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Income tax term paper

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parent license essay Philosophy and Public Affairs ( Winter 1980) pp. 182-97. Feel free to read the income, essay here, download it for informative penalty private use, or. link to income tax term, it. But do not place copies of the essay, file on income paper, any other server.

In this essay I shall argue that the state should require all parents to be licensed. My main goal is to demonstrate that the writing essay mla format, licensing of tax term paper parents is theoretically desirable, though I shall also argue that a workable and just licensing program actually could be established. My strategy is simple. After developing the basic rationale for the licensing of parents, I shall consider several objections to the proposal and argue that these objections fail to undermine it. I shall then isolate some striking similarities between this licensing program and our present policies on the adoption of stop abuse persuasive essay children. If we retain these adoption policies--as we surely should--then, I argue, a general licensing program should also be established. Finally, I shall briefly suggest that the reason many people object to licensing is that they think parents, particularly biological parents, own or have natural sovereignty over their children.

REGULATING POTENTIALLY HARMFUL ACTIVITIES. Our society normally regulates a certain range of activities; it is illegal to perform these activities unless one has received prior permission to do so. We require automobile operators to have licenses. Income Tax Term Paper! We forbid people from strengths and weaknesses as a student practicing medicine, law, pharmacy, or psychiatry unless they have satisfied certain licensing requirements. Society's decision to regulate just these activities is not ad hoc. Tax Term Paper! The decision to restrict admission to certain vocations and to informative, forbid some people from driving is based on an eminently plausible, though not often explicitly formulated, rationale.(1) We require drivers to be licensed because driving an auto is an activity which is potentially harmful to others, safe performance of the income tax term paper, activity requires a certain competence, and we have a moderately reliable procedure for high school essay on drugs determining that competence.

The potential harm is obvious: incompetent drivers can and do maim and kill people. The best way we have of limiting this harm without sacrificing the benefits of automobile travel is to require that all drivers demonstrate at least minimal competence. We likewise license doctors,. lawyers, and psychologists because they perform activities which can harm others. Obviously they must be proficient if they are to perform these activities properly, and we have moderately reliable procedures for determining proficiency Imagine a world in which everyone could legally drive a car, in which everyone could legally perform surgery, prescribe medications, dispense drugs. or offer legal advice. Paper! Such a world would hardly be desirable. Consequently, any activity that is potentially harmful to others and requires certain demonstrated competence for its safe performance, is subject to regulation that is, it is theoretically desirable that we regulate it. If we also have a reliable procedure for determining whether someone has the requisite competence, then the stop persuasive, action is not only subject to regulation but ought, all things considered, to income paper, be regulated. It is particularly significant that we license these hazardous activities, even though denying a license to someone can severely inconvenience and even harm that person.

Furthermore, available competency tests are not 100 percent accurate. Denying someone a driver's license in stop animal abuse persuasive, our society, for example, would inconvenience that person acutely. In effect that person would be prohibited from working, shopping, or visiting in income tax term paper, places reachable only by car. Similarly, people denied vocational licenses are inconvenienced, even devastated. We have all heard of individuals who had the as a, life-long dream of becoming physicians or lawyers, yet were denied that dream. Tax Term! However, the realization that some people are disappointed or inconvenienced does not diminish our conviction that we must regulate occupations or activities that are potentially dangerous to others. Innocent people must be protected even if it means that others cannot pursue activities they deem highly desirable.

Furthermore, we maintain licensing procedures even though our competency tests are sometimes inaccurate. Some people competent to perform the and weaknesses essay, licensed activity (for example, driving a car) will be unable to demonstrate competence (they freeze up on the driver's test). Others may be incompetent, yet pass the test (they are lucky or certain aspects of competence -- for example, the income paper, sense of deloitte resume responsibility--are not tested ) . We recognize clearly--or should recognize clearly-- that no test will pick out all and only competent drivers, physicians, lawyers, and income paper, so on. Mistakes are inevitable. This does not mean we should forget that innocent people may be harmed by faulty regulatory procedures. In fact, if the procedures are sufficiently faulty, we should cease regulating that activity entirely until more reliable tests are available. I only want to persuasive essay, emphasize here that tests need not be perfect. Income Paper! Where moderately reliable tests are available, licensing procedures should be used to writing essay, protect innocent people from incompetents.(2)

These general criteria for regulatory licensing can certainly be applied to parents. First, parenting is an activity potentially very harmful to children. The potential for harm is apparent: each year more than half a million children are physically abused or neglected by their parents.(3) Many millions more are psychologically abused or neglected--not given love, respect, or a sense of self-worth. The results of this maltreatment are obvious. Abused children bear the physical and psychological scars of paper maltreatment throughout their lives. Far too often they turn to crime.(4) They are far more likely than others to abuse their own children.(5) Even if these maltreated children never harm anyone, they will probably never be well-adjusted, happy adults. Therefore, parenting clearly satisfies the first criterion of help activities subject to regulation.

The second criterion is also incontestably satisfied. A parent must be competent if he is to avoid harming his children; even greater competence is required if he is to do the paper, job well. Sample! But not everyone has this minimal competence. Many people lack the knowledge needed to income tax term, rear children adequately. Writing Essay! Many others lack the income tax term, requisite energy, temperament, or stability. Help Writing! Therefore, child-rearing manifestly satisfies both criteria of activities subject to regulation. Income Tax Term! In fact, I dare say that parenting is essay, a paradigm of such activities since the potential for income tax term harm is so great (both in the extent of harm any one person can suffer and in writing mla format, the number of people potentially harmed) and the need for competence is tax term, so evident. Consequently, there is essay, good reason to believe that all parents should be licensed. The only ways to avoid this conclusion are to deny the need for licensing any potentially harmful activity; to income tax term, deny that I have identified the standard criteria of activities which should be regulated; to deny that parenting satisfies the standard criteria; to writing mla format, show that even though parenting satisfies the standard criteria there are special reasons why licensing parents is paper, not theoretically desirable; or to show that there is no reliable and just procedure for implementing this program.

While developing my argument for licensing I have already identified the standard criteria for activities that should be regulated, and I have shown that they can properly be applied to parenting. One could deny the help writing, legitimacy of regulation by licensing, but in doing so one would condemn not only the regulation of parenting, but also the regulation of drivers, physicians, druggists, and tax term paper, doctors. Furthermore, regulation of hazardous activities appears to be a fundamental task of any stable society. Thus only two objections remain. Writing! In the next section I shall see if there are any special reasons why licensing parents is not theoretically desirable.

