysseus displays many heroic traits that make him an epic hero. The Odyssey is about Odysseus journey home after the Trojan War. Portrayal Of Women Videos Essay? On his way back home, he harms a Cyclops’s eye, so Poseidon becomes very angry and make Odysseus’s trip extremely difficult. Odysseus encounters many monsters and his entire crew perishes. When he finally returns home after.

Athena , Cyclops , Greek mythology 923 Words | 2 Pages. Scarlet Letter Character Analysis. ?TASK: Your task is to write a thesis-based character analysis essay . Details regarding the thesis specific to this . essay are outlined below. Your body paragraphs will follow the same assertion/evidence/commentary formula they usually do, but a few helpful details regarding how best to help to write sonnet, use evidence and commentary in bachelorarbeit, this situation are included below as well. Help To Write A Shakespearean? Finally, your paper must reach some significant conclusion, an answer to the “so what” questions that linger in your reader’s mind after you. Personality psychology , Trait theory 747 Words | 3 Pages.

Odysseus and Telemachus Comparison Essay. Three traits that Odysseus and Telemakhos share are clear-headedness, eloquence, and showing strong emotion. They are portrayed . with these traits in the Odyssey, composed by Homer. Odysseus is a renowned military strategist, warrior, and the King of Ithaca. Essay? He was forced to go to war against Troy twenty years ago, and since then has traveled all over the Aegean trying to find a way back home. Help To Write? Meanwhile, his son, Telemakhos, has developed into a full-grown man from the mere infant he was when his. Crying , Homer , Odysseus 977 Words | 3 Pages.

? Odysseus : The Definition of a Leader When considering the impact of college essay ancient Greek literature, it is imperative to acknowledge the importance . of The Odyssey and The Iliad, both created by the poet Homer. The Odyssey is centered on the character Odysseus as he returns from war and journeys back to to write, his home in Ithaca. The Iliad focuses on the Trojan War and is largely centered on email resume, the fearless warrior Achilles. However, Odysseus plays an important role in both pieces of literature and leads the reader. Achilles , Epic Cycle , Hero 1738 Words | 5 Pages. The Odyssey Essay Even . now, centuries after it was written, Homer’s The Odyssey still seems to astonish readers of all ages. In this epic poem is a story of a man being ripped from his kingdom of Ithaca, to fight in the battle of Troy.

Early in the story before he is taken away, Odysseus tells his wife that if he isn’t back by the time Telemachus is a man, beard on. Achilles , Greek mythology , Homer 713 Words | 3 Pages. The Three Character Traits of Macbeth. ?English Macbeth Essay Macbeth by William Shakespeare is a very dark and help to write a shakespearean sonnet powerful tragic play. There are many characters . in this play that are two faced, loyal one minute, and deceiving the argumentative next. One of the individuals who immensely represents these attributes is Macbeth himself. Macbeth is a warrior who is manipulated by his own wife and the three witches which leads him to become a greedy, ambitious and brave king. Ultimately because of his overconfidence, he dies devastatingly. . Macbeth. Duncan I of Scotland , KILL , Macbeth 1524 Words | 4 Pages.

November 2012 The Character of help to write sonnet Achilles Achilles is the main character in Homer’s The Iliad translated by Robert Fagles. College For Usc? The . To Write? Iliad is the of women in music videos essay story of the battle of Troy, in which Greek heroes fight and die, with much interference from the various gods and help a shakespearean goddesses. Writing An Expository About A Change? The story ends when Achilles gives Hector’s body back to King Priam and Hector is buried. Help To Write A Shakespearean Sonnet? Homer uses a number of different literary devices to illustrate Achilles’ character development, such as his actions, what other characters say about him. Achilles , Apollo , Greek mythology 2136 Words | 5 Pages.

Character analysis of Odysseus in Adventures of email resume Ulysses by Bernard Evslin. main character Odysseus goes through a series of exciting and dangerous trials during his trip back to Ithaca after the Trojan . War. In this story Odysseus is portrayed as an epic hero. This can be seen through the fact that he is essentially noble, performs amazing tasks and help feats and overcome weakness and smoking outline temptations most would not be able to endure. Odysseus is help to write sonnet essentially noble and hilfe bei der bachelorarbeit this is a component of most epic heroes. This quality is first seen in the beginning of the book; Odysseus is help to write sonnet the. Achilles , Cyclops , Greek mythology 984 Words | 3 Pages. all the thesis necessary components. An epic has many different parts.

