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Deloitte resume

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Business Ethic is an Oxymoron? Essay Sample. When car manufacturers produce cars due to their customers need cars, it damages the environment and became a causing factor of global warming. For the society, is it an ethical behavior? The organization itself think this behavior is ethical because manufacturers do the #8216;right#8217; thing which is increasing profit for the corporation and meet the deloitte resume needs of their customers, others will regard it as an ethical problem because it destroys the living environment. There is a contradiction of business ethics and this essay will discuss whether #8216;Business Ethics is an oxymoron or not#8217;. It will compare the nursing course work traditional and modern role of managers and resume then the essay will provide some ethical theories to eric medcalf resume, explain the reasons of resume, views that business ethics is or isn#8217;t an oxymoron. In addition, it will provide the demonstration of the importance of ethics in essay about corporations.

The essay will give some examples to present how business and ethics mutually work in the business fields and evaluation of some controversial cases by using non-consequences theory as well. Finally, there will be a short conclusion. Ethics in general refer to the rules and principles of being right and wrong conduct (Richard ,2010). However, ethics in business environment is more complex when it involves all of organizational aspects. It has a strong influence on the effectiveness of companies (Sargent, 2007). But, not all organizations doing their business ethically and resume they indeed avoid doing ethically because they regarded it as a barrier to achieve their goals.

The reasons that why organizations choose doing unethically is medcalf influenced by their views of the relationships between social responsibility and organizational goals. There are two main opposing views of social responsibility which are classical view and socioeconomic view. The classical view says that management#8217;s only deloitte, social responsibility is to maximize profits (Branco Rodrigues, 2007). Milton Friedman also argued that manager#8217;s essential responsibility is to writing essay about, operate the deloitte resume business and meet the best needs of the shareholders (Kelly, 2002). From this view, it regards business ethics as an oxymoron because business is seen to accomplish the pursuit of self-interest while ethics is email pdf always recognized as a consideration of others (Collins, 1994). People who hold this view will choose doing the thing which is #8216;good#8217; for their organizations without caring about others. Resume. On the other hand, the socioeconomic view states that managers should also consider about protecting and improving society#8217;s welfare when they are making profits to the company (Collins, 1994). Supporters of the socioeconomic view contend that managers should be concerned with maximizing financial returns and contribute themselves to their community (Wartick Cochran, 1985). A more effective managerial role must be operating in an interdependent environment and they think the success of a corporation cannot be without the help of employers, suppliers and customers (Wartick Cochran, 1985). Essay About. The key difference between these two perspectives is the resume people to whom organizations are responsible. Hand Write A Letter. Shareholders will be viewed as the main concern by classical view while others would say that managers are responsible to any group which affected by the organization#8217;s decisions and actions (Carrillo, 2007).

These differences can be explained by the ethical theories. The behavior of traditional view can refer to Egoism. According to it, an action is _#8221;morally right if the decision-maker freely decides in order to pursue either their short-term desires or their long-term interests#8221;_ (Andrew Dirk, 2010). Adam Smith argued that #8220;_The pursuit of self-interest in business field is deloitte resume proper because it produced an ethical desirable outcome for society_#8221; (Andrew Dirk, 2010). People who think business ethics is an oxymoron because they think organization have to maximize the profits without thinking about email others, this is also influenced by three main factors: Restriction of rules and regulations.

Government made laws to ensure organizations can develop in a fair and strict environment. However, companies cannot get complete benefits from these laws so that some companies think restricted law often play a role as an obstacle to prevent company from gaining more profits. Resume. Since the trend of globalization occurred and culture different essay in mourning the society has become a competitive environment, competitors are the main factor leads companies to disobey code of resume, ethics (Hemphill, 2004). The companies think that in order to have a strong ability of competing with others, they have to be the most prominent one in their areas even though they may operate unethically. The content and focus of an organization#8217;s culture also influence ethical behavior (Arnold Lampe, 1999). It can shape high ethical standards (Weaver, 2004). This will encourage employees to be aware of doing ethical thing and it also will have a strong influence on managers#8217; decisions to act ethically or unethically (Barnett, 2001). After explaining the reasons why people think pursuiting of self-interest is ethical, the essay will then focus on the reasons of writing an expository a change in me, a new trend which related to socioeconomic view. A new theory occurred and it would focus on society and other individuals rather than on resume, self-interest. Unlike Egoism, Utilitarianism demonstrated that #8220;_An action is morally right if it results in the greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of people affected by the action_#8221; (Richard, 2010).

This principle does not only ask whether their individuals#8217; desires and interests are met, it focuses on the collective benefit (Andrew Dirk, 2010). People who hold socioeconomic view think it is moral if the work action fits for the Utilitarianism#8217;s description of good thing and it can be examined from two ways which are the effects of ethic and deloitte resume social responsibility on email, organizational performance and non-consequentiality theories. EFFECTS OF ETHICS AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. There are evidence emerging that corporate who focuses on social-environmental performance may be strongly associated with financial and marketplace success (Failback Gorman, 2004). While it is essential that business#8217;s goal is to make maximum profit, it is also clear that social and resume environmental innovation may become a considerable competitive advantage and email resume this relationship will provide a new opportunity for companies to open up a new market (Willard, 2002). For example, carbon emission caused by the car has been a factor of leading to climate change and the situation need to resume, be changed by seeking a more eco-environment friendly policies of writing an expository a change, car corporations. On one hand, it is resume a threat to corporation because there will be an extra cost of developing new technologies of cars.

On the other hand, it is an attractive field to a new breed of environmental entrepreneurs which may bring more profits to the car corporations. In addition, corporations realized to use energy more efficiently and course work this will save money. For example, Toyota Motor Corporation (Fackler Tabuchi, 2010) acknowledged that environmental issues should be paid attention by the top management for sustainable development and it can be reached by developing advanced technologies (Fackler Tabuchi, 2010). This is a way of gaining trust and respect of all the customers around the resume world and Toyota currently pursues recycling resources as well as makes efforts of reducing the environmental burden (Fackler Tabuchi, 2010). Another example is from A1 Telekom Austria AG which has a scheduled task to expand its Smart Energy Control (SEC) pilot nationally. This is expected to save 1.2 GWh of electricity and restraint at least 432 tones of CO2 emissions in 2010. Hand A Letter. The company found that this transmission will annually save about 175,000 Euros (Energy Environmental News for Business, 2010). The most important thing of focusing on the relationship between organizations and deloitte society is to gain a competitive advantage from hand write a letter fundamental changes in both production design and technology which will better fulfill their customers#8217; needs and help to solve environmental and social problems as well (Tan Zailani, 2009). In terms of non-consequentiality theories, German philosopher Immanuel Kant argued that #8220;_Morality and decisions about deloitte right and wrong were not depended on a particular situation and writing an expository about he developed a theoretical framework called the resume categorical imperative_#8221; (Andrew Dirk, 2010). There are three maxims can be used as tests for every possible action and one of them is hand a letter #8220;_act only according to deloitte resume, that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law_#8221; (Andrew Dirk, 2010). Maxim 2 demonstrated that we shouldn#8217;t only essay smoking outline, treat people as means to deloitte, achieve our goals and forget about their own needs and nursing course work ignore their expectations to make their own choices (Andrew Dirk, 2010).

For the organization who only thinks a pursuit of self-interest is ethical, they maybe regarded as immoral by Kant#8217;s view. For example, Chinese hospitals are struggling to save 1,253 babies#8217; lives that were fed by milk powder called #8220;Sanlu#8221; which is the biggest retail commerce in China contaminated with an industrial chemical used to give milk the appearance of deloitte, higher protein content (Macartney Yu, 2008). It has become a serious problem in China and more and more babies are sick because of the resume pdf milk powder contaminated with melamine and it has caused a negative effect on deloitte, families. Hand A Letter. Producers of this milk powder had been arrested and the investigation found that #8220;Sanlu#8221; tends to hide the problem of their milk powder#8217;s quality because their interest is to maximize profits, if they exposed their quality problem, this will threat their sales so that they choose to continue producing milk powder contained with melamine. Deloitte. From the above example, we can find that although organization can have short-term benefit when they are doing unethical things in order to increase profits, it will cause trust crises when they ignore their customer safety. In addition, they will spend more cost to re-establish their corporate image. By applying Kant#8217;s theory, this problematic milk powder cannot be produced on write, a large scale because it is a serious threat to babies#8217; healthy although they will get large profits if they produce more milk powder, this is an unethical action.

Another example is from the Chinese Daily News which is in deloitte the central Chinese province of Henan, there were at least 19 miners killed and write a letter 24 trapped by a mine explosion in 2010 and resume during the same week, there were about 10 workers trapped in another region and nine workers died during a fire in mining field of Shanxi province as well (Chan, 2010). These accidents happened on illegal mining companies. Behind the criminal activities of mining companies and government officials, the fact is that profit is put before the lives of medcalf resume, workers in this example. The demand for more energy increased in China, this was driven by soaring prices for coal created by cheap bank credit and real estate speculation, the deloitte owners of mining fields intend to different essay, have a desire of profit-making, this is the reason why there are more and more illegal mining companies occurring (Chan, 2010). Moreover, they use labors regardless of their safety and pay them in a low scale. This phenomenon violates Kant#8217;s maxim 2 because these illegal corporations treat people as means to deloitte resume, mine larger amount of coals in order to increase profit but they neglect the safety of miners and this can be an email, unethical action from Kant#8217;s point. Another measure to resume, evaluate the self-interest seek is ethics of rights and justice.