Then, in income tax term paper, the following section, I shall examine several practical objections designed to demonstrate that even if licensing were theoretically desirable, it could not be justly implemented. THEORETICAL OBJECTIONS TO LICENSING. Licensing is deloitte resume, unacceptable, someone might say, since people have a right to have children, just as they have rights to free speech and free religious expression. They do not need a license to speak freely or to worship as they wish. Tax Term! Why? Because they have a right to engage in these activities. Similarly, since people have a right to have children, any attempt to license parents would be unjust. This is an important objection since many people find it plausible, if not self-evident. However, it is not as convincing as it appears.

The specific rights appealed to writing mla format, in this analogy are not without limitations. Both slander and human sacrifice are prohibited by law; both could result from the unrestricted exercise of freedom of speech and income tax term paper, freedom of religion. Thus, even if people have these rights, they may sometimes be limited in order to protect innocent people. Essay Penalty! Consequently, even if people had a right to have children, that right might also be limited in order to protect innocent people, in this case children. Income Tax Term Paper! Secondly, the phrase right to have children is ambiguous; hence, it is essay death penalty, important to isolate its most plausible meaning in this context.

Two possible interpretations are not credible and can be dismissed summarily. It is implausible to claim either that infertile people have rights to be given children or that people have rights to intentionally create children biologically without incurring any subsequent responsibility to them. A third interpretation, however, is more plausible, particularly when coupled with observations about the degree of income paper intrusion into one's life that the licensing scheme represents. On this interpretation people have a right to rear children if they make good-faith efforts to rear procreated children the best way they see fit. One might defend this claim on the ground that licensing would require too much intrusion into the lives of sincere applicants. Undoubtedly one should be wary of essay unnecessary governmental intervention into individuals' lives. In this case, though, the income paper, intrusion would not often be substantial, and when it is, it would be warranted. Writing! Those granted licenses would face merely minor intervention; only those denied licenses would encounter marked intrusion.

This encroachment, however, is a necessary side-effect of paper licensing parents -- just as it is for automobile and vocational licensing. In addition, as I shall argue in more detail later, the degree of intrusion arising from a general licensing program would be no more than, and probably less than, the present (and presumably justifiable) encroachment into the lives of ng resume people who apply to adopt children. Furthermore, since some people hold unacceptable views about what is best for children (they think children should be abused regularly), people do not automatically have rights to tax term paper, rear children just because they will rear them in a way they deem appropriate.(6) Consequently, we come to essay, a somewhat weaker interpretation of this right claim: a person has a right to rear children if he meets certain minimal standards of child rearing. Parents must not abuse or neglect their children and must also provide for the basic needs of the paper, children.

This claim of animal persuasive essay right is income paper, certainly more credible than the previously canvassed alternatives, though some people might still reject this claim in situations where exercise of the right would lead to negative consequences, for example, to overpopulation. More to the point, though, this conditional right is ng resume, compatible with licensing. On this interpretation one has a right to have children only if one is not going to paper, abuse or neglect them. Animal Abuse Persuasive Essay! Of course the income, very purpose if licensing is and weaknesses as a student, just to determine whether people are going to abuse or neglect their children. Income Tax Term Paper! If the help writing essay mla format, determination is made that someone will maltreat children, then that person is subject to the limitations of the right to have children and can legitimately be denied a parenting license. In fact, this conditional way of formulating the right to have children provides a model for formulating all alleged rights to income, engage in deloitte resume, hazardous activities.

Consider, for example, the right to drive a car. People do not have an unconditional right to paper, drive, although they do have a right to and weaknesses as a essay, drive if they are competent. Similarly, people do not have an unconditional right to practice medicine; they have a right only if they are demonstrably competent. Hence, denying a driver's or physician's license to tax term paper, someone who has not demonstrated the requisite competence does not deny that person's rights. Likewise, on this model, denying a parenting license to someone who is not competent does not violate that person's rights.

Of course someone might object that the right is conditional on actually being a person who will abuse or neglect children, whereas my proposal only picks out those we can reasonably predict will abuse children. Hence, this conditional right would be incompatible with licensing. There are two ways to interpret this objection and it is important to distinguish these divergent formulations. Death Penalty! First, the objection could be a way of income tax term questioning our ability to predict reasonably and accurately whether people would maltreat their own children. This is an important practical objection, but I will defer discussion of essay on drugs it until the next section. Second, this objection could be a way of expressing doubt about the moral propriety of the prior restraint licensing re quires. A parental licensing program would deny licenses to applicants judged to income tax term paper, be incompetent even though they had never maltreated any children. This practice would be in tension with our normal skepticism about the propriety of prior restraint. Despite this healthy skepticism, we do sometimes use prior restraint.

In extreme circumstances we may hospitalize or imprison people judged insane, even though they are not legally guilty of any crime, simply because we predict they are likely to harm others. More typically, though, prior restraint is strengths, used only if the restriction is paper, not terribly onerous and the restricted activity is one which could lead easily to serious harm. Sample Ng Resume! Most types of licensing (for example, those for tax term doctors, drivers, and help mla format, druggists) fall into this latter category. They re quire prior restraint to prevent serious harm, and generally the restraint is minor though it is important to income tax term paper, remember that some individuals will find it oppressive. The same is informative essay, true of parental licensing. The purpose of licensing is to prevent serious harm to children.

More over, the tax term paper, prior restraint required by licensing would not be terribly onerous for many people. Certainly the restraint would be far less extensive than the presumably justifiable prior restraint of, say, insane criminals. Sample Ng Resume! Criminals preventively detained and mentally ill people forcibly hospitalized are denied most basic liberties, while those denied parental licenses would be denied only that one specific opportunity. They could still vote, work for political candidates, speak on controversial topics, and so on. Income! Doubtless some individuals would find the restraint onerous. Deloitte Resume! But when compared to other types of restraint currently practiced, and income paper, when judged in help, light of the income tax term, severity of harm maltreated children suffer, the help writing mla format, restraint appears relatively minor.

Furthermore, we could make certain, as we do with most licensing programs, that individuals denied licenses are given the opportunity to reapply easily and repeatedly for a license. Thus, many people correctly denied licenses (because they are incompetent) would choose (perhaps it would be provided) to take counseling or therapy to improve their chances of income tax term passing the next test. On the high essay on drugs, other hand, most of those mistakenly denied licenses would probably be able to demonstrate in a later test that they would be competent parents. Consequently, even though one needs to tax term, be wary of prior restraint, if the potential for harm is informative, great and the restraint is minor relative to the harm we are trying to tax term paper, prevent -- as it would be with parental licensing -- then such restraint is sample, justified. This objection, like all the theoretical objections reviewed, has failed. PRACTICAL OBJECTIONS TO LICENSING. I shall now consider five practical objections to income, licensing. Each objection focuses on the problems or difficulties of implementing this proposal. According to these objections, licensing is (or may be) theoretically desirable; nevertheless, it cannot be efficiently and justly implemented. The first objection is and weaknesses student, that there may not be, or we may not be able to discover, adequate criteria of a good parent. Tax Term! We simply do not have the knowledge, and ng resume, it is unlikely that we could ever obtain the knowledge, that would enable us to distinguish adequate from inadequate parents.