One of the main parts of an epic is archetypes. Archetypes are characters , . situations, and images that are recognizable in many times and cultures. Common archetypes include sea monsters, wicked temptresses, a suitors contest, and epic hero, and loyal servants. In The Odyssey, Odysseus , the main character faces many sea monsters including Scylla, Sirens, and Charybdis. Scylla is a sea monster with six heads. She is to write sonnet portrayed as similar. Circe , Cyclops , Greek mythology 1238 Words | 3 Pages.

Odysseus and Oedipus There are many legendary epic stories have been passed on from generation to generation in the Greek culture. Even . though each story has different outcomes, every epic character has certain features in essay about smoking, common. Odysseus in The Odyssesy and Oedipus in Oedipus the King are great examples of epic heroes with a variety of similarities. Odysseus and Oedipus are similar in which they both god-like men who are considered heroes because of their cautious ways and relentless tenacity. Aeschylus , Greek mythology , Odysseus 1747 Words | 5 Pages.

Name______________________________________________________ Period____ The Odyssey: Chapter 5-8 Quiz 1. Odysseus tells the Cyclops that “it . is Zeus’ custom to treat strangers kindly.” What is the help sonnet Cyclops’ reaction to this? a. Thesis? He offers Odysseus and his men food and wine b. He ignores Odysseus and sonnet his men c. Prompt? He tells Odysseus that he is not afraid of a shakespearean sonnet Zeus d. He tells them to email pdf, leave 2. All of the following actions show Odysseus ’ intelligence EXCEPT: a. He wants to find out who lives in help sonnet, the cave b. He tells the. Athena , Circe , Cyclops 791 Words | 3 Pages. Hero Comparison Essay: Odysseus vs Gandhi. Hero Comparison Essay K A K 16/12/2011 A hero, a mythological or legendary figure often of hilfe bachelorarbeit divine descent endowed with great strength . A Shakespearean? or ability (Merriam-Webster). There are two types of heroes, epic heroes and modern heroes. Odysseus , one of the most famous epic heroes ever, will be compared to Mahatma Gandhi, a modern day hero, to see if there really is a large gap separating the two types.

However, one thing is argumentative about certain, modern heroes can be identical to epic heroes if they are larger. Gujarat , Hero , History of the British salt tax in India 1612 Words | 5 Pages. Assignment #2 Character Foils for Odysseus The Odyssey is the epic that has been read time and time again, by help to write, varying ages, . Resume? digging its way into our hearts, becoming an help a shakespearean instant classic. Odysseus and the adventures of his homecoming create a much different tale than Homer’s other work, the thesis in pharmacutical marketing Iliad, provided. Help To Write A Shakespearean? The epic is thesis not about bloodthirsty men trying to get their hands on kleos anymore; it is about the homecoming of a man who uses his wits, not his weapon. In the Odyssey, the characters balance – Homer. Greek mythology , Helen , Homer 1448 Words | 5 Pages. Odysseus , a hero? What comes to help a shakespearean, mind when we think of a hero? Generally, we think a hero is someone with some super powers, and has . the essay about ability to help to write sonnet, save the world. The Odyssey, by Homer, a Greek mythical epic, includes Odysseus , someone who would be considered a hero, by what bravery he had shown.

But as his life and college essay prompt the epic progresses, almost every time Odysseus faces a difficulty, he chooses to help sonnet, do the email pdf right thing, yet his pride and selfishness always get in the way, bringing him down and. Achilles , Cyclops , Greek mythology 985 Words | 3 Pages. Odysseus : A Hero Heroism was not an help to write invention of the Greeks. Yet, through the first hundreds years of their civilization, the Greek . literature has already given birth to highly polished and complex long epics that revolved around heroes. These literature works gave many possibilities of in music videos definition of heroism. Help? The Greeks illustrated heroism to obey the rules laid down by writing essay about, the gods and goddesses, and those who obey the rules would gain honor and fame. The Greeks regarded intelligence as one of. Circe , Goddess , Greeks 1351 Words | 4 Pages. The Odyssey In Homer's The Odyssey, our main character , Odysseus , battles a feat of obstacles on the path back to his . family and home. Throughout every disaster experienced in help a shakespearean sonnet, Book Two, Odysseus remains a true leader and strives to bring his people and prompt himself home after many years. Help To Write Sonnet? Odysseus has been known by many to be an epic hero, defined as someone who is higher than a normal human being but lower than a super human or a God.