It is developed by John Locke and we could define that #8220;_Natural rights are certain basic, important, unalienable entitlements that should be respected and protected in argumentative essay every single action such as a right to life, education and fair trial_#8221; (Richard, 2010). Applying to the above example of illegal mining corporations, we could find that the actions of owners are immoral because they ignore the miners#8217; rights to live. In addition, many miners in deloitte these companies is under the lowest level of a change in me, payment and their rights to have a good labor condition is exploited by employers due to resume, it is treated as a huge cost by employers. People who think business ethics is an oxymoron because there is a potentially conflict between making profits and costs of considering others, however, the modern economic society has paid their attention on developing sustainable management, people began to believe that business ethics and argumentative smoking outline pursuit of self-interest interdependent. Business ethics is not an oxymoron and #8220;_A good ethics will leads to a good management_#8221; said by John Collins (Collins, 1994). Business ethics strongly improve the quality of resume, business as well as making profits in the long-term period. Although people think a pursuit of self-interest is writing an expository essay ethical due to the egoism theory, from the utilitarian view, we should also consider about other people who will be affected by deloitte resume our actions.

Business success should be evaluated from a long-term performance instead of considering short-term benefits. Arnold V. Lampe J. (1999). Understanding the factors underlying ethical organizations: enabling continuous ethical improvement, _Journal of Applied Business Research_, pp. 1-19. Barnett T. (2001). Dimensions of moral intensity and eric medcalf resume ethical decision making: An empirical study, _Journal of Applied Social Psychology_, pp.1038-1057. Carrillo E. (2007). corporate governance: shareholders#8217; interests and other stakeholders#8217; interests, _Corporate Ownership Control_, 4(4),96-101. Chan J, 2010, _A week of coal mine disasters in China_, International Committee of the resume Fourth International, viewed 30 August 2010, Collins, J.W. (1994). Is business ethics an oxymoron? _Business Horizons_, 37(5), 1-8. Crane A. Writing An Expository Essay About In Me. Matten, D. (2010). _Evaluating Business Ethics_.

Oxford University Press. Energy Environmental News for Business, 2010, _Telecom film cuts energy $223,000 annually, Environmental Leader,_ viewed 30 August 2010, Fackler M. Tabuchi H., 2010, _Toyota posts profit in quarter before recalls_, The New York Times, viewed 30 August 2010, Filbeck G. Gorman R. (2003). The relationship between the environmental and financial performance of public utilities, _Environmental and Resource Economics_, 29(2), 137-157. Hemphill T. (2004). Deloitte Resume. Antitrust, dynamic competition and nursing work business ethics, J_ournal of Business Ethics_, 50(2), 127-135. Kelly E. (2002). Business ethicsan oxymoron? _Academic Research Library_, 82(4), 4. Deloitte Resume. Macartney J. Yu s., 2008, _Chinese milk powder contaminated with melamine sickness 1,253 babies,_ The Times, viewed 30 August 2010, Peterson K., 2010, _Boeing profit beats, but shares fall on revenue_, Reuters, viewed 30 August 2010, Richard D. (2010). _Business Ethics, Ch. 3_.

Upper Saddle River, N.J.:Prentice Hall. Sargent T. Email Pdf. (2007). Toward integration in applied business ethics: the contribution of deloitte, humanistic psychology, _Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and argumentative about smoking Organization Studies_, 12(2). Tan J Zailani S. (2009). Green value chain in the context of sustainability development and sustainable competitive advantage, _Global Journal of Environmental Research_ 3(3), 234-245. Wartick S. Cochran P. Resume. (1985). The evolution of the corporate social performance model, _Academy of Management Review,_ pp.

760. Resume. Weaver, G. (2004). Ethics and employees: making the deloitte resume connection, _Academy of Management Executive_, pp. Argumentative Outline. 121-125. Willard, B. (2002). _The sustainability advantage: seven business case benefits of a triple bottom line_, Gabriola Island, BC: New Society Publishers. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and deloitte order Business Ethic is an Oxymoron? essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for nursing course work, Business Ethic is an Oxymoron? Values and ethics play a huge role in the nursing practice. Nursing care involves preventing illness and its complications, promotion or health restoration, and resume reducing suffering in culture different in mourning the terminally ill#8230;. ?Is the Term Green Logistics an Oxymoron.

Over recent years there has been increasingly more pressure from the public and the government on organisations to decrease the environmental impact of their logistics operations. The distribution of products#8230; Case study business ethic. Raju knew he was smart. His classmates always turned to him for deloitte, help on essay smoking, assignments and he always knew the answers to the questions his teachers asked in resume class. Writing An Expository About In Me. Raju#8230; Importance of ethics and deloitte resume social responsibility in the business world. Strategic ethics and social responsibility are two of the most important, yet perhaps most misunderstood concerns in the world of business today. By their very nature, these fields are controversial,#8230; Business ethics are mostly defined through cultural perspective of the consumers.

When evaluating business ethics of your country, it is very easy to give an opinion based on personal experiences#8230;. The United States Government Environmental Ethic. Email. Abstract Environmental ethics is the study of deloitte, moral principles guiding how humans view and interact with the nonhuman natural world. An environmental ethic is email resume pdf critical to deloitte, understanding how countries, especially#8230;

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Part 1. Overview of functions, features, and reports. How to make load testing easy enough to include in routine testing for deloitte each software iteration. Published on December 11, 2007. This content is part # of # in the series: Load testing Web applications using IBM Rational Performance Tester. This content is smoking outline, part of the series: Load testing Web applications using IBM Rational Performance Tester. Stay tuned for deloitte additional content in this series. This article will be useful to any of the hand a letter, following people: Project Manager who decides what tool to use Project Leader Assistant Project Manager Functional Tester Manual Functional Tester Automated Functional Tester Performance Tester who is the key person who knows and uses this tool Application Developer Quality Assurance staff or contractors.

IBM® Rational® Performance Tester is deloitte, a performance testing tool that emulates various user loads to mimic the real-life loads. With proper planning coupled with realistic simulation, this tool uses the current loads to estimate future loads. Hand A Letter! For example, a customer's application may potentially serve a total of 5000 users. Resume! With Rational Performance Tester, you can easily emulate the user loads at 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 and beyond to project the right user growth, so that you can also project server sizing, such as optimal CPU and memory requirements, more accurately. You can identify and diagnose performance bottlenecks, whether such problems occur in the network, database, the application server, or even the user application. The root cause analysis capability further analyzes application tiers, which may include page components such as Enterprise Java™Beans (EJBs), servlets, a Java™ Database Connectivity (JDBC) API, Web services, and so forth. This functionality enables you to pinpoint the performance culprit easily and efficiently by analyzing the online or extracted reports. Rational Performance Tester also helps you create, run, and essay, analyze performance tests and validate the scalability and reliability of your Web-based applications before deployment.

The default supported protocols, such as HTTP and HTTPS, allow you to deloitte, run the load tests on Web applications. Several extensions are also available: IBM® Rational® Performance Tester Extension for Citrix Presentation Server IBM® Rational® Performance Tester Extension for SOA Quality IBM® Rational® Performance Tester Extension for Siebel Test Automation IBM® Rational® Performance Tester Extension for SAP Solutions. Rational Performance Tester works in a way similar to hand, recording a video clip using a camcorder. Resume! It allows you to record the eric resume, steps that you want to run load test on, and then replay the deloitte resume, steps with the appropriate user loads. Part 1 of eric medcalf this series (this article) introduces the features and functions included in Version 7.

In a typical scenario, to load test a Web application, you identify the various scenarios by deloitte, well-defined test plans. During a load test, a meaningful user that loads breakdown to multiple test clients is culture different essay, often desirable. With the appropriate proportions of user loads spread across multiple machines, it ensures that meaningful reports are generated. That's a good way to avoid a test machine being under-used while the others may be overly stressed. Parts 2 and 3 of deloitte resume this series will discuss considerations for effectively breaking down user loads easily without affecting the test scripts previously recorded.

It will explore using a visually guided, directory-based (tree-based) editor and steps to create, edit, schedule the emulation, and culture different essay in mourning, get analysis reports. A load test is only as good as the deloitte resume, reports of the results; therefore, the last part of this series, Part 4, is all about hand a letter, reports. We will explain how to examine, diagnose, analyze, and interpret various analysis reports that Rational Performance Tester provides. Resume! For example, a Web application can be broken down into various components, such as EJBs, servlets, JDBC, and Web services for analysis. We will also explore the default reports and describe how to email resume, customize them. The goal of this series is to help you understand the features, topological considerations, and constraints so that you can create and resume, test Web applications and analyze the performance reports. Essay! With this knowledge and the ease of use of Rational Performance Tester, load testing a Web application will no longer be a burdensome chore, and you can include it for each iteration of your software. IBM Rational Performance Tester gives you feature-rich capabilities that make load testing not only efficient but easy. No longer will you have to fiddle with the complex test scripts that need high maintenance, most often using only resume semi-automated test tools. You won't need to code the in mourning, test scripts, either, because administrative tasks are based on an interactive graphical user interface (GUI) that is built on deloitte the Eclipse 3.2 framework.

In other words, you can handle the nursing course, complete test cycle by using a GUI, yet you'll still have the deloitte resume, option of using custom code for more advanced testing. This GUI approach encompasses the nursing work, following main categories: Interactive graphical test Test creation, refining, replaying, and scheduling datapooling and correlation Workload breakdown and assignment Real-time system monitoring Real-time report analysis Version control Custom code and extending tests Scaling and maintenance. The remainder of this article explores each of these categories: First and foremost, IBM Rational Performance Tester is built upon an extensible development platform, using Eclipse framework Version 3.2. The benefits of the Eclipse framework are aplenty from the development viewpoint, but as far as practitioners are concerned, IBM Rational Performance Tester provides comprehensive, context-sensitive GUI perspectives to deloitte, create, manage, and schedule test scripts. From test creation, user load distribution, to data collection, you get corresponding views.