Clearly there is tax term, some force to this objection. Deloitte Resume! It is highly improbable that we can formulate criteria that would distinguish precisely be tween good and less than good parents. There is too much we do not know about child development and adult psychology. My proposal, however, does not demand that we make these fine distinctions. It does not demand that we license only the income tax term, best parents; rather it is sample ng resume, designed to exclude only the very bad ones.(8) This is not just a semantic difference, but a substantive one. Paper! Although we do not have infallible criteria for picking out good parents, we undoubtedly can identify bad ones-- those who will abuse or neglect their children. Even though we could have a lively debate about the range of freedom a child should be given or the appropriateness of corporal punishment, we do not wonder if a parent who severely beats or neglects a child is ng resume, adequate. We know that person isn't.

Consequently, we do have reliable and useable criteria for determining who is a bad parent; we have the criteria necessary to make a licensing program work. The second practical objection to licensing is paper, that there is no re liable way to predict who will maltreat their children. Without an deloitte resume, accurate predictive test, licensing would be not only unjust, but also a waste of time. Now I recognize that as a philosopher (and not a psychologist, sociologist, or social worker), I am on shaky ground if I make sweeping claims about the income, present or future abilities of professionals to produce such predictive tests. Nevertheless, there are some relevant observations I can offer. Initially, we need to informative, be certain that the demands on tax term, predictive tests are not unreasonable.

For example, it would be improper to require that tests be 100 percent accurate. Procedures for licensing drivers, physicians, lawyers, druggists, etc., plainly are not 100 percent (or anywhere near 100 percent) accurate. Presumably we recognize these deficiencies yet embrace the procedures anyway. Consequently, it would be imprudent to demand considerably more exacting standards for the tests used in high school essay, licensing parents. In addition, from what I can piece together, the practical possibilities for tax term paper constructing a reliable predictive test are not all that gloomy. Since my proposal does not require that we make fine line distinctions between good and less than good parents, but rather that we weed out those who are potentially very bad, we can use existing tests that claim to isolate relevant predictive characteristics -- whether a person is violence-prone, easily frustrated, or unduly self-centered. In fact, researchers at Nashville General Hospital have developed a brief interview questionnaire which seems to have significant predictive value.

Based on and weaknesses, their data, the researchers identified 20 percent of the interviewees as arisk group--those having great potential for serious problems. After one year they found the incidence of income tax term paper major break down in parent-child interaction in the risk group was approximately four to deloitte resume, five times as great as in the low risk group.(9) We also know that parents who maltreat children often have certain identifiable experiences, for example, most of them were themselves maltreated as children. Consequently, if we combined our information about these parents with certain psychological test results, we would probably be able to income tax term paper, predict with reasonable accuracy which people will maltreat their children. However, my point is not to argue about the precise reliability of present tests. I cannot say emphatically that we now have accurate predictive tests.

Nevertheless, even if such tests are not available, we could undoubtedly develop them. For example, we could begin a longitudinal study in which all potential parents would be required to take a specified battery of essay tests. Then these parents could be followed to discover which ones abused or neglected their children. Income Paper! By correlating test scores with information on maltreatment, a usable, accurate test could be fashioned. Therefore, I do not think that the present unavailability of such tests (if they are unavailable) would count against the legitimacy of essay licensing parents. The third practical objection is that even if a reliable test for ascertaining who would be an acceptable parent were available, administrators would unintentionally misuse that test. Income! These unintentional mistakes would clearly harm innocent individuals.

Therefore, so the argument goes, this proposal ought to be scrapped. This objection can be dispensed with fairly easily unless one assumes there is some special reason to believe that more mistakes will be made in administering parenting licenses than in other regulatory activities. No matter how reliable our proceedings are, there will always be mistakes. We may license a physician who, through incompetence, would cause the death of help mla format a patient; or we may mistakenly deny a physician's license to paper, some one who would be competent. Strengths And Weaknesses As A Student Essay! But the fact that mistakes are made does not and should not lead us to income tax term paper, abandon attempts to essay, determine competence. The harm done in these cases could be far worse than the harm of income paper mistakenly denying a person a parenting license. As far as I can tell, there is no reason to believe that more mistakes will be made here than elsewhere. The fourth proposed practical objection claims that any testing procedure will be intentionally abused.

People administering the stop abuse persuasive, process will disqualify people they dislike, or people who espouse views they dislike, from rearing children. The response to this objection is parallel to the response to the previous objection, namely, that there is no reason to believe that the licensing of parents is more likely to be abused than driver's license tests or other regulatory procedures. In addition, individuals can be protected from prejudicial treatment by pursuing appeals available to them. Since the licensing test can be taken on numerous occasions, the likelihood of the applicant's working with different administrative personnel increases and income paper, therefore the likelihood decreases that intentional abuse could ultimately stop a qualified person from rearing children. Deloitte Resume! Consequently, since the probability of such abuse is not more than, and may even be less than, the intentional abuse of judicial and income tax term paper, other regulatory authority, this objection does not give us any reason to reject the licensing of parents. The fifth objection is that we could never adequately, reasonably, and fairly enforce such a program. Stop Abuse Persuasive Essay! That is, even if we could establish a reasonable and fair way of determining which people would be inadequate parents, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to income tax term, enforce the program. How would one deal with violators and abuse essay, what could we do with babies so conceived? There are difficult problems here, no doubt, but they are not insurmountable.

We might not punish parents at all we might just remove the children and put them up for income adoption. However, even if we are presently uncertain about the precise way to establish a just and effective form of enforcement, I do not see why this should undermine my licensing proposal. If it is ng resume, important enough to tax term paper, protect children from being maltreated by stop persuasive essay, parents, then surely a reasonable enforcement procedure can be secured. At least we should assume one can be unless someone shows that it cannot. AN ANALOGY WITH ADOPTION. So far I have argued that parents should be licensed. Undoubtedly many readers find this claim extremely radical. Paper! It is revealing to notice, however, that this program is not as radical as it seems.

Our moral and legal systems already recognize that not everyone is capable of high essay on drugs rearing children well. In fact, well-entrenched laws require adoptive parents to be investigated--in much the same ways and for income tax term paper much the same reasons as in the general licensing program advocated here. For example, we do not allow just anyone to high school essay on drugs, adopt a child; nor do we let someone adopt without first estimating the likelihood of the income tax term paper, person's being a good parent. In fact, the adoptive process is far more rigorous than the general licensing procedures I envision. Strengths And Weaknesses As A Essay! Prior to adoption the candidates must first formally apply to adopt a child. The applicants are then subjected to an exacting home study to determine whether they really want to have children and whether they are capable of caring for and rearing them adequately. No one is allowed to adopt a child until the administrators can reasonably predict that the person will be an income tax term, adequate parent. The results of these procedures are impressive.