By using qualities such as curiosity, bravery, cleverness and. Characteristic , Hero , Human 1147 Words | 3 Pages. September 2013 Odysseus : A good leader The Odyssey of Homer is a . Portrayal Of Women In Music Videos? book about a hero and help a shakespearean his adventures in his journey home. In this paper, we will discuss about about smoking some heroic characters and help to write a shakespearean the leadership skill of Odysseus . To be a good leader, a person should be decisive, cunning, brave, deductive and compassionate. I will discuss why I believe Odysseus as a good leader. Resume Pdf? First of to write all, we will discuss about.

Achilles , Circe , Cyclops 1682 Words | 4 Pages. Character Traits in essay, a Separate Peace. John Knowles, one of the main themes is the effects of realism, idealism, and isolationism on Brinker, Phineas, and Gene. Though not everyone can be . described using one of these approaches to life, the a shakespearean sonnet approaches completely conform to these characters to create one realist, one idealist, and writing essay a change one isolationist; thereby providing the foundation of the novel. Help? The realist is Brinker. Brinker's realism takes on a very morbid quality after Gene decides not to enlist with him, do to Phineas's. A Separate Peace , Idealism , Isolationism 463 Words | 5 Pages. 22 March 2012 Odysseus : Epic Hero or Not? What is about outline a hero you may ask? Merriam-Webster states that a hero is a mythological or legendary . figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability; an illustrious warrior; a man admired for to write, his achievements and noble qualities; one who shows great courage; the principal male character in a literary or dramatic work; the central figure in email, an event, period, or movement.

I could support Merriam and say that Odysseus fits many of these. Achilles , Athena , Greek mythology 1308 Words | 4 Pages. English make up quiz 01 The Odyssey (Books IX, X) Q. Help To Write Sonnet? Give a character desorption of Odysseus based on the two books, what . Resume Pdf? would you identify as his most essential, defining character traits ? How would you describe him as a leader/commander? I find Odysseus as a very complicated character . Help? He is writing a change strong, courageous, Intelligent, confident and most importantly very cunning character with judgmental problem. As I read book IX, I find him as a self assured man, so proud of identifying himself.

Cyclops , Greek mythology , Hero 827 Words | 2 Pages. comparing and contrasting Odysseus and Percy Jackson. and Contrasting Odysseus and Percy Jackson Why are not all humans exactly the same? What separates humans apart from each other, aside from . their external appearance? Each individual human being is unique and extraordinary, due to the different characteristics they possess. Granting the fact that humans having similar qualities is a frequent occurrence, no two individuals attain identical personalities. To Write A Shakespearean Sonnet? Comparing and contrasting the characteristics of Odysseus , the main character in The Odyssey. Bronze Age , Confidence , Homer 879 Words | 4 Pages. Character Chart Name Relationship Significance and Traits Zeus King of the gods Poseidon God of the sea He hates . Odysseus , tried to writing an expository essay a change, kill Odysseus in to write a shakespearean, a big storm. Preventing him from going home. Athena Goddess of war and marriage Daughteer of Zeus She’s crushing on Odysseus , trying to help save him.

Hermes Messenger God Speaks with Odysseus and resume pdf gives him the herb and tells him how to help a shakespearean, excape Circe. Aphrodite Goddess of love Hephaestus The god of metal-working Sculpts. Aphrodite , Greek mythology , Hera 256 Words | 3 Pages. Do Genes Determine Character Traits. “ Character Traits Determined Genetically?

Genes May Hold the Key to a Life of Success, Study Suggests.” I: Introduction . Do genes distinguish our personality traits or is argumentative essay about smoking outline it simply environment, and upbringing that makes us who we are? Psychologists at the University of Edinburgh have discovered that genes may play a greater role in forming character traits than they were thought to before. Things such as self-control, decision-making or sociability could be more nature than nurture. . DNA , Gene , Gene expression 610 Words | 3 Pages. A reflection of Odysseus and help to write Modern Day Heroes The Odyssey by Homer. storytelling today. Odysseus , the legendary Greek king of Ithaca and essay for usc protagonist of Homer's epic poem the Odyssey was recognized as a great . hero of his time. He was known for his defining qualities of superior strength and athleticism, sharp intellect, sensual ness, and help a shakespearean a thirst for glory. These character traits are still being used to attribute modern day fictional heroes such as Neo, Captain Jack Sparrow, James Bond, and thesis in pharmacutical marketing Spiderman. Accordingly, the heroic qualities of Odysseus can be still be seen.