Figure 1 shows a default test perspective. Figure 1. Eric Medcalf Resume! GUI test based on deloitte resume Eclipse. Depending on the perspective that you use, the corresponding view may change according to the perspective. For example, the default test perspective provides a four-pane console with the corresponding views, such as General Outline, General Properties, Test Performance Test Runs in the bottom-left pane and General Tasks, Test Recorder Control, Test Protocol Data in writing essay in me, the bottom pane. Deloitte! However, you are not limited to the default views. Any time, you can include views that are relevant for particular tasks, such as Database Explorer or Error Log views.

Adding a particular view to resume, your workspace is straight-forward. For example, to explore database connectivity using the Database Explorer, just follow these steps: Select Windows Show View Other . Deloitte! More commonly used views, such as the Error Log, Outline, and Tasks, are listed in the drop-down list to make selection easier (see Figure 2). The default test perspective comes with a preconfigured set of nursing course views. You can customize a perspective to include or exclude views. Use the Type-Forward Filtering feature (Figure 3) to search for the view that you want, which you can often do without having to complete the entire search string.

In this case, the suffix is the word data for deloitte the Database Explorer view. Various perspectives with corresponding views for different tasks are provided, ranging from General, Analysis, Connectivity, CBS, Debug, Profiling. and Logging to SQL Development. Just pick the right perspective for the right moment. You can drag the medcalf, views anywhere along the resume, pane, rearrange them, or revert back to the default perspective if you need to go back to the original layout. Write! However, the resume, perspective reset is confined to the currently open perspective. For example, when it is selected, the Database Explorer view appears as you see in eric medcalf, Figure 4: Other points that are noteworthy: You can search views by deloitte, using the different in mourning, drop-down menu. From the menu, select Windows Navigate Next View . You can navigate to any views that are currently open in deloitte resume, your workspace by email resume, pressing the up or down arrow . The same applies to navigating perspectives. Deloitte! Alternatively, you can navigate views by using a shortcut key , such as CTRL-F7 (Next) or CTRL-SHIFT-F7 (Previous).

You can customize the shortcut keys from essay about smoking outline Menu Windows Preferences Keys (search word). The setting under General Keys will be applied to all perspectives. Perspectives can be customized and saved for your own needs (Figure 6). The three categories of customization are: the resume, available command groups, menu details, and toolbar details. Figure 6. Customizing perspectives. A Web Services Explorer is also provided. Real-time capturing, refining, replaying, and scheduling. To capture, refine, replay, and schedule a test run is simple as 1-2-3, because Rational Performance Tester is designed to be easy for even novice users to email, use. The underlying mechanisms, such as automatic script capturing and replay, are kept hidden from average users.

This is to simplify test creation and maintenance. To record a test, follow these steps: First, create a test project. From the menu, select File New Performance Test Project . Enter the project name when prompted. Choose the record. Deloitte Resume! For a Web application, choose HTTP recording . Click Next . On the next page, choose the test project for the test script that you named. You can capture any Web URL for the application under test when you see the screen shown in email resume pdf, Figure 10. When you are satisfied with your recording, click Exit Recorder . You can now proceed to refining your test script (by clicking) and replaying it in deloitte resume, any manner. After you have recorded your test script, what's left is normally the eric medcalf resume, refinement of test schedule. For example, you can customize your script in these ways, among others:

Add delay time (in milliseconds, or ms) between each virtual user, user think time, and statistical-level settings Define your own Datapools (discussed in resume, the next topic) Correlate data (to ensure a smooth flow of meaningful data from page to nursing, page) Add verification points (to examine the passing rate of each page under test) Add protocol-specific elements, transactions, a loop, a comment, conditional processing, and custom code. IBM Rational Performance Tester enables you to create any number of test projects, recordings, and schedules for running the test scripts. Resume! This section is brief on purpose, because further explanations will be given in Part 2 of resume this series where you will follow a full load-testing cycle using IBM Rational Performance Tester. IBM Rational Performance Tester can supply variable data to dynamically load test data, either straight from the CSV file or from custom code. This datapooling is a way to emulate real-life scenarios by substituting user data or activities where input is deloitte, required. For example, imagine that you want to test the ACME Online application, which is an online shopping cart. After logging in, users will search using particular keywords, browse the catalog, pick the medcalf resume, items that they like, type in particulars, add comments, or evaluate their shopping experiences before checking out by specifying a payment method. Deloitte! Traditionally, the test data with varying values requires input from writing about a change in me higher-skill personnel to deloitte, supply custom code. With datapooling, you can emulate each page that requires user input with your custom test data.

In the writing a change in me, ACME Online scenario, a datapool can be created for user login, searching keywords, and so on. Deloitte! This feature enables you to build robust and flexible test cases. Figure 11 shows a sample of an imported datapool in the datapool editor. You can perform the nursing work, following actions on deloitte the imported datapool: Add a record Remove a record Add a variable Edit a variable Remove a variable. A typical test case comprises multiple pages and, depending on the nature of the a letter, pages, there could be variables required for each page. This user input is encapsulated in HTML form and posted by deloitte, either the argumentative smoking, get or post methods. You can create Datapools that correspond to each page by naming them accordingly. Deloitte Resume! For example, to medcalf resume, effectively test an end-to-end Web application, the Datapools may consist of pools such as UserLogin, SearchString, ItemName, PaymentMethod, and so forth. Resume! There are only a few steps for creating and associating datapool with a page:

Right-click the Datapools folder (it's a good practice to medcalf resume, put all Datapools in deloitte, a folder) or anywhere within the Test Navigator (see Figure 12). Figure 12. Adding a datapool, Step 1. Next, specify the name that the appropriate the new datapool will fall under. In this example, it is under the Yahoo Entertainment Datapools folder. Give it a name before clicking Next (see Figure 13). Figure 13.

Adding a datapool, Step 2. You can create a datapool of resume any columns and resume, rows. Providing a description is optional (Figure 14). Figure 14. Eric Medcalf Resume! Adding a datapool, Step 3. Browse to the desired CSV file (which you need to have created previously). Click Finish to finish adding the resume, datapool. Figure 15. Adding a datapool, Step 4.

Associating a page with a datapool. Associating a page with a datapool is straightforward. Argumentative Essay Outline! From the Performance test recording's test data section, highlight the row to substitute with the resume, datapool, and then click Data Variable (Figure 16). The URLs with query strings will be detected automatically and displayed in a letter, a dark green color. Figure 16.

Associating a datapool with a page, Step 1. Click Add Datapool , click on deloitte the datapool that you want to add, and then click Select. (Figure 17). Figure 17. Associating the course, datapool with the page, Step 2. To finish associating a datapool with a page, navigate to the column and click the Use Column button (Figure 18). Figure 18. Deloitte Resume! Associating the datapool with the page, Step 3. The IBM Rational Performance Tester datapool feature enables you to substitute varying data, based on hand the varying pages navigated, thereby avoiding more complex alternatives, such as custom coding. Resume! You can build test cases based on different combinations of page navigation, and associate each page that requires user input with one or more Datapools. However, for truly scalable test cases built by using a huge set of test data, substituting Datapools may not be the best solution.

In those situations, you can use the custom code capability. Essay About Outline! For example, a Java™ developer can plug in resume, custom code to writing essay a change, pull in a huge set of data on deloitte resume the fly. (For more about this, see the IBM® developerWorks® article titled Handling test data with IBM Rational Performance Tester 7.0: Part 2. About A Change! Using files for very large sets of deloitte resume test data.) The ability to substitute a pool of data on the fly is coupled with the ability to correlate varying data to argumentative smoking, emulate through testing a multi-user environment. Correlation (also known as using dynamic data) is a way to ensure that the request on the current page is based on the reference (value) of the previous page. Often, the data request on the current page is based on the response data from deloitte previous pages. Rational Performance Tester recognizes and automatically correlates these references to distinctly emulate each user's activities. This way, a user is differentiated from another test user based on email resume the distinct data requested from all of the test pages. There are two ways to correlate data; Automatically (automated data correlation), where the test generator automatically detects the previous value to substitute in the current request. Deloitte! As mentioned earlier, references (value from previous responses) will be used to correlate the subsequent request value.

You can also extend the writing essay a change, correlation by using your own custom code. Manually , by breaking the existing correlation and link values from previous responses as values to the current request. Although this is the default behavior, you can turn off the automated data correlation. Deloitte! However, after you turn it off, you are on your own as far as data flow relationship for test pages is nursing course work, concerned. Turning it off is easy (Figure 19): Go to Menu, Windows Preferences Performance Test Generation . Select the Data Correlation tab. Figure 19. Turn off data correlation.

Workload breakdown and deloitte resume, assignment. To emulate the real-life scenario during application load testing, Rational Performance Tester gives you flexible options to make the an expository essay about a change in me, testing as realistic as can be. You can create as many test scripts and schedules as you wish and any combination of virtual user loads, dynamically. Deloitte Resume! Often, you may wonder whether you have these options: Can I specify 1000 virtual testers to be run in three remote machines with equal breakdown of user loads?

Can I have 10% of the total virtual testers run first, followed by email resume, another 10% before the rest of resume them start? Can I have one group of course virtual testers running certain portions of the pages within the application under test? Can I specify user think time? Can I randomize the test sequence? Can I run the load test remotely with each virtual user using a different IP? Can I run a test at a set rate? Because Rational Performance Tester allows you to deloitte resume, accomplish any permutation of these options, we will first explore how it allows different activities to be assigned to different groups with test elements attached to nursing work, them, and deloitte, how these elements affect the behavior of a load test. Figure 20 shows how easily you can break down the work, workload and assignments to different user groups, with each group carrying different virtual users. For example, to add a new group:

Simply right-click on the group from a test schedule (under Schedule Contents ). Choose the Add user group option. After you have created a group, you can break down the distribution among all the deloitte, groups by different in mourning, attaching the test scripts (the recordings) to resume, these groups. The relationship between a user group and a test script is1:N. In other words, one user group can run more than one test script. As far as workload distribution is concerned, assigning the absolute user or percentage of users is all you have to carry out. However, to emulate a real-life scenario, having just the workload distribution among various groups does not necessarily reflect a good test scenario. Email Resume Pdf! To overcome this, Rational Performance Tester provides various elements that you can associate with a schedule. Whether to Include these in resume, the schedule or not depends on the scenarios that you are testing. These elements are associated directly with a schedule. Figure 21 depicts some of the elements that can be included within a schedule. Figure 21.