Despite the deloitte resume, trauma children often face before they are finally adopted, they are five times less likely to be abused than children reared by their biological parents.(9) Nevertheless we recognize, or should recognize, that these demanding procedures exclude some people who would be adequate parents. The selection criteria may be inadequate; the tax term, testing procedures may be somewhat unreliable. We may make mistakes. Probably there is some intentional abuse of the system.

Adoption procedures intrude directly in deloitte resume, the applicants' lives. Yet we continue the income paper, present adoption policies because we think it better to deloitte resume, mistakenly deny some people the opportunity to income, adopt than to let just anyone adopt. Once these features of sample our adoption policies are clearly identified, it becomes quite apparent that there are striking parallels between the general licensing program I have advocated and our present adoption system. Both programs have the same aim --protecting children. Both have the same drawbacks and are subject to the same abuses. The only obvious dissimilarity is that the adoption requirements are more rigorous than those proposed for the general licensing program. Consequently, if we think it is so important to protect adopted children, even though people who want to income, adopt are less likely than biological parents to maltreat their children, then we should likewise afford the same protection to children reared by strengths and weaknesses as a student essay, their biological parents. I suspect, though, that many people will think the cases are not analogous. The cases are relevantly different, someone might retort, because biological parents have a natural affection for their children and income paper, the strength of this affection makes it unlikely that parents would maltreat their biologically produced children. Even if it were generally true that parents have special natural affections for their biological offspring, that does not mean that all parents have enough affection to deloitte resume, keep them from maltreating their children. This should be apparent given the number of children abused each year by tax term paper, their biological parents.

Therefore, even if there is generally such a bond, that does not explain why we should not have licensing procedures to protect children of sample parents who do not have a sufficiently strong bond. Paper! Consequently, if we continue our practice of regulating the adoption of informative penalty children, and certainly we should, we are rationally compelled to establish a licensing program for income tax term all parents. However, I am not wedded to deloitte resume, a strict form of tax term paper licensing. It may well be that there are alternative ways of help mla format regulating parents which would achieve the desired results -- the income tax term paper, protection of children--without strictly prohibiting nonlicensed people from rearing children. For example, a system of tax incentives for licensed parents, and protective services scrutiny of nonlicensed parents, might adequately protect children. If it would, I would endorse the less drastic measure. My principal concern is to protect children from maltreatment by parents. I begin by advocating the more strict form of licensing since that is the high school essay, standard method of regulating hazardous activities. I have argued that all parents should be licensed by the state.

This licensing program is attractive, not because state intrusion is inherently judicious and efficacious, but simply because it seems to be the best way to prevent children from being reared by incompetent parents. Nonetheless, even after considering the income tax term paper, previous arguments, many people will find the informative death, proposal a useless academic exercise, prob ably silly, and possibly even morally perverse. But why? Why do most of us find this proposal unpalatable, particularly when the paper, arguments supporting it are good and the objections to it are philosophically flimsy? I suspect the answer is found in a long-held, deeply ingrained attitude toward children, repeatedly reaffirmed in recent court decisions, and deloitte resume, present, at least to income tax term, some degree, in almost all of us. The belief is that parents own, or at least have natural sovereignty over, their children.(10) It does not matter precisely how this belief is sample ng resume, described, since on income paper, both views parents legitimately exercise extensive and virtually unlimited control over their children.

Others can properly interfere with or criticize parental decisions only in unusual and tightly prescribed circumstances--for example, when parents severely and repeatedly abuse their children. Informative Essay Death! In all other cases, the parents reign supreme. This belief is abhorrent and needs to be supplanted with a more child-centered view. Why? Briefly put, this attitude has adverse effects on children and on the adults these children will become. Parents who hold this view may well maltreat their children.

If these parents happen to treat their children well, it is only because they want to, not because they think their children deserve or have a right to good treatment. Moreover, this belief is manifestly at odds with the conviction that parents should prepare children for life as adults. Children subject to parents who perceive children in this way are likely to income tax term, be adequately prepared for adulthood. Hence, to prepare children for life as adults and to protect them from maltreatment, this attitude toward children must be dislodged. As I have argued, licensing is a viable way to essay mla format, protect children. Furthermore, it would increase the likelihood that more children will be adequately prepared for life as adults than is now true. (11) 1. Income! When practice of a profession or calling requires special knowledge or skill and intimately affects public health, morals, order or safety, or general welfare, legislature may prescribe reasonable qualifications for persons desiring to pursue such professions or calling and require them to demonstrate possession of such qualifications by examination on subjects with which such profession or calling has to deal as a condition precedent to right to follow that profession or calling. 50 SE 2nd 735 (I949). Also see I99 US 306, 3I8 (I905) and I23 U8 623, 66I (I887).

2. What counts as a moderately reliable test for these purposes will vary from circumstance to informative essay death, circumstance. For example, if the activity could cause a relatively small amount of tax term harm, yet regulating that activity would place extensive constraints on people regulated, then any tests should be extremely ac curate. On the deloitte resume, other hand, if the income tax term, activity could be exceedingly harmful but the constraints on the regulated person are minor, then the informative penalty, test can be considerably less reliable. 3. Paper! The statistics on the incidence of child abuse vary. Writing Essay Mla Format! Probably the most re cent detailed study (Saad Nagi, Child Maltreatment in the United States, Columbia University Press, I977) suggests that between 400,000 and income, I,000,000 children are abused or neglected each year. Other experts claim the and weaknesses as a student essay, incidence is income tax term paper, considerably higher. 4. According to the National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse, more than 80 percent of incarcerated criminals were, as children, abused by their parents. In addition, a study in help essay mla format, the Journal of the tax term paper, American Medical Association I68, no. 3: I755-I758, reported that first-degree murderers from middle-class homes and help essay mla format, who have no history of addiction to drugs, alcoholism, organic disease of the brain, or epilepsy were frequently found to have been subject to remorseless physical brutality at the hands of the parents. 5. A review of the literature points out that abusive parents were raised in the same style that they have recreated in the pattern of rearing children. An individual who was raised by income paper, parents who used physical force to train their children and who grew up in a violent household has had as a role model the use of force and violence as a means of family problem solving.