Casino Royale , Homer , Odyssey 1704 Words | 5 Pages. Odyssey, Odysseus , the central character of the epic, applies his strengths, leadership skills and his determination to reach his . abode escaping from help to write sonnet flesh eating one-eyed mammoths, arrogant betrayers, and violent whirlpool and sea monsters. Smoking Outline? Odysseus and his crew face the impossible challenges on his voyage back home, but with Odysseus ’ leadership, they prevail. To Write Sonnet? Approaching Scylla and Charybdis, a violent storm and sea monster, the crew trembles in fear, doubting their ability. Thesis? Odysseus , never. Cyclops , Epic poetry , Greek mythology 893 Words | 3 Pages. A Comparative Analysis of Odysseus and Achilles. A Comparative Analysis of Odysseus and a shakespearean sonnet Achilles The Trojan War was more than a series of thesis battles between opposing forces, it was the climax . of an help to write a shakespearean sonnet age of heroes. The retrieval of Helen brought together many of the mythological characters of that time onto a single stage.

Of the thousands of brave men who fought at Ilion, two men stood above the writing an expository about a change in me masses, sharing the title of hero. They were born in the line of those on Mt. A Shakespearean? Olympus, favored by email resume, the gods. Excelling in courage and skill, adored by sonnet, those. Achilles , Greek mythology , Homer 1218 Words | 4 Pages. Odysseus and Telemachus Foils essay. Odysseus and Telemachus Character Foils Essay In Homer’s The Odyssey, Telemachus embarks on a mystical journey to . find his father whom he has not seen in twenty years. While Odysseus is also trying to find his way back to email resume, his long lost home he encounters monsters in which his odds for survival are extremely low, but his willingness to to write sonnet, find his family helps him triumph past even the deadliest creatures. The novel becomes a contrast between Odysseus and hilfe Telemachus’ traits and help a shakespearean sonnet how they shape the book. Family , Father , Homer 473 Words | 2 Pages.

Essay About Odysseus, Adonis, and Thor. Essay About Odysseus , Adonis, and Thor Section I: Odysseus Is The Most Cunning Man in the World . Odysseus , son of Procris and portrayal videos Cephalus of the Royal House of to write sonnet Athens, played a major role in the Trojan War. Resume? However, the legends of Odysseus do not begin until after the great war. At the end of the war he was separated from the to write sonnet rest of the Greek armies and of women in music essay was forced to wander for to write a shakespearean, ten years until he was reunited with his family. Argumentative About? His journeys in those ten years were very similar to Jason's journey in. Achilles , Apollo , Cyclops 1516 Words | 4 Pages. In “The Odyssey”, Odysseus uses many traits on his twenty year journey back to Ithaca. Odysseus and his men fight . the Cyclops, Sirens, and resist their temptation of the Lotus plants.

In order to be a famous epic hero, like Odysseus , one needs to have numerous traits . Odysseus’s traits are strength, intelligence, and self confidence. To Write Sonnet? These traits help define Odysseus as a hero and save his men from many close encounters with mythical beings. Odysseus shows his strength on their long voyage home. Achilles , Cyclops , Hero 552 Words | 2 Pages. Mississippi Burning Character Essay. Mississippi Burning character essay In the film “Mississippi Burning”, directed by pdf, Alan Parker, characterisation is employed . very effectively to illuminate the themes of to write a shakespearean sonnet tolerance and social change in writing about a change in me, the southern United States in the 1960s. Parker uses the a shakespearean sonnet buddy/buddy formula through Ward and essay smoking Anderson to act as a focal point for the plot; as well as being an analogy for the greater conflict in society, in that they have polar opposite personality traits and initially cannot stand each other, but.

Black people , Conflict , Ku Klux Klan 1989 Words | 5 Pages. Odyssey and help a shakespearean Odysseus Outstanding Qualities. ?Odyssey Review/ Essay Questions 1.What aspects of social and political life in hilfe bachelorarbeit, Homeric times are reflected in the “Odyssey”? =The aspects . in the social and political life in Homeric times that are reflected in the Odyssey are the help sonnet leadership and hierarchy. These are depicted by kings, warriors and peasants who sometimes live un-heroic simple life.Other than that it shows the culture of the Greeks wherein if you will court a lady,you should bring gifts. 2.What is the purpose of the many allusion. Achilles , Athena , Homer 2184 Words | 6 Pages.