Schedule with other elements. You can add these elements to a test schedule: Test script (recording): After it is recorded, you can assign a test script to resume, a schedule. One schedule can have more than one test script assigned indirectly through various user groups, because each user group can have more than one test script. Group and percentage assignment: This is for a user group that breaks down the workload. Resume! It includes the ability to set the number of users that start a run. For example: 50 absolute users starting to run at time T1. User think time: To emulate typical user think time, there are four options for settings; Recorded think time Fixed think time (by default, 2 seconds) Dynamically increasing or decreasing the think time by percentage Randomizing the think time by write, percentage. Delay time: You can include the delay (in ms) between user runs. Hardly any real-life scenario achieves a high, true concurrency (for example, 20 users running precisely at time T1 without a decimal added).

Usually, 50-100 ms delay time is normal. Resume! If you set delay time to be 100 ms, it means that a user (virtual user) starts running at 12:00:00:00 noon, followed by the second user running at 12:00:00:01. Loop: This is to run a test at a set rate. From the Schedule Element Details panel, you can set the number of iterations and control the medcalf, rate of iterations (for instance, 2 per sec). Deloitte Resume! You can also randomize the delay between the iterations. Random selector: In real life, application page hit is nursing, usually random. This element is to provide randomization for deloitte resume a test run sequence, rather than running the an expository about in me, test sequentially, by adding random selector. During the setting of the random selector, input for weight is required. You will subsequently associate the weight with a test script.

IP alias: By using this, you can emulating each virtual user having one dedicated IP address. Part 2 of deloitte this series explains these elements in more detail. The goal of performance testing is to identify the performance bottleneck by work, collecting analysis data for deloitte resume all components involved. This includes application tier performance monitoring, such as application server level instrumentation for resume pdf IBM® WebSphere® Application Servers (Versions 5 or later) and BEA WebLogic Version 8 or data collection using the Application Response Measurement (ARM) API for resume application servers that aren't natively supported, such as JBoss, Apache Tomcat, and so on. Course Work! Also, the database tier monitoring can be ARM-enabled. In that sense, all database activities can be collected and displayed as a UML sequence diagram. Enabling real-life application monitoring is just one aspect of performance test monitoring. Deloitte! These levels of argumentative about smoking outline data collection (application and database tiers) are not complete without the ability to collect server-side resource level monitoring where the resume, application components are running. There are more than three default real-time resource level monitoring methods supported by IBM Rational Performance Tester, including these: IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring UNIX® or Linux® rstatd daemon Microsoft® Windows® Performance Monitor (perfmon)

As an example, to monitor by using Windows Performance Monitor, you need to enable resource monitoring. Follow these steps to collect Windows Performance Monitor analysis data. Select the schedule. In the Schedule Element Details panel, click the Resource Monitoring tab. Check the option to Enable resource monitoring (see Figure 22). For a new setup, click New to add it. You can also add an existing server to be monitored or edit from the server defined earlier. Figure 22. Enabling resource monitoring, Step1. After you click Add New , you can enter your username and password under the Location tab.

You can then select the statistics that you want under Resource tab (Figure 23) and polling and time-out intervals under Options tab. Figure 23. Enabling resource monitoring, Step 2. To monitor through IBM Tivoli Monitoring and about, UNIX (or Linux) rstatd, you must ensure that they are up and running before you can connect to them. Apart from the deloitte resume, real-time system monitoring, you can also import historical analysis data from IBM Tivoli Monitoring into argumentative about a performance report. Deloitte Resume! For example, from the menu, select File Import , and then select Profile and Logging Resource Monitoring Data . The next screen allows you to nursing course work, specify the Tivoli-monitored server. Currently, you can import only IBM Tivoli Monitoring historical data. (See Figure 24.) Figure 24. Deloitte! Importing historical data from Tivoli. One of the best benefits of using Rational Performance Tester is the smoking outline, online (and offline) analysis reports that can be generated to analyze the performance in general and the tool's ability to resume, drill down to the root cause of specific problems. Essay Outline! The default reports are more than sufficient for general purposes.

If more advanced reports are required, you can customize the deloitte resume, analysis reports to generate more meaningful, in-depth reports that provide more insight into the performance issues. There are four categories of HTTP reports available in IBM Rational Performance Tester:. Performance Report Page Element Report Percentile Report Verification Report. The details of various performance reports will be further covered in Part 3 of this series. Performance Report consists of high-level reports, such as overall run success rate, a summary page that showcases the total completed users, total elapsed time, average response time for all pages, and argumentative about smoking outline, so forth. The online Performance Report is shown in different formats (9 tabs) for easy navigation. For example, Figure 25 shows Response vs. Time in a summary format. Figure 25.

Performance Report: Response vs. Time Summary. Page Element Report , a 5-tab report, consists of deloitte its own set of default analysis reports, such as Response vs. Time Details and Page Element Throughput. Figure 26 shows a typical Page Element Throughput report. Figure 26. Page Element Report - Page Element Throughput. Percentile Report , a 4-tab report, shows the percentile ranking associated with page response time. The default reports provided with this report include the summary and the 85th, 90th, and 95th percentiles. This type of report is usually used to eric medcalf, determine the anomalies, such as a surge in page activity.

By associating the percentile with a page, data can be gathered at each page level to identify the page behavior at each of those key percentiles. These reports are one way to say that 85% of the pages are completed in X ms, 90% in Y ms and so on. You can create the relationship between percentiles and page response time so that it gives you the deloitte, assurance that 85% of the pages were responded to in a specific time. Then, by argumentative outline, visually comparing the reports with the subsequent Percentile Reports, you can easily tell when any anomalies occur. Figure 27 captures the deloitte resume, 85th percentile, and it's not uncommon for simpler pages to eric resume, have the exact 90th and resume, 95th percentile, which means things are going reasonably well. As the example shows, 85% of the users completed downloading the Yahoo! Entertainment page in 16,954 ms. Figure 27. Percentile Report - 85th. Verification Report , a 3-tab report, gives the Pass or Fail status for pages that are enabled for resume pdf verification. Verification is resume, set under Test Content under the medcalf, test script.

It is a way to tell if a page request passes or fails the resume, test. The test metrics can be HTML page title, HTML return codem, and work, HTML response size (set from resume Windows references Performance Test Generation Verification Points ). Resume Pdf! Verification points can be turned on deloitte resume for each page, as Figure 28 shows. Figure 28. Verification Point - Enabling. Page Verification Points report lists the email resume pdf, individual page with the corresponding passing or failing rate, plus the percentage passing rate. A sample Page Verification Points report shows the passing rate of the completed pages. In the deloitte resume, example in Figure 29, there isn't a failed page; therefore, the passing rate is 100 percent. Figure 29. Verification Point - Page Verification Points.

In addition to those four reports, you can drill down to eric resume, page level for better understanding of response time based on page level. To drill down to a page, pick a page (the vertical bar) on deloitte the Page Performance tab of the resume pdf, default performance report, and right-click to select Display Page Element Responses . Resume! For example, Figure 30 shows the My MTV Movie Awards '07 page, and Breaking News on Yahoo! was selected for writing an expository essay about a change in me drill-down. Figure 30. Page Element Response, Step 1. Figure 31. Page Element Response - Step 2. Rational Performance Tester also enables you to perform root cause analysis. This is facilitated in deloitte resume, two ways: resource use (as mentioned earlier) and code execution statistics . Here, you can get a response time breakdown report from the hand, performance report. This allows you to deloitte, analyze statistics from the page elements during a scheduled test or to different, analyze any imported history data from external tools. Deloitte! Response time breakdown shows details such as the duration of eric resume each element for deloitte resume the system that you are testing.

Each page element is associated with an entry in the statistic in argumentative smoking outline, the details. Before getting the response time breakdown, you must enable the Response Time Breakdown option: Choose the schedule that contains the test scripts, and then select Schedule Element Details Response Time Breakdown . Under Quick Links , check the box labeled Enable collection of response time data . Finally, select the box for the appropriate recording. Figure 32. Deloitte Resume! Enabling Response Time Breakdown. Ensure that the DCI is running and ready to monitor. To start monitoring, go to Start All Programs IBM Software Development Platform IBM Rational Data Collection Infrastructure Start Monitoring . The Response Time Breakdown report gives the code execution-related statistics, which include the underlying component, such as JDBC, RMI/IIOP (Remote Method Invocation over Internet InterORB Protocol), Web services, EJBs, and so forth. Figure 33 shows a sample Response Time Breakdown report. (You can also view Response Time Breakdown Statistics for more detail, although that option is not shown here.) Figure 33. Response time breakdown.

Usually, the response time breakdown is captured in the development environment. After it is enabled and configured to culture different in mourning, collect the amount of data (low, medium, or high), and deloitte, with the nursing work, data collection infrastructure installed and running, you can get collections of data in several ways: From a standard Web application performance test. From these performance monitoring tools: IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring for Transaction Performance, IBM® Tivoli® Composite Application Manager for Response Time Tracking, or IBM® Tivoli® Composite Application Manager for deloitte WebSphere. Essay! From the deloitte, Java™ 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application server though Application Response Measurement (ARM). Argumentative About Smoking Outline! Supported application servers are IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Versions 5 and deloitte resume, 6, and BEA WebLogic Version 8. Web Services From an ARM-instrumented application. This mode is to support a non-supported J2EE application server. Data can be collected by manually inserting ARM API calls. The ARM instrumentation will produce a transaction sequence diagram by drilling down to the application under instrumentation. From application logs that applications, Web servers, and database servers generate.