R. J. Gelles, Child Abuse as Psychopathology--a Sociological Critique and informative essay, Reformulation, American Journal of Orthopsychiatry 43, no. 4 (I973): 6I8-I9. 6. Income Paper! Some people might question if any parents actually believe they should beat their children. However, that does appear to be the sincere view of strengths and weaknesses many abusing parents. Tax Term! See, for example, case descriptions in A Silent Tragedy by deloitte resume, Peter and Judith DeCourcy (Sherman Oaks, CA.: Alfred Publishing Co., I973). 7. I suppose I might be for licensing only tax term, good parents if I knew there were reasonable criteria and some plausible way of deciding if a potential parent satisfied these criteria. However, since I don't think we have those criteria or that method, nor can I seriously envision that we will discover those criteria and that method, I haven't seriously entertained the stronger proposal. 8. The research gathered by Altemeir was reported by Ray Helfer in Review of the Concepts and a Sampling of the high school, Research Relating to Screening for paper the Potential to Abuse and/or Neglect One's Child.

Helfer's paper was presented at a workshop sponsored by the National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse, 3-6 December I978. 9. Deloitte Resume! According to a study published by income tax term, the Child Welfare League of sample America, at least 5I percent of the tax term, adopted children had suffered, prior to adoption, more than minimal emotional deprivation. See A Follow-up Study of Adoptions: Post Placement Functioning of Adoption Families, Elizabeth A. Lawder et al., New York I969. According to a study by David Gil (Violence Against Children, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, I970) only .4 percent of abused children were abused by adoptive parents. Since at least 2 percent of the sample ng resume, children in tax term, the United States are adopted (Encyclopedia of strengths as a Social Work, National Association of Social Workers, New York, I977), that means the income, rate of sample abuse by income tax term paper, biological parents is five time that of adoptive parents. 10. We can see this belief in a court case chronicled by DeCourcy and De Courcy in ng resume, A Silent Tragedy. The judge ruled that three children, severely and regularly beaten, burned, and cut by their father, should be placed back with their father since he was only trying to do what is right. If the court did not adopt this belief would it even be tempted to so excuse such abusive behavior? This attitude also emerges in the all-too-frequent court rulings ( see S. Katz, When Parents Fail, Boston: Beacon Press, 197I) giving custody of children back to their biological parents even though the parents had abandoned them for tax term years, and even though the children expressed a strong desire to stay with foster parents.

In The Child, the Law, and the State ( Children's Rights: Toward the Liberation of the Child, Leila Berg et al., New York: Praeger Publishers, I97I), Nan Berger persuasively argues that our adoption and foster care laws are comprehensible only if children are regarded as the property of their parents. 11. For helpful comments and criticisms, I am indebted to strengths as a student, Jeffrey Gold, Chris Hackler, James Rachels, and especially to income paper, William Aiken, George Graham, and the Editors of the journal. A somewhat different version of sample this essay will ap pear in the Proceeding of the income paper, Loyola University (Chicago) Symposium, Justice for the Child within the Family Context. Thanks are due to the directors of the stop animal abuse persuasive essay, symposium for income paper kind permission to publish the essay in Philosophy and Public Affairs.

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3 Keys to income tax term paper, Realizing Your Dreams and Goals. When it comes to deloitte resume, manifesting our dreams and accomplishing our goals, there are three vital components that deserve our attention. Before we get into that, ask yourself the following question: Am I actively moving toward my goals and dreams every day? Everybody has dreams and most people have goals. If you want your goals and dreams to become reality, you must move toward them consistently and purposefully. By nature, we always begin with distance between where we are and where we want to be. Our job is to narrow that distance until it no longer exists. Income Tax Term Paper? To accomplish that, we need to sample ng resume, draw our goals and dreams closer to us, while simultaneously moving toward them. Some people attempt to tax term, attract their goals without taking much action. Others choose to act on their goals, but without the added advantage of also drawing those goals to them.

Action alone can bring positive results, but it is informative essay, much faster to combine the two techniques. For the sake of clarity, let’s differentiate between dreams and income paper wishful thinking. Deloitte Resume? In some conversations, the paper, two might be interchangeable. Not so in school essay on drugs this case. When I talk about dreams, I am really talking about highly desirable goals, future realities that we fully intend to realize.

For our purposes, a dream is something that we are willing to income, work toward, and school essay are determined to manifest, just like a goal. Income Tax Term Paper? What kind of dreams and deloitte resume goals do you have? When you project your thoughts into the future, how do you see things? Do you see a variety of positive changes across the full spectrum of your life? Do you see yourself healthier, wealthier, and wiser? Are you willing to move toward that vision in paper order to realize it?

If so, then this is deloitte resume, really a highly desirable goal, and that is exactly the kind of dreams we are talking about today. 3 ways to move toward the realization of tax term your dreams. 1) Total clarity. Before we do anything else, you need to clearly define exactly what your dreams or goals are. This is not the time to deal in generalities; you need to be very specific.

One of the best ways for you to get really clear is to write down a detailed description of exactly what you want to accomplish. Writing things down requires that you get a well defined mental image first. Deloitte Resume? The very process of putting your thoughts into words creates clarity. This clarity will help you form a vivid mental image that you can carry around with you 24 hours a day. Most of the time your personal reference to your goals and income tax term paper dreams will be that mental image, but you will also be able to refer back to the written description to deloitte resume, help you maintain clarity. Income Paper? One of the most powerful things you can include when writing down your goals and dreams is how they make you feel. The feelings you attach to the things you intend to accomplish are your greatest source of motivation and energy. So, be sure to include your feelings in your written description.

Think carefully about each aspect of this future reality. High School Essay? How does it make you feel? What emotional anchors resonate with each detail? Write them down. As you read back through your written description, allow yourself to experience those feelings and get emotionally involved in the picture. Tax Term? When you conjure up this mental image of how your life is going to school essay, be, fully experience it on an emotional level.

This is the true power of income having clearly defined goals and dreams, and sample ng resume identifying your emotional attachments to them. Tax Term Paper? 2) Take action. Now that you can see and feel your goals and dreams with clarity, it’s time to begin moving toward them. What steps do you need to informative death, take to tax term paper, move you closer to realizing these dreams? What sequence do those steps need to be in to produce your intended result? What action can you take each and every day to keep you moving in the right direction? Once again, writing these things down will produce clarity. It is much easier to take action when you know what actions need to be taken. Reaching your goals means that you need to essay mla format, take the paper, proper actions at the right time. There is and weaknesses essay, a natural sequence that will produce your intended result. Following the right sequence allows events to unfold in a very productive way.

Always take time to create an action plan. Not only will it keep you moving in the right direction, but it will also allow you to anticipate what comes next. Of course, we can’t anticipate everything, and we need to be willing to income, make adjustments along the way. That’s the beauty of having an action plan, it allows us to be flexible without getting too far off course. So, even though we will need to high, make minor adjustments, a plan keeps us heading in th direction of your dreams until we reach them. 3) Attract your dreams to you.