Odysseus and his flaws In Homer's Odyssey, the thesis marketing hero is Odysseus , a man who left his home to fight the Trojan War and who comes . back twenty years later to find his household overrun by suitors courting his wife Penelope. Throughout his journey, this rich and complex character battles life's temptations towards purification, since he must overcome his sins and flaws in order to obtain redemption from the gods, thus returning home to his throne on the island of Ithaca. However, this purification process. Greek mythology , Homer , Odysseus 1205 Words | 3 Pages. 8/7/13 Free Essay Home About Contact Me Publish Your Essay M ar 16, 2013 Member Submission Contents FAQ . Letter Enter your email address: Search TOP VIDEOS | CLASS 1 TO 10 My Favourite Cartoon Character (Shinchan) Essay Class 7 Subscribe FREE Delivered by a shakespearean, FeedBurner Class 9 - 12, M BBS IIT w w w .topM Self Study Course By Phds IITians Online Coaching, Books Set, DV D Set Subscribe in a reader:Firefox, Explorer-LIVE Essay Categories. Cartoon , Character , Crayon Shin-chan 1529 Words | 7 Pages. Odysseus : The Epic Hero The Trojan War took place around 1200 B.C.

The cause of this war was Helen, Menelaus’ wife and the most beautiful . woman in the world. She was kidnapped from Sparta and taken to Troy, where she was married to Paris. A war resulted, and it went on essay about a change, for ten long years. Troy was defeated with the Trojan Horse, which was Odysseus ’ idea. Greek warriors hid inside the hollow wooden horse, and it was brought into Troy because the Trojans assumed it meant that the Greeks had surrendered. Achilles , Greek mythology , Homer 977 Words | 3 Pages. one of the best epic poems of all time. Odysseus ' journey in returning home becomes a test to prove himself. Only on the testing grounds of . life can one discover integrity, loyalty and perseverance. A Shakespearean? Homer's craft is so profound that theme's found in the poem still pertains to man today. Odysseus ' character , his morals, and his views are still admired by people today.

A man's actions speak for his integrity, especially in the face of email pdf corruption. Odysseus ' integrity is not questioned even when. Achilles , Epic poetry , Homer 898 Words | 3 Pages. ?Aaron K. Gillespie Plotnik ENG 220 Essay 1 Recipe For Remembrance The ancient people of Greek mythology believed . there was a recipe for help to write a shakespearean sonnet, a mortal man to claim immortality, and have a name that echoes throughout the writing an expository essay about ages. The ingredients can be found between the two very popular mythical figures of ancient Greece, Odysseus from Homer’s “The Odyssey and Achilles from his other timeless story, “The Iliad”. This document will relay the commonalities shared through tragedy, and. Achilles , Greek mythology , Hector 1058 Words | 3 Pages. Humans compare many things like, how tall they are or how much they weigh. World literature generally gives us many ways to compare on work from another as . for example, Odysseus in the epic poem The Odyssey by Homer, and Oedipus in help to write sonnet, the play Oedipus the of women in music King by Sophocles. These two men may have one thing in help to write a shakespearean sonnet, common, their pride.

However, their relationships, self-control, and motivations are totally different from writing an expository each other. Help To Write A Shakespearean? Pride is a funny thing, too much or too little of hilfe bei der bachelorarbeit it can hurt you, however. Greek mythology , Jocasta , Odysseus 2074 Words | 5 Pages. ?Hero Essay A hero is to write different to every person. However, societies normally have similar views when it comes to a hero. Two American heroes, . Edward Bloom and Chris McCandless are to thesis in pharmacutical, some extent viewed the same way the Greeks viewed their own ancient Greek hero, Odysseus . These 3 heroes all have characteristics, traits , and projected ideals admired and pursued by their societies and for this very reason when both are compared, Chris McCandless is the better American hero when compared to Edward. Ancient Greece , Greece , Greek mythology 1301 Words | 3 Pages.

deadly monsters. In Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, the king of help a shakespearean Ithica, Odysseus , is trying to argumentative essay about smoking outline, get home to his family after a ten year war . conquering the city of Troy. Odysseus encounters numerous perils during his journey home. Help A Shakespearean? Some of portrayal his impediments included Calypso, a god, Polyphemus, a giant Cyclopes, and the suitors. Calypso trapped Odysseus on her island for seven years because she loved him. The Cyclopes only saw Odysseus and his crew as food. Then, when he finally gets home, he learns about. Cyclops , Greek mythology , Hero 1250 Words | 3 Pages.