These can be imported, analyzed, and correlated. Each application server needs to be configured and a letter, instrumented to use the data collection infrastructure. The sole purpose of starting the Data Collection Infrastructure (DCI) monitor is to collect analysis data. Deloitte Resume! As mentioned earlier, to ensure that data is collected, the DCI needs to be enabled (installed and running) for each host that the application runs on and from which you want to collect data. Failure to do so will result in the error shown in Figure 34. Rational Performance Tester is packaged with IBM® Rational® ClearCase® LT for source version control to foster better collaboration in argumentative essay, the development environment. ClearCase LT deploys a single-server model with fewer administrative requirements. Deloitte! Although naturally suited to a smaller environment, such as 25-30 developers and testers, you can use ClearCase or IBM® Rational® ClearCase MultiSite® editions for larger environments, and migration paths are provided for both. Assets such as projects, schedules, tests, custom code, Datapools, locations, and results can be put under source control. With IBM Rational ClearCase LT source control, the following features are provided: Check in and Check out: Checking in assets enable others to work on them.

Checking out instead allows you to work on them in writing essay about a change, your local workbench Perspective support: CVS Repository Exploring (Figure 35) and Team Synchronizing perspectives. Figure 35. CVS related perspective. Multiple views: CVS Console, CVS History, and CVS Repository. Synchronization and Merge: Synchronization is a way to inspect the differences between the local workbench resources with a repository. It allows you to update resources in your local workbench and commit resources from the local workbench to a repository. Merge enables you to work out a compromise when there is a resource conflict. The integration with Rational ClearCase LT introduces the capability of deloitte resume sharing working assets in branches, or parallel development of assets. Anyone can share testing files by culture essay, checking in and out from the work area, which can be updated at any time by resume, team members. Usually, individuals will work on resume portions of the team project locally, checking others' work by synchronizing any changes made in resume, a branch. Email! In a nutshell, all work carried out by deloitte, an individual remains local and that work will be shareable only after that person has published it by committing the medcalf, work to the repository.

When you have committed changes to the branch, the changes will be copied from your local workbench to the branch. There may be various branches, such as one branch for each project running in parallel, based on functional requirements. The same applies to deloitte resume, working with various branches. You would examine others' work by synchronizing your workbench first. To synchronize, IBM Rational Performance Tester is resume, equipped with a Team Synchronizing perspective for easy navigation and management. There are four modes related to synchronization: Incoming: Shows the resources in the CVS repository that differ from resume local workbench (ingoing changes only) Outgoing: Shows resources being modified in a local workbench (outgoing changes only) Incoming/Outgoing: Shows the combination of both incoming and email resume, outgoing changes Conflict: Shows resources that are in conflict. Resources are in conflict when there is a more recent copy in resume, the repository than the one that you are working on. Conflicting resources can be resolved by merging them. Discarding your work or others' work may not be a good option.

Adding custom code and extending tests. IBM Rational Performance Tester is primarily an interactive GUI tester that enables even the novice user to perform load testing with ease. However, there is occasionally a need for more advanced testing measures that require custom code to be added. The custom code option is argumentative, represented by the green character C icon. You can insert custom code anywhere within a test script. Figure 36 illustrates two custom code snippets being inserted. When you first insert custom code, a class name will be generated automatically.

However, you can rename the class to something more meaningful to you, if you wish. When custom code has been inserted, you can immediately enter the code logic by switching to the Java source view (click View Code ). Deloitte! Alternatively, you can change the perspective to Java Browsing. Write A Letter! Also, the inline Java IDE allows you to debug your code. There are two interfaces provided, CustomCode2 and ITestExecutionServices , for you to extend test execution (a complete Javadoc is provided). The following scenarios are the typical use cases for extending test execution: Controlling the deloitte, behavior of loops Running an exit to call on culture essay in mourning external program Finding the deloitte, IP address of eric a group of users or an individual user Setting and deloitte resume, clearing cookies for a user Getting information from a user data area Correlating data from one page to another.

It's uncommon to test user loads dynamically for each test iteration remotely distributed across geographical boundaries. Traditional testing methods, with every test being confined to one location, may not be feasible for a geographically dispersed development team. About! In addition to the ability to share test assets across boundaries, Rational Performance Tester enables you to deloitte, conduct the load test across different locations through a WAN (wide-area network). Culture Different Essay In Mourning! Because servers may be scattered, geographically, the remote execution ability coupled with the low hardware requirements needed to run the test enables you to deploy remote servers using IBM® AIX®, Linux, Microsoft® Windows®, and z/OS operating systems. For example, you might have 5 low-end servers emulating 5000 users from Singapore, 3 servers emulating 3000 users from deloitte resume Hong Kong, and so on. This testing method not only produces more realistic test results, it also reduces the cost of testing overall, because test results can be analyzed and shared among the teams and idle servers can be put to nursing work, good use. The minimal requirements, such as one CPU (in general) and deloitte resume, 1MB memory per virtual user (in general) depend primarily on the complexity of the test pages.

There are factors that can increase the amount of write memory per virtual user. You can achieve much higher scalability by emulating realistic scenarios, such as using think time and delay time for each user. Usually, it's a good idea not to put extra load on the administration server where central administration is deloitte, being carried out, because workbench-related activities require resources from the server. After you have captured the test script, scaling up to more virtual users is a matter of culture different in mourning adding more user groups. Rational Performance Tester handles the scalability seamlessly by resume, allowing you to add more user groups and assign either absolute users or users based on a percentage.

There is no need to re-capture the test script as long as the test cases remains intact. The central administration allows a centralized view and management, with little administrative overhead required for administering remote test systems. The amount of effort that it takes to administer local and remote test servers is identical, because administering remote servers is no more complicated than handling local ones. Figure 38 shows how easy it is to essay smoking, include remote servers as test servers. Figure 38. Remote Test Servers - Administration. In this first part of this four-part series, we looked at various capabilities provided by IBM Rational Performance Tester, including the easy-to-use GUI administration, reporting features, and scalability. Deloitte! Although this has been only a general overview, this article gave you a bird's-eye view of work features and functions, You can use the knowledge gained in resume, this brief introduction to broaden your understanding of the load-testing tools that are among the writing essay a change, software options of the IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform. In Parts 2 and 3, you will follow a full load-testing cycle, and in Part 4, you'll get a detailed look at deloitte the many reports and their variations included in Rational Performance Tester and learn how to eric medcalf, customize them for your specific needs.

Evaluate Rational software with a downloadable and online version of Performance Tester trial software.. Sign in deloitte, or register to add and argumentative essay outline, subscribe to comments.

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Your tips have been of great help – especially the need to determine where one should place their focus. I feel like a kid in a candy store with so many possibilities that it’s imperative to pick and choose wisely. After all, as bloggers, we are being cordially invited into the lives of others, and it’s only right that we respect that privilege and their space/time. Thanks for email reaching out. I look forward to learning more as you roll out new information and hope you’ll come visit the deloitte blog as well! Glad you found it helpful (and thanks for reading). Great post full of sage advice for new and seasoned bloggers Brian! Been years since I let my Writers Digest subscription go – but this post has not only inspired me to join the Writers Digest community again – but to treat myself to a subscription! Look forward to email reading more from you. #128578; Brian, thanks for the tip and have a gr8t weekend! Great advice Brian, especially for deloitte resume a newbie blogger and author (“B is for Bully” by Jacqueline Brathwaite) like me.

My blog is leaning on the side of airing grievances for purging but I’m trying to medcalf resume work a positive twist into it as well. Check it out here at Actually, commenting to you just now revealed to resume me something else to help add focus into my blog. Anyway, I would love your experienced evaluation of my blog, since it’s at its beginning, so that I can correct my mistakes sooner than later. Please email me:

PS: Don’t beat yourself up so much about your old blog. I thought your “Thanksgiving: AKA. The Start Of Christmas” piece was hilarious :). Thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate them. As far as a blog critique, the writing essay a change in me best way to get one is to deloitte resume sign up for this:

Good luck with your blogging! If you’re going to air grievances, then that kind of essay about outline thing has to deloitte be your niche. Different! You can be snarky if you’re always snarky, you know? Hello Mr Brian A. Klems I Rauf from Algeria author would like to recognize for the exchange of information about the resume location of writer digest and about the meetings that are held about the email pdf book in deloitte resume, America and how the culture different presence of these circumstances forums and exchange of information where and resume sweating on the authors and new books and for translators to translate my books and I thank you. Great advice, Brian. I’d go a bit further and say that anyone who writes, edits or otherwise maintains a regular blog should know the very basics of eric resume search engine optimization. With a slight bit of editing, it’s easy to make blog posts more visible in search engine results pages, and increase a particular blog’s traffic and audience. Great advice. I hope to delve into SEO in deloitte, a future post, but created this as a simpler list.

SEO can be overwhelming at first. Thank you so much for the great advice. I’m really knew at course work, blogging. I like your advice about putting pictures up to increase the readers interests. Resume! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures yet so right now I am sticking to just using words to describe my short stories. Write! If anyone would like to read my story then please go to deloitte resume this site

Thanks again for the help. Images can be hard to incorporate. You don’t want to force it, but when you have an opportunity, run with it. Good advice. Culture! Another good tip is to read and comment on deloitte other people’s blogs too. Like this! #128521;

Most definitely. Though, as writers and readers, we should be doing that anyway, whether we blog or not. Building community and networking have great benefits, including friendships. I recently started a blog targeting new writers and culture essay your post was really helpful. I will certainly refer to it as I find my space in the blogesphere. No problem. Glad it helped! Brian: Very good information.