Now that you know exactly where you are going, how you feel about it, and how you are going to get there, what’s next? When we started out there was distance between you and the dreams and goals you are working toward. You have been actively closing that distance by moving toward your vision for the future. Now, it’s time to draw your dreams toward you. How can you do that? It’s really just a matter of perspective. Up until now, you have been projecting yourself into this vision that exists in the future, but let’s reverse that. Income Paper? Instead of projecting yourself into a future reality, allow yourself to receive that reality in the present tense. See yourself as stationary and essay on drugs your goals and dreams as moving toward you, and then let them surround and engulf you. Tax Term Paper? Wrap yourself up in them like a giant blanket.

Feel the essay, joy of receiving that vision. Imagine how wonderful it feels to have the reality of that vision totally permeate your life right now. Feel your dreams realized in income tax term paper the here and and weaknesses student now. *** If part of your dreams was a beautiful new home, don’t see it from the outside; see yourself in the middle of that beautiful dream house. Income Paper? See yourself living there, going about your daily activities, feeling completely at home and comfortable. Essay On Drugs? See yourself as a full participant, not a spectator. *** If you have been actively moving toward a new career, visualize yourself actually performing the duties of that career. Again, don’t see it from the outside as a spectator would. If your new career involves a desk, a computer, and a telephone, put yourself there. Look at the screen, answer the phone, lean back in that amazingly comfortable leather chair – participate! Always harness the power of a 3 dimensional approach.

By employing all three of these techniques, your dreams will become your realities much faster than you may have thought possible. Nothing in life is one-dimensional. The quicker you shorten the distance between where you are and paper where you want to be, the more empowered you become. This approach allows you to override the perceived limitations of time and space, and to sample ng resume, more fully comprehend your own ability to income paper, manifest your dreams and deloitte resume goals. What do you think about income this approach? Can you see yourself living your dreams? If you enjoyed this article consider email updates! What Does Successful Goal Setting Look Like? Personal Power and the Magic of Self-Appointment. The Value of Money and the Value of Time. How to school, Take Action When you#8217;re Stuck in Indecision.

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Free Essays on The Birth Of Venus By Sandro Botticelli. Saturday 21, 2012 Primavera by Sandro Botticelli “Alessandro Filipepi, also know as Sandro Botticelli , (1444-1510) was born in Florence, Italy around 1445” (“ Sandro Botticelli Biography” 1). Alessandro started his painting career during the Italian Renaissance, although Sandro died at the age of 65 and. Birth of venus Birth of Venus View Full Essay ART 111 Kayce Anderson Writing Assignment #8 The work that I have chosen from Chapter 19 is Thomas Cole’s The Oxbow (Connecticut River near Northampton) (1836) on page 462. Principles of Design: • The focal point of the income tax term painting is the sun-drenched.

Botticelli is animal abuse persuasive essay one of the most famous artists during the Italian Renaissance. He was very well know for the portrayal of the female figure and his ability to incorporate femininity as a symbol of life itself and/or nature illustrated by income tax term paper the changes of seasons. Essay Mla Format? Botticelli most famous figure was that of. The Transmogrification of Venus to Mary in the Works of Sandro Botticelli. The works of Sandro Botticelli are among the income most revered of stop animal essay, renaissance painting. The sweeping curves of his women and paper the ethereal beauty of their gazes are recognized instantaneously: from a grandmother in a small town to the cognoscenti of New York or Paris, few can claim to be unmoved by his work. Botticelli and Warhol’s Art Works of Venus Sandro Botticelli created the informative penalty beautiful, captivating, and norm breaking Birth of Venus . It depicts the income paper story of the goddess Venus , having emerged from the sea as a full grown woman arriving at the shore. Animal Essay? Painted in 1486, and with the medium of tax term paper, tempera on. Sandro Botticelli painted “The birth of Venus ” in essay, 1485 and Jean-Honore Fragonard painted” Happy accidents of the swing” in 1767. Botticellis painting is tempera on canvas, while Fragonard painting is oil on canvas.

Botticellis ’ piece shows a scene of Venus rising from the sea, balanced on a sea shell. as well. The “prison” is described as being of incomparable beauty and decorated with poetic images, “The room was painted with images all around / Venus the goddess of tax term paper, love / Was skillfully depicted in the painting / Her neture and as a student her traits were illustrated (…)” (36). The lady was indeed alone, isolated. Lady of the Skirt of income tax term paper, Snakes.

Coatlicue, also known as Teteoinan (also transcribed Teteo Inan) (The Mother of Gods), is the Aztec goddess who gave birth to the moon, stars, and Huitzilopochtli, the god of the informative death penalty sun and war. She is also known as Toci, (Our Grandmother), and income tax term paper Cihuacoatl, (The Lady of stop abuse persuasive, the. ethical section and give an independent argument in favor of colonization. Quote 11: ” [On Venus ,] temperatures range from 900F+/- 50F (about 500°C +/- 32°C) at the surface. Another reason is the gases on Venus … has carbon dioxide (95%), nitrogen, sulfuric acid, and traces of other elements. It's not. carried off other lovers, including Cephalus, who became the husband of Procris in income paper, Athenian saga (see M/L, Chapter 23).

CASTRATION OF URANUS AND THE BIRTH OF APHRODITE Uranus hated his children, and as they were about to be born he hid them in the depths of Gaia, the mother earth. The mythic image is. Brandon Correll AIU ONLINE ART IP 3 Abstract This paper discusses the deloitte resume differences between The Holy Trinity and the Birth of Venus . Income Paper? It discusses each painting individually to start with. It then compares and contrast the two different paintings. It discusses how they were made and what materials. Anne Hathaway. Not a year had passed by when his first little one was born. Her name was Susanna Shakespeare. Ng Resume? Two years after Shakespeare’s wife gave birth to twins. They were named Judith and Hamnet Shakespeare. After having his children Shakespeare toughened up and began a successful career in between.

Botticelli-Saville Comparitive Art Essay. a subject. Botticelli’s ‘ Birth of Venus ’ also addresses the issues of beauty and gender. In the paper artwork, Venus appears to be emerging from the sea, standing in a shell. Symbolising female desirability, the Early Renaissance painting is in stop abuse persuasive essay, accordance to the myth of her ‘ birth ’ as a fully grown woman. . Artistic Representation of Renaissance Ideals. portraying scenes of tax term paper, from the bible were now done in contemporary settings, making “biblical stories seem familiar and accessible” . Essay Penalty? The Birth of tax term, Venus by Botticelli was the first large-scale Renaissance painting with an exclusively secular subject, which is reinforced by the fact that the patrons of. the gods (and father to many) and god of weather, law and sample ng resume fate • Hera (Juno): the queen of the gods and income paper goddess of women and ng resume marriage • Aphrodite ( Venus ): goddess of beauty and tax term love • Apollo (Apollo): god of prophesy, music and deloitte resume poetry and knowledge • Ares (Mars): god of war • Artemis (Diana): goddess. Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi aka Sandro Botticelli March 1, 1445 - May 17, 1510 Alessandro Filipepi, better known as Sandro Botticelli was an Italian painter of the Florentine school during the Early Renaissance or Quattrocento.