The Long-Suffering and Self-Pitying Odysseus. Help To Write A Shakespearean? The Odyssey by essay prompt for usc, Homer This essay anaylyzes Odysses' character and his worth as an epic hero. Long-Suffering and Self-Pitying Odysseus What would it take to make Odysseus , the renowned warrior and the pride of a shakespearean all Greece, . cry uncontrollably? Surely, he must be put through some sort of extreme physical pain that no other mortal could survive or perhaps he is writing an expository in me even forced to watch the help sonnet horrendous slaughtering of his comrades. But more often than not, it is argumentative outline only mere words and memories, driven on help a shakespearean sonnet, by self-pity, not atrocities committed against his crew, that make Odysseus cry.

Instead of an expository a change in me acting as a. Crying , Cyclops , Homer 1475 Words | 4 Pages. The Odyssey Essay In The Odyssey written by Homer and translated by Robert Fitzgerald, Telemakhos, the son of a shakespearean Odysseus , . makes an important journey to an expository essay about in me, learn the fate of his missing father and in the process transforms from a boy to man. Help? At the beginning of his journey Telemakhos demonstrates the character traits of immaturity and timidness, at the end of his journey he had become courageous, mature, shrewd, and physically capable. When the college essay prompt reader first encounters Telemakhos in Book II, he. Homer , Ithaca , Marriage 1022 Words | 3 Pages. the Odyssey, Odysseus has a twenty year long voyage home from Troy (after the Trojan War) to his homeland of Ithaca. A Shakespearean? In The Aeneid, Aeneas and . his fleet are attempting to leave their homeland of Troy, which was recently destroyed by the Greeks in hopes of finding New Troy in writing about a change, Italy. The Aeneid is help a shakespearean sonnet considered the Trojan testimony to the Trojan War while the hilfe Odyssey is the Greeks side of the story. To Write? Think of it as a football game, Aeneas is the argumentative essay about captain of the Trojans team while Odysseus is the help sonnet captain. Aeneid , Homer , Iliad 1067 Words | 3 Pages.

Leadership Skills Good leaders inspire those who follow with words as well as actions. Hilfe? There are, however, not perfect and sometimes make poor . decisions. In The Odyssey, Odysseus , being human, sometimes makes errors in judgment and puts himself and help to write his men in danger. In Homer’s classic epic, The Odyssey, Odysseus demonstrates characteristics of both an effective and email resume pdf ineffective leader. An example of Odysseus’s effective leadership would be his ability to think ahead, for to write a shakespearean, . Achilles , Cyclops , Homer 425 Words | 3 Pages. Universal character traits in email resume pdf, Oedipus the King ?PAGE ? ?PAGE ?4? September 9, 2007 Universal character traits in _Oedipus the King_ In Sophocles play, _Oedipus the Kin_g, . Help To Write? there are many themes universal to all humans. Marketing? The main character , Oedipus, exhibits traits that humans possess and covet. We do not wish to kill our father and help to write sonnet marry our mother, but we can relate metaphorically to his situation. We relate to the broad range of emotions he displays and argumentative smoking his reaction in various situations.

Oedipus mistakenly thinks he can change his fate. Creon , Greek mythology , Jocasta 838 Words | 6 Pages. How Literature Displays Positive Character Trait Through Characters. Literature Shows Positive Traits Through Its Characters It is known that a piece of writing can do more than tell a story, but . can also portray indirect ideas to the reader. A narrative piece is help able to show positive traits , presented through its characters . Literature can display a variety of positive attributes, through different characters , and situations. This is demonstrated in the story, “The Blue Bead,” through Sibia’s acts of selflessness, and again in the text “Long. A Story , Acts of the Apostles , Blood transfusion 497 Words | 3 Pages. ? Character Essay Nora Helmer In the play A dolls house, there are several characters with different personalities . Email Resume Pdf? that affect the ending result of the play. Out of all these characters there is one character that stands out, this character is Nora Helmer.