Just wanted to point out a couple things: 1. I believe the deloitte resume term is “hone in” not “home in” and. 2. You have an outdated link at the bottom of your article – best advice one. Thanks for the note. In this instance, “home in” is the writing essay about a change in me correct phrase. The mistaken use of “hone” for resume “home” is common, so awhile back I explained it on my Questions Quandaries blog. Hope this explanation helps:

As for the related links, I’ll look into writing about a change, it. Brian: Thank you so much for the grammar lesson. I had never heard the term “home in” before. I read your blog article and deloitte resume it makes perfect sense. Again, thank you for the clarification. Thanks for the solid advice.

I’m writing a different kind of how-to book for writers, and resume pdf blogging is one of the things I recommend to stay in shape. Resume! Well, guess what? At the time I wrote it, I hadn’t followed my own advice, which is culture different essay in mourning pretty close to a capital offense. Deloitte Resume! I’m about to course change that, however, and have been working furiously to produce worthwhile articles and launch my blog. Your article served as a nice checklist of what I’ve tried to do and what I’ve read elsewhere that blogs should and resume should not do. It’s a good, quick summary of the major points that all of us blogging — or about to — should never forget. Thanks David! I’m glad it helped. Nursing Work! Keep me and deloitte the rest of the WD community updated on you blogging progress.

I always love to hear success stories when folks who read my blog strive to reach their goals. Great advice, thank you. I look forward to putting it to good use.

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10 Interesting Facts About the deloitte, 95 Theses of Martin Luther. Essay About In Me? Marin Luther is known today as one of the icons of Reformation. This clergyman and avid theologist, born in 1483 in Germany, was among the first few ones to deloitte, see the a letter, deception of the practices held by deloitte the Catholic church and spoke against it. The matter in question was the sale of „indulgences”, certificates which were said to have the power of absolution of sins for hand a letter, both the resume, living sinners and their loved ones whose souls were in purgatory. The idea was supported by the Pope himself, and therefore gained legitimacy. Martin Luther, however, wanted to highlight the flawed thinking that money could actually erase people’s sins without repentance. This is in mourning why he went on to present his 95 Theses, which eventually led to Reformation of the resume, Catholic Church. Email Resume? Here are some facts about this particular event. 1. The Theses were originally meant to be a spark for academic debate. Deloitte Resume? Apparently, contrary to resume, what one might think of it, hammering documents to doors of public buildings was quite an deloitte resume ordinary practice in the times of smoking outline, Martin Luther. Such events were usually staged to commence an deloitte resume academic debate on a given subject.

As a scholar, Martin Luther felt free to express his opinion on the matters of the conduct of the Church and wanted to encourage his fellow clergymen to look into the issue. The first few lines of the original document, nailed to the door of the Church of All Saints in Wittenberg, most probably around October 1517, even mentioned the doctors and scholars to whom the Theses were addressed. 2. Martin Luther entered into the clergy at a very young age. His parents, Hans and Margaretta had big plans for Martin since the day he was born. At the age of 5, he already was taking lessons in reading, writing and Latin at a local school and then at 13 he was sent to a school owned by the Brethren of the Common Life in Magdeburg. The school’s curriculum combined academic teachings with an introduction into monastery and hand write a letter from then on Luther became interested in joining the Church. But his parents saw him rather becoming a lawyer instead.

The turning point was when Martin was nearly struck by lightning, which he read as a sign from God himself. From then on, he convinced his parents of his true calling. Deloitte Resume? 3. The Theses were ordered according to the subject they mentioned. The Theses’ order was far from random. They were put together in sections. For example, the email resume, first five opening theses discuss the nature of repentance, which according to Luther is more a spiritual resolution than an external system of confession. The next theses, from 5 to resume, 7 talk about the limited jurisdiction of the Pope over releasing people from sin or guilt. Further on, in the theses 14-24, Luther talks about the in mourning, nature and function of the purgatory as stated in the Bible, and he finishes his treaty with the theses encouraging Christians to imitate Christ, i.e. not fleeing from suffering, if it’s the way for their salvation. 4. Martin Luther was not the first one to criticize the Church for „indulgences”. His predecessor was just as strict, though perhaps slightly less audacious. And he went by the name John Wycliffe.

John was an English intellectual, who just like Luther participated both in the clerical and academic life. He was a scholastic philosopher and theologian, in addition to being a successful Biblical translator and seminary professor at deloitte resume Oxford University. He took a stand against the Church’s trespassings in the 14th century. Apart from „indulgences”, his complaints were about the clergy’s lavish lifestyles and ceremonies. He also spoke against Papacy. 5. Another of culture essay in mourning, his predecessors was Jan Hus. Jan Hus announced his disappointment with the Church later than John Wycliffe, but still earlier than Martin Luther. He was a Czech priest, born in 1372 in Husinec, a small town in the Bohemia an Imperial State in the Holy Roman Empire. Just like Martin Luther, he was fascinated with religion from a very young age.

As a child he sang and deloitte served in churches in Prague. He attacked the Church teachings on On 24 June 1405 from the comfort of his own pulpit during sermon. However, news spread quickly and Jan Hus was executed in 1415. However, he did manage to start a religious movement called the Hussites, who rebelled against the Roman Catholic rule. 6. Argumentative Essay About? The 95 Theses were also distributed as a paper afterwards. Resume? On 31 October 1517, Luther sent a letter to Archbishop of Mainz, Albert of Brandenburg, the person in charge of the hand, distribution of „indulgences”. He then placed the Theses on the door of the aforementioned Church. The third step was dispatching a copy of Theses to various interested parties.

The text of the Thesis, printed in Latin, covered an area of a four-page pamphlet. These were distributed all throughout Basel, and in Leipzig and deloitte resume Nuremberg, placards were published instead. Eric Medcalf? In total, the Theses have reached a number of several hundred copies in Germany alone. Soon they were also available in translation and sent on request. 7. Martin Luther was subsequently called a heretic. The Roman Curia was not so thrilled about a document undermining the Pope’s authority. The recipient of the 95 Theses, Albert of Brandenburg, soon discussed the controversial matter with experts on theology at the University of resume, Mainz and they soon reached the conclusion, that Luther should be banned from preaching against the „indulgences”.

Johann Tetzel, a fellow clergyman, wanted Luther burnt at the stake, and had a man called Konrad Wimpina publish 106 theses contradicting Luther#8217;s work. On 15 June 1520, Pope Leo X issued a papal bull, Exsurge Domine (#8220;Arise, O Lord#8221;). The document basically stated that Luther was wrong and culture that „indulgences” were fairly legit in the light of the Bible and teachings of the Church. 8. The Wittenberg Theses started the Reformation movement. October 1521 saw the chapel at Wittenberg resigning from private Masses. The whole city of Wittenberg was now more inclined towards conducting Lutheran services instead of Masses. Even with the deloitte, threats of email resume, excommunication by the Church, Martin Luther was still very popular with the German people, who believed his Theses to be true. His followers set foundation for a new religious movement, called Lutheranism. The Lutherans placed much weight on reading into ancient Hebrew and Christian Scriptures and declined the well-established Roman Catholic doctrines.

This concept was known as „sola scriptura”, which can be translated as „Scripture only”. 9. Martin Luther was given 60 days to deloitte resume, repent. After the Exsurge Domine papal bull was published, a special meeting, called papal consistory, was held. Eric Medcalf Resume? The aim of the deloitte resume, meeting was to establish whether Luther’s teachings were true or false. Surprisingly enough, a few of the teachings were found to be true, but the vast majority was deemed false.

Therefore, on behalf of the Papal authority, Luther was given 60 days to admit to the error of his ways. Luther’s response was straightforward and very unpredictable. He said that the bull „was the argumentative about, work of Antichrist, whatever its true origin may be” and quickly put together a publication with a telling title: „ Adversus Execrabile Antichristi Bullam” (Against the Execrable Bull of resume, Antichrist). And the feud went on. 10. Writing A Change? Martin Luther did not stop with one response to deloitte, the Papal bull. In November 1520, Martin Luther issued „ Assertion of All the Articles Wrongly Condemned in the Roman Bull ” , a work which was an culture different in mourning emphasis on his Theses, strengthening the former arguments to new heights.

To g ive you the general idea, phrases like: ‘ the deloitte resume, pious defrauding of the faithful.#8217; were substituted with shrewd #8216;Indulgences are the most pious frauds and imposters of the essay about in me, most rascally pontiffs, by which they deceive the souls and deloitte resume destroy the different essay in mourning, goods of the faithful.#8217; And to further annoy the Church and condemn its doings, Luther published „ On the Freedom of a Christian” the same month . Deloitte Resume? It earned him just as many foes as friends, asserting his position as the leader of the Reformation movement.

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Free Essays on Against Steroid Use Persuasive. Willoughby Persuasive Speech: Preparation Outline General Purpose: to persuade Specific Purpose: By the resume end of argumentative essay, my speech, my audience will know that steroids are very easy to buy and there should be something done about this. Central Idea: The public should not be allowed to get steroids for nonmedical. The good, the bad, the ugly, steroids Professor Aldridge English 1201 GF 29 November 2011 The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Steroids Anabolic steroids are synthetically produced variants of the naturally occurring male sex hormone testosterone. Steroids can be prescribed to persons who lost lean muscle mass resulting from deloitte resume, cancer or AIDS, or persons. 10/30/12 Persuasive Speech: Steroids What is the first thing that goes through your head when you think of steroids ? Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, or Greg Valentino? Maybe “cheating” comes to mind.

You might think of the hideous backne or the an expository about a change in me infamous “roid rage” that comes along with steroid use . Steroids. Steroid Speech on C-Span 2 Right Now. as it can be. So if an athlete wants to add some muscle, what can they do? Well, they can work out… or they can inject some anabolic steroids . Steroids can bring quick benefits to anyone who wants to build up their physique. But in the longer term, those benefits can soon be outweighed by the. Monday/Wednesday Outline: Steroids persuasive speech . INTRODUCTION a. Attention-getter: S are associated with many health risks and can be potentially dangerous, however when used in the safest possible environment by the right individuals, I believe that steroids are not totally harmful. b. Thesis. Steroids and Major League Baseball.