Sandro was born at Florence in 1445 in a house. intricate as Botticelli’s Birth of Venus . Painted for the villa of tax term paper, Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de' Medici at Castello, the artwork is probably the most famous Renaissance piece today, with the exception of high school on drugs, Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. In the quest for income tax term, balance and perfection, Botticelli was among the Florentine. ? Birth Order July 27, 2014 Birth Order The research on the subject of the birth order has been strongly influenced by Alfred Adler; he is abuse one of the first theorists that had suggested that birth order influences personality. Adler’s research was conducted in the early 1870’s and since. ?The Birth of Venus ( Botticelli )- Renaissance Venus of Urbino (Titan)- Renaissance The Birth of Venus (Cabanel)- 19th Century Venus Fauvist-Cubist - 20th Century Mythology of Aphrodite/ Venus The mythology of Venus lies. * Alessandro Botticelli , (1444-1510) began his career during the tax term Italian Renaissance period.

Botticelli was born in Florence around 1445 * the youngest of high school on drugs, five children * Botticelli’s father, a tanner, allowed him to become an apprentice to a goldsmith * he wanted to income tax term paper study painting and was. Botticelli’s “Adoration of the Magi” Sandro Botticelli , real name Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi, was one of the greatest painters of the Florentine Renaissance. He is known for his execution and essay penalty precise use of lines to portray objects realistically. Botticelli was born in Florence Italy (1445-1510) and worked as an apprentice to a goldsmith. The Birth of income tax term paper, Venus, Sandro Botticelli. The Birth of Venus , Sandro Botticelli Before writing this review of a painting, I asked myself several times of what should I choose, what is my favourite or the deloitte resume most peculiar masterpiece for me? After a short dilemma I figured out that I am fond of Italian Renaissance, especially Early Renaissance. 5) Augustine Columba Eadfrith Patrick 1. (TCO 5) Who is credited for having coined the tax term paper term platonic love? (Points : 5) Marsilio Ficino Sandro Botticelli Heinrich Isaac Pico della Mirandola 1. (TCO 1) Who was known as the stop Sun King? (Points : 5) Charles II Louis XIV Henry IV James I.

Aphrodite vs. Birth of Venus Throughout the income tax term paper history of art the human form has captured artisans and their audiences. While the human form has always been acceptable in art, the nude female form continues to stir up controversy. And Weaknesses As A? Praxiteles was a famous artist during the Greek late classical period. ancient Greek society were the division between free and slave, the differing roles of men and tax term women, the relative lack of status distinctions based on birth , and the importance of religion. Most surviving evidence about help essay, ancient Greeks comes from the Classical and Hellenistic city-states, but the same general.

Galileo Galilee (15 February 1564 – 8 January 1642) studied by Galileo as the subject of kinematics. His contributions to observational astronomy include the telescopic confirmation of the phases of Venus , the discovery of the four largest satellites of Jupiter, named the Galilean moons in his honour, and the observation and analysis of income tax term paper, sunspots. Animal? Galileo. Sandro Botticelli: the Renaissance Artist. Sandro Botticelli , born Alessandro Mariano Filipepi, was the son of a tanner. He was born in Florence around 1445 and tax term paper showed a talent for painting at a very early age. Botticelli was first apprenticed under a goldsmith named Sandro , from high school on drugs, whom it is believed he derived his nickname. At the age of sixteen. Your Chinese zodiac sign: Monkey Your zodiac sign : Aries Your element : Fire Your planet: Mars Your colour: Red Your stone: Ruby Your birth number 8 MONKEY -1920-1932-1944-1956-1968-1980-1992-2004- You are a delightful person who never misses a trick and who, despite an paper undeniable. plays included the essay three parts of Henry VI, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, and Titus Andronicus.

Shakespeare's first printed works were two long poems, Venus and Adonis (1593) and The Rape of tax term paper, Lucrece (1594). These were both dedicated to the Earl of Southampton, a young courtier and favourite of stop abuse persuasive, Queen Elizabeth. and she was 26 and was most likely pregnant with her first child. Susanna. Susanna was baptized on tax term, May 26, 1583. Help Writing Essay? About two years later, Anne gave birth yet again, this time to twins, Hamnet and Judith. Income Tax Term Paper? They were baptized on high, February 2, 1585.

Shakespeare arrived in London in 1591, when he was 27. ?Eng. 102 Feb. 11, 2013 Home births Vs. Tax Term? Hospital births One of the deloitte resume first and most important decisions expected couples face is where they will deliver their baby.

Some people believe that home births are better than hospital births and vise versa. Income Paper? A home birth is an attended or an unattended childbirth. Analytical Analysis of Sandro Botticelli Birth of sample, Venus. Sandro Botticelli , Birth of Venus . The Birth of Venus painted by Sandro Botticelli from 1484-1486, depicts the birth of Venus into the world. The painting shows Venus the goddess of love and beauty coming out income tax term of the sea as if she was coming into the human world as a beautiful woman. She is nude in. F. The Birth of Venus was created on sample ng resume, canvas with the use of tempera paint. Tax Term Paper? Botticelli would hand grind a material that changes according to the light that it reflects, also known as pigment. The powdered pigments are traditionally mixed with egg yolk. ?ASH ECE 332 Week 2 DQ 2 Conception to Birth. ?ASH ECE 332 Week 2 DQ 2 Conception to Birth Check this A+ tutorial guideline at birth There are three major stages from conception to birth . They are the germinal stage (first two weeks following conception); the.

of Henry VIII), the works ascribed to Shakespeare are his. III. Birth and Early Life Parish records establish that William Shakespeare was baptized on 26 April, 1564. Simply counting backwards the three customary days between birth and baptism in and weaknesses as a student, Anglican custom, most reckon that the income paper Bard of Avon. The Birth of Venus is a painting familiar especially to those who know about mythology. Sandro Botticelli wanted to show the birth of venus one of the ng resume Greek gods in his own point of income, view. Sample Ng Resume? He demonstrates this by how he painted Venus and whom he painted in the drawing with Venus . He also shows it by the. Birth Control Bettering the Lives of Teenagers About half of the teens between the ages of 15 to 19 have had sex at least once. Theses teens are having unprotected sex and it said that 82 percent of those pregnancies are unplanned.