The reason for Nora to stand out of the rest of the character is because that she dramatically alters the help a shakespearean sonnet play plus the play plot is very focused and based on about a change, her, she is to a further extent the main character . Nora is woman that is said to. A Doll's House , Character , Husband 912 Words | 2 Pages. poem by Homer (translated by Robert Fitzgerald) has many various themes woven throughout the story. One of my personal favorites is: falling into temptation . will take you farther back than your starting point. To Write A Shakespearean Sonnet? You can see this theme portrayed as Odysseus struggles to find his home but when tempted stays to long with Circe. Or as they are almost home to Ithika and Odysseus’s crew opens the sack of winds. Also when they land on the island of the sun god and though they were told not to, eat some of. Epic poetry , Helios , Homer 816 Words | 3 Pages. ODYSSEUS ’ GREEK, HEROIC TRAITS “My heart longs to be home, my comrades’ hearts as well” (Homer 10.533). After a whole twenty . years of being away from home, Odysseus with his strong desire to marketing, reach his homeland leads his many crew members and to write a shakespearean sonnet himself through the essay about smoking difficulties and obstacles they encounter along the way. Help To Write A Shakespearean? Not only does he persevere in this journey, he is about a strong warrior, very athletic, and to write a shakespearean treats his guests well.

Odysseus is a legitimate Greek hero. Odysseus is a strong warrior, not. Epic Cycle , Greek hero cult , Greek mythology 636 Words | 2 Pages. Character Analysis: Odysseus Smart, yet Arrogant In books 9-12 of essay prompt for usc Homer’s The Odyssey, Odysseus shows three . prominent character traits : quick-wittedness, hubris, and self control. To Write A Shakespearean? Odysseus has gone down in argumentative about outline, stories and to write history books for his life-saving quick-wittedness. An example of his quick thinking is in the scene where Odysseus and portrayal of women a few of his men are trapped in Polyphemus’, a cyclopes, cave and Odysseus devises a cunning plan to help them escape. Help To Write A Shakespearean? He gives Polyphemus all the liquor he. Characters in hilfe bachelorarbeit, the Odyssey , Circe , Greek mythology 560 Words | 2 Pages. General Character Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur. General Character Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur *She takes moderate risks.

Taking moderate risks is sonnet another . In Music Videos? characteristic of help to write successful entrepreneurs. They don't fear to take risks. FEAR to an expository, take risks discourages initiative, brings about uncertainty of purpose, destroys ambition, kills enthusiasm, destroys good reasoning and stops you from help a shakespearean taking action. Besides, there is nothing you can engage yourself in without any risks involved. *She takes personal responsibility for her own actions. Entrepreneur , Entrepreneurship , Factors of production 845 Words | 3 Pages.

The Great Odysseus In the poem, The Odyssey, by Homer, 3 strong character traits of Odysseus , the . main character , are demonstrated. Homer makes all of these traits very clear, they can be qualified as good or bad traits . Homer displays these traits constantly but in portrayal of women, different ways. In other words, his weakness hurt him but his quick thinking would help him. To Write Sonnet? Odysseus ’ arrogant attitude could either be considered a good trait or a bad trait . Odysseus , the main character of The Odyssey by Homer demonstrates. Achilles , Homer , Iliad 662 Words | 2 Pages. The Odyssey, we learn that the main character , Odysseus , has been held captive by essay for usc, the nymph Calypso for twenty years. We also . learn that Odysseus had finished (and won) fighting a war against the city of Troy and has been held captive by to write sonnet, Calypso ever since. During this time, Odysseus ' son and wife, whom Odysseus left behind to fight in about smoking outline, the war, have been patiently waiting for Odysseus ' return to his palace in Ithaca in which Odysseus is king. Telemachus, Odysseus ' son, has grown into a young man and. Greek mythology , Homer , Iliad 828 Words | 3 Pages.

Character Analysis Essay Template Tkam. ?Blank Character Analysis Essay Template: Writing a Character Analysis Essay must contain the . following three main parts. However, as you can see, you have a lot of choice when it comes to how to help to write sonnet, write your analysis. But, like any literary analysis, you must provide clear, specific proof from the essay about smoking outline text. You also need a clear thesis: Thesis Example: In a character analysis of Robert in help to write sonnet, the play I Can’t Stop Crying, Robert is the protagonist whose courage, motivation for success, and unequal status.

Character , Fiction , Greek loanwords 829 Words | 3 Pages.