Over the past decade, steroids have become a serious issue in Major League Baseball. There are obvious reasons why someone may begin steroid use . Steroid use helps to deloitte rapidly increase muscle strength, which can in eric turn help Major League Baseball players perform at a higher level. Deloitte. Over the past couple. ? Steroids Today Since anabolic steroids were introduced in the 1950s, athletes have been using them to increase muscle and course work, athletic performance. Over the last 20 years steroid use in deloitte resume the general public has skyrocketed. Steroids are an illegal drug that mimics the effects of testosterone in the body.

Steroids in Today’s Society Nowadays some athletes will do all most anything to get the upper hand on their competition, and instead of putting in hard work and training some go to performance enhancing drugs. The main reason anabolic steroids are taken is to improve their athletic performance, increase. Abstract Steroids exert their actions through several pathways. The classical genomic pathway, which involves binding of steroids to eric medcalf receptors and subsequent modulation of gene expression, is well characterized. Besides this, rapid actions of deloitte, steroids have been shown to exist. Since 30 years, research. Making a Smart Decision on Steroid Use.

Title of Speech: making a smart decision on steroid use Purpose statement: To persuade athletes to not use steroids INTRODUCTION I. Opening If there’s one thing a lot of people value these days, it’s a powerful looking body. And if you are an athlete, you want to make that body as powerful. Should Steroids Be Banned? March 4, 2004 It's amazing what athletes will do to achieve higher levels of performance and to get an edge on the competition. Course Work. Often people do not realize the long term effects that result from the decisions they make early in life. The use of steroids to gain.

Winning with Steroids Pro athletes often use steroids to exert massive amount of energy and deloitte resume, focus. Writing. Pressures to be Most Valuable Player tend to deloitte resume sway unnatural behavior and writing about, wrong decisions. Doctors provide easy accessibility, they also find any means of steroids derivatives to deceive and pass any. Steroids in deloitte Sports - Dyinng to Win. Steroids and sport. Dying to win. The presence of drugs in sport is a worldwide problem. The World Anti Doping Agency is working hard to formulate a plan and strategy that will see all sports and all countries accept its code.

There is nothing new about drugs and doping in sport. Even the Ancient. Anabolic steroids have been used for different a very long time and a common question is deloitte who uses them and why. The most common answer and email resume pdf, most obvious is to resume build extreme muscle mass that of eric resume, which most peoples genetics will not allow. Steroid users may also be looking for any physical edge it isn’t just body. you will write a persuasive essay. You will learn how to present and resume, support your arguments, how to counter likely opposing arguments, and how to convince your reader of your point of view. A persuasive essay is like an imaginary dialogue between a reader and the writer. The writer uses arguments to try. Steroids in Baseball Informative Outline. ? Steroids in the MLB: An informative speech presented in Comm 1100 Steroids in Baseball: An informative speech presented in Comm 1100 Sec 22 Introduction I. Imagine finding out that your all-time favorite baseball player tested positive for banned substances.

II. Many hall of. Steroids In today’s society, we place an enormous amount of importance on sports and the way we physically look. With this focus on sports comes the desire. Anabolic Steroids As a society, we are preoccupied with the idea of perfection. We look up to about in me those in magazines, in sports, and on TV. Our society is essentially one large competition. We compete for everything, whether it be a job, a grade, or a spot on a team.

To be competitive is to be. The Alternative to resume Steroid Use for High School Athletes. Alternative to Steroid Use for High School Athletes Sam was just a normal kid who loved to play basketball. He did pretty well in junior high and made the high school team later on. He was excited to play and nursing, loved working out with the team. His coach introduced each of the resume players to steroids to help them. Steroids Anabolic steroids are powerful compounds that bear direct relation to the male sex hormone known as testosterone. Within the legal framework, steroids are applied to treat some kinds of anaemia.

However, athletes, long-distance runners, body builders, cyclists etc widely use steroids to gain. Steroid Nation The use of steroids in the past decade has commonly been associated with male body-builders and athletes. However, recent and current steroid users represent a much more diverse group of individuals. Although the majority of steroid users are often young, male athletes, those who. Why Steroids Should Be Regulated in eric medcalf resume Sports. Should Steroids Be Regulated in Sports? What are anabolic steroids ? Anabolic steroid is the familiar name for synthetic substances related to the male sex hormones; androgens.

They promote the growth of skeletal muscle and the development of male sexual characteristics, and also have some other. Is Steroid Use Still Prevalent Ever since their introduction into sports in the later 1950's the use of anabolic steroids has been a controversial issue. Deloitte. Much debate has arisen dealing with whether steroids should be allowed for culture different essay performance enhancement. If you're not familiar with them, The 1994 Merriam-Webster. scrutiny because of the issue of steroids and resume, other performance enhancing drugs in the game. Unlike the writing essay a change in me other great eras of Major League Baseball, the deloitte Steroid Era has brought on many negative effects that have been detrimental to essay the game. Although the use of steroids ultimately comes down to the individual. ? Steroid Use in deloitte resume Baseball Steroid use in baseball has become a more apparent problem in the past years. Culture In Mourning. The use of steroids has taken what once was a clean game and it has left it dirty now. I am completely against players taking steroids to become better athletes. They need to play with their God.

Insights Into the resume Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Baseball. Insights Into The Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Baseball General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To educate my audience on the ongoing use of performance enhancing drug use in professional baseball. Course Work. Thesis: The use of performance enhancing drugs is a widespread and resume, controversial issue. topics may vary there are generally set in stone facts accepted by all. However, this is in mourning not the case with anabolic steroids ; depending on deloitte resume, where you get your information the resume pdf supposed steroid facts can vary and often quite dramatically. Resume. What you hear in the media, what you hear from writing an expository essay, U.S. congressional reports. LEGALIZE STEROIDS So much for the end of baseball’s steroid era: Melky Cabrera and deloitte, Bartolo Colon are both facing 50-game suspensions after testing positive for testosterone usage.

And baseball isn’t the only afflicted sport, of pdf, course, as the US Anti-Doping Agency today stripped cyclist Lance. television the brain washing commenced. Steroids give an unfair advantage to deloitte athletes, and even some amateurs over your average steroid free individual trying to resume pdf get healthy, and deloitte resume, strong to write the best of their natural abilities. Throughout the deloitte documentary most of the steroid users argued that they work much. Steriods in the game of baseball (Bad vs. Good) Steroids : A National Molehill “The illegal use of performance enhancing substances poses a serious threat to the integrity of the game.” (Mitchell 8). These were the hand write opening lines of the “Report to the Commissioner of Baseball of an Independent Investigation into the Illegal Use of Steroids and Other. mass destruction that they have. This makes sense to prevent future terrorist attacks, but no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq. Iraq did use weapons of mass destruction in the 1980s, but not since then (Massing).

Virtually all of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were destroyed or otherwise. Everyone should do Steroids : Perspectives Paper If steroids are illegal for athletes, should not auto tune be illegal for singers? However, most people would not believe this to be true because steroids are known to deloitte be “bad”. In President Bush’s State of the Union address he proclaims, “The use of an expository essay about in me, performance-enhancing. some drugs which are legal, like alcohol and tobacco. Marijuana should be legal because people deserve the right to deloitte decide whether or not they should use marijuana. The government should not tell people what to do as long as they do not harm others. The second important reason that marijuana should be.

Major League Baseball Players Ethics. performance-enhancing steroids is not only acceptable, but also advantageous if a baseball player wants to perform at their greatest. Hand. MLB players have a remarkable influence on kids in our society and therefore have a responsibility to be good role models. Moreover, MLB has been tarnished by the use of steroids and other. Joe Barsh amp; Olivia Grout EDPE 414 6 Dec. 2012 Steroid Use in deloitte resume Sports The NCAA and MLB have very different, yet strict drug policies that protect their athletes and run throughout their programs. Termed as “Performance Enhancers”, the pdf NCAA bands any drug or hormonal substance that is resume chemically. Steroids Should Be Banned It is amazing what athletes will do to achieve higher levels of culture different essay in mourning, performance and to sometimes get the extra edge on the competition. Most of the time people do not realize the deloitte resume long-term effects that result from the about a change decisions they make early in resume life.

This resembles the. Thesis: Anabolic Steroids are powerful drugs that help the body gain mass, but also hurts the body with drastic side effects. I. Basic Information A. Culture Different Essay In Mourning. Anabolic Steroids Aid Body Growth B. Have Drastic Side Effects II. Side Effects of Steroids A. Ways to tell somebody may be using steroids B. Side effects. government website will give me a bunch of deloitte resume, ideas on what is important in preventing drug use in adolescents. (National Institute on work, Drug Abuse) This source will be great for deloitte giving parents pointers on how to an expository about a change prevent drug use in resume adolescents. A goal of the resume coalition my 'Big Idea' is purposing if for people. Steroids in Professional Sports Today. The Easy Way Out: Steroids in Professional Sports Today Throughout the history of athletics, accomplishments were greatly valued because of the time and deloitte, effort put into eric resume achieving a goal. Whether it be catching a ball or holding a world record, accomplishments are a form of deloitte, greatness. Different. However, what.

Legalizing Steroids In Professional Sports. team. If you do your part, you are rewarded with a larger salary and a bonus. Anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) are the resume vitamin of choice for most professional athletes. Steroids , are taken in liquid or pill form and are only traced through urine tests. “They are proven. Topic: Anabolic Steroids Specific Purpose: To persuade and inform the audience about usage and the positive effects that can be brought out by them. Thesis Statement: Steroids have been proven to have amazing capabilities and they could be the essay about a change end of the search for the fountain of youth. I. . Persuasive Essay: Learning About the Past Is of No Value Because We Live in the Present. Persuasive writing draft – 1 Learning about the past is of no value because we live in the present Against the statement/ motion Someone once said that if we use a pistol to shoot the past, the future will use cannon to deloitte shoot us.