Teenagers aren't prepared to income take care of high, a child while they are still. principal scientist Bernard Foing. Photo Credit: Leslie Mullen The Earth has a large moon, making it unique in the inner solar system. Mercury and Venus have no moons, and Mars has only two small asteroid-sized objects orbiting it. In this essay, the income paper father of the SMART-1 lunar mission, Bernard Foing.

? The Birth of a Nation Denethri Arbor Ashford University ENG 225 Introduction to Film Instructor: Jennifer Wiesman April 7, 2014 THE BIRTH OF A NATION The movie under critique is “The Birth of a Nation”, written and directed by D.W. Griffith. The film. ? Sandro Botticelli Born 1445 in Florence, Died on essay, May 17, 1510 in Florence. Original Name: Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi. Early Renaissance Artist It is income tax term paper said the spirit of the school essay renaissance is carried through his masterpieces; Birth of Venus and Primavera. He worked for the major churches in Florence. The Birth of Venus-Sandro Botticelli-Critical Study. Sandro Botticelli has created this Tempura on canvas painting , it measures 172.5 x 278.5cm and is located in the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence .The Birth of Venus belongs to the renaissance period and is not a representation of a Christian legend but an tax term paper interpretation of a classical Myth.

This painting. upper left, examples of the four elements: 1. a self-portrait from Vincent van Gogh, 2. an African Chokwe statue, 3. detail from the Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli and 4. a Japanese Shisa lion Vincent Willem van Gogh, (the artist of the Self- Portrait) was born the 30th of March 1853 and died the. philosophers, poets, and writers flourished during the Renaissance, including William Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Niccolo Machiavelli, Sandro Botticelli , Erasmus, Martin Luther, Copernicus,Galileo, and Thomas More, among many others. The revival of Classical learning and informative values brought many. Name: The Tribute MoneyBook Image Number: 14.7 Artist: DonatelloTitle Name: DavidBook Image Number: 14.13 Artist: BotticelliTitle of Work: The Birth of VenusBook Image Number: 14.16 Artist: BrunelleschiTitle of Work: Dome of the paper Florence CathedralBook of Image Number: NONE High Italian Renaissance: . Botticelli and his portrayal of women. Botticelli is one of the most famous artists during the Italian Renaissance. Help Essay? He was very well know for the portrayal of the female figure and his ability to paper incorporate femininity as a symbol of life itself and/or nature illustrated by the changes of seasons.

Botticelli most famous figure was that of. Compare/Contrast Essay; Venus of Urbino vs. Deloitte Resume? Nymph of the Spring. In the following words one will compare and contrast the visual elements and symbolism of Titian’s Venus of Urbino 1538 oil on canvas and Lucas Cranach’s Nymph of the income tax term paper Spring 1537 oil on panel. Both works were created during the High renaissance period. Sample? They both depict sensual and provocative reclining. Midwife's Role in Promting Normal Birth. recognised and accountable professional whose role is to work in partnership with women to provide the income tax term necessary support, care and advice during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. Her role encompasses many facets, including facilitating normal childbirth, enabling women to deloitte resume make informed choices about. introduction of monotheistic religions the act of reproduction was seen as divine and those who could reproduce were viewed almost as godly.

The statue of income, Venus of Willendorf is a prime example of this[4]. The exaggerated curves of the statue such as the breasts and the childbearing hips emphasise the fertility. Chaos somehow gives birth to two children, Night and Erebus out of the swirling energy. Love is animal abuse persuasive essay born from these two, who in turn gives birth to Light and Day. Earth appears; its creation is never explained, as it just emerges naturally out of Love, Light, and Day. Earth gives birth to Heaven. Income Paper? Father Heaven.

Augustine Columba Eadfrith Patrick 4. (TCO 5) Who is credited for having coined the term platonic love? (Points : 5) Marsilio Ficino Sandro Botticelli Heinrich Isaac Pico della Mirandola 5. (TCO 1) Who was known as the Sun King? (Points : 5) Charles II Louis XIV Henry IV James I . The Birth of Venus is probably the most famous of Botticelli's paintings (not least due to good advertising by Adobe ;)) and for and weaknesses student, many people it is the symbol of Medici Florentine art. The origin and income paper patron of the writing essay mla format painting are unknown, but by income tax term the 16th century it could be found together with the Primavera. by Malacandrian standards, quite a modern development. I doubt if its birth can be put farther back than a date which would fall within our Cambrian Period.” “And you think you will find Hressa-Hlab, or Old Solar, spoken on help essay mla format, Venus ?” “Yes. I shall arrive knowing the language. It saves a lot of trouble—though. hated women and decided never to marry. Created a statue that compared to no women and fell in income paper, love, but he fell in love with a lifeless thing. Asked Venus for deloitte resume, a maiden that could compare to his love and paper she granted him a women and graced their wedding with her presence. • Pyramus In love with Thisbe. and against, many social and legal debates arose as a result. Among these was the use of birth control in various forms – and sample while a moderate view has the majority, there are extremes on either side.

Should birth control be emphasized and distributed freely, even to youth who are only beginning to enter. (barefoot) Carmelites in Malagon, where it remained until 1929. It is paper El Greco’s most brilliant representation of Saint Join the Baptist. Title: Venus and Cupid Artist: School of Fontainebleau Date: ca. 1559 Medium: Oil on panel transferred to composition board The School of Fontainebleau (16th. Long Neck, c. 1535, oil on wood • Parmigianino • Mannerism as a style of elegance • a small oval head • odd spatial juxtapositions Bronzino. Venus , Cupid, Folly, and Time, c. Deloitte Resume? 1546, oil on wood • Bronzino • ambiguous allegories Unit Six: Sixteenth Century STUDENT NOTES • images of deceit . Sandro Botticelli | Probable self-portrait of Botticelli , in hisAdoration of the Magi (1475). | Birth name | Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi | Born | c. 1445[1] Florence, Republic of income, Florence, (now Italy) | Died | May 17, 1510 (aged 64–65) Florence, Republic of Florence, (now Italy). Sandro Botticelli's Birth of Venus. Birth of Venus Sandro Botticelli was an Italian painter who was very successful at the peak of his career. He had an individual and graceful style, founded on the rhythmic capabilities of outline.

He created his own, instantly recognisable, type of feminine beauty. Many of Botticelli’s paintings are. “belonged” to their patrons in this era, Renaissance arts often reflected the and weaknesses as a essay values of the patrons rather than the artists’ viewpoint. Birth of Venus (1482) by Botticelli and David (1430) by income tax term Donatello (both Italian Renaissance artists) expressed sensual postures derived from their patron’s paganistic pursuit. Art History - Renaissance and Its Influence. celebrated art in history was created. The High Renaissance was the essay penalty crucible for art geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, Botticelli , and Raphael.

The celebrated medium of income tax term paper, ‘Fresco’ reigned supreme in this age, and many artists were commissioned by the Church to help writing essay create majestic.