History is a very important aspect of society. People strongly believe. few years performance enhancing drugs has become a large issue for nursing course a number of reasons. The first and foremost is deloitte that athletes that use performance enhancers. Athletes use these drugs to get a step up on their competition. When these drugs are used the fairness is lost and not all the athletes are playing. some arguments about the use of anabolic steroids in sports, and respond to these arguments by showing that the resume pdf reason for banning steroids is not always as clear as it seems. Here is deloitte resume some brief background on Anabolic steroids before we start in on A-Rod . Anabolic steroids are drugs derived from. Steroids in Major League Baseball. Steroids In Major League Baseball Darin Bates Axia College of University of Phoenix Com/125 Utilizing Information in College Writing Teri Duffy August 5, 2007 Steroids In Major League Baseball Imagine that two students are going to class for their final exam.

One of the culture different students. Steroid Use in Sports: The Deadly Decision. Steroids : The Deadly Decision Sports can teach us so many things. We learn to take responsibility, work hard towards a common goal, and resume, sportsmanship towards one another. The basis of these principles isn’t taught in the big leagues but in the midst of high school sports where most find their passion. seems that steroid use has become more and more popular amongst baseball players.

We now find our baseball players in work the Steroids Era. Deloitte Resume. Steroids help athletes become stronger and more muscular, which is clearly necessary when trying to make a home run. Many people believe that using steroids is considered. Steroids and Sports Steroids are one of the biggest concerns in course work major sports today. The use of steroids has hurt stats and, most important, the human body.

The big debate about the. Dylan Mott Composition Mr. Mommens 1 June 2007 United States must enforce the ban of resume, steroids Thesis: Athletes must get stronger and faster without the hand write a letter use of steroids I. Resume. Not healthy II. Dangerous III. Improve your level of play IV. Cheating V. Illegal VI. Hand Write. More for your.

? Should Steroids be Allowed in Sports No, steroids should not be allowed in sports. It seems that the deloitte use of steroids in sports should be allowed. Argumentative Essay About Smoking Outline. According to Saculescu, Foddy, and resume, Clayton the legalization of argumentative essay about smoking, performance enhancing drugs in sports would be fairer and safer. Jon Wall College Writing Informative Essay 8 July 2013 The Effects of Steroids on Athletes American’s have thrived and lived for the ecstasy of high-level athletics. Americans want to deloitte resume see the unbelievable, the culture different in mourning supernatural athleticism that drives up ticket sales and salaries for athletes. But. Persuasive Essay for Gun Control Guns do not kill people, people kill people.

This is a commonly used argument when gun control is the resume topic. Assuming that the email resume latter part of this statement is true then why does it seem that our system is deloitte resume making it easy to equip these people with the means to kill. Steroids: a Proposal for the Future. Steroids : A Proposal for the Future Steroids have long been a topic of resume pdf, concern not just in the athletic community, but also in the medical community. If steroids were legalized, then more research could be done to make them safer and more effective in resume both the medical aspect and the physical aspect. Global Warming: Controversial Issue That Provides Persuasive Messages. the importance of the argumentative essay about smoking issues in our world today, we have become a society that cannot escape persuasive messages. Global warming is deloitte resume one of the culture different essay in mourning many controversial issues and provides us with numerous persuasive messages. is a campaigning organization that focuses on environmental problems. image was put on the hot seat when Jose Canseco, former baseball player, claimed widespread use of steroids in Major League Baseball.

His book, “Juiced,” played a large role in resume the investigation of steroid use in the major league baseball. Two years later, George J. Mitchell, a former United States Senator. Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids in Baseball. December 2008 Steroids in resume Baseball “To help children make right choices, they need good examples. Athletics play such an important role in our society, but, unfortunately, some in professional sports are not setting much of an example. Deloitte. The use of performance-enhancing drugs like steroids in resume baseball. Anabolic steroids are usually either taken orally or injected into the muscles, although some are applied to the skin as a cream or gel.

Doses taken by deloitte resume abusers may be 10 to 100 times higher than doses prescribed to treat medical conditions. Hand A Letter. Steroids are typically taken intermittently rather than continuously. The Ethics of Performance Enhancing Drug Use in Baseball. As Approached from Virtue Ethics and Utilitarian Perspectives Since the 1990’s, Major League Baseball has been tainted by the “ steroid era,” with over 127 players admitting to or being charged for performance-enhancing drug usage. As records have been shattered, books have been published, and players.

III. Teen Use IV. Deloitte Resume. Properties V. Types of Steroids VI. Side Effects VII. Identifying Steroid Use VIII. Medical Uses IX. Nursing Course. Drug Testing X. References Thesis Statement: Competitors who took steroids are facing physical and emotional problems… I. Introduction Anabolic steroids are testosterone. men/women can use which are banned by almost sporting bodies. The banned substances are; First, Ephedrine (banned but still easily acquired) helps athletes to endure and increase their energies.

Ephedrine has many side effects on the users and deloitte resume, should be avoided at all costs. Second, Anabolic Steroids ; they.

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How to Write an APA Style Research Paper. General formatting rules are as follows: Do not put page breaks in deloitte, between the essay in mourning introduction, method, results, and discussion sections. The title page, abstract, references, table(s), and figure(s) should be on their own pages. The entire paper should be written in the past tense, in resume, a 12-point font, double-spaced, and with one-inch margins all around. (see sample on culture, p. 41 of APA manual) Title should be between 10-12 words and should reflect content of paper (e.g., IV and resume DV). Title, your name, and Hamilton College are all double-spaced (no extra spaces) Create a page header using the “View header” function in MS Word.

On the write title page, the header should include the following: Flush left: Running head: THE RUNNING HEAD SHOULD BE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. The running head is a short title that appears at the top of pages of published articles. It should not exceed 50 characters, including punctuation and spacing. (Note: on the title page, you actually write the words Running head, but these words do not appear on subsequent pages; just the deloitte resume actual running head does. If you make a section break between the title page and the rest of the paper you can make the work header different for those two parts of the manuscript). Flush right, on same line: page number.

Use the toolbox to insert a page number, so it will automatically number each page. (labeled, centered, not bold) No more than 120 words, one paragraph, block format (i.e., don’t indent), double-spaced. Deloitte Resume. State topic, preferably in one sentence. Provide overview of email, method, results, and discussion. (Do not label as “Introduction.” Title of paper goes at the top of the resume pagenot bold) The introduction of an APA-style paper is the most difficult to write. A good introduction will summarize, integrate, and critically evaluate the empirical knowledge in the relevant area(s) in a letter, a way that sets the stage for your study and why you conducted it. The introduction starts out broad (but not too broad!) and gets more focused toward the end. Here are some guidelines for constructing a good introduction:

Don’t put your readers to sleep by beginning your paper with the time-worn sentence, Past research has shown. Deloitte. (blah blah blah) They’ll be snoring within a paragraph! Try to draw your reader in by saying something interesting or thought-provoking right off the bat. Take a look at articles you’ve read. Resume Pdf. Which ones captured your attention right away? How did the authors accomplish this task? Which ones didn’t? Why not? See if you can use articles you liked as a model. One way to begin (but not the only way) is to resume provide an example or anecdote illustrative of your topic area. An Expository Essay A Change. Although you won’t go into the details of your study and hypotheses until the resume end of the intro, you should foreshadow your study a bit at the end of the first paragraph by stating your purpose briefly, to give your reader a schema for all the information you will present next. Culture Different. Your intro should be a logical flow of ideas that leads up to your hypothesis.

Try to organize it in terms of the ideas rather than who did what when. In other words, your intro shouldn’t read like a story of “Schmirdley did such-and-such in 1991. Then Gurglehoff did something-or-other in deloitte, 1993. Then. (etc.)” First, brainstorm all of the ideas you think are necessary to include in your paper. Essay About Outline. Next, decide which ideas make sense to deloitte present first, second, third, and different essay so forth, and deloitte resume think about culture in mourning, how you want to deloitte resume transition between ideas. When an idea is complex, don’t be afraid to use a real-life example to write clarify it for your reader.

The introduction will end with a brief overview of your study and, finally, your specific hypotheses. Deloitte Resume. The hypotheses should flow logically out of everything that’s been presented, so that the argumentative outline reader has the deloitte sense of, “Of course. Nursing Course Work. This hypothesis makes complete sense, given all the other research that was presented.” When incorporating references into your intro, you do not necessarily need to describe every single study in complete detail, particularly if different studies use similar methodologies. Certainly you want to summarize briefly key articles, though, and point out differences in methods or findings of relevant studies when necessary. Deloitte Resume. Don’t make one mistake typical of a novice APA-paper writer by course work, stating overtly why you’re including a particular article (e.g., “This article is relevant to my study because”). Deloitte Resume. It should be obvious to the reader why you’re including a reference without your explicitly saying so. DO NOT quote from the articles, instead paraphrase by putting the information in your own words. Be careful about citing your sources (see APA manual). Make sure there is writing an expository in me a one-to-one correspondence between the articles you’ve cited in deloitte, your intro and the articles listed in your reference section.

Remember that your audience is the broader scientific community, not the other students in your class or your professor. Resume. Therefore, you should assume they have a basic understanding of psychology, but you need to provide them with the complete information necessary for them to understand the research you are presenting. (labeled, centered, bold) The Method section of an APA-style paper is the most straightforward to write, but requires precision. Your goal is to describe the resume details of your study in such a way that another researcher could duplicate your methods exactly. The Method section typically includes Participants, Materials and/or Apparatus, and Procedure sections. If the write a letter design is particularly complicated (multiple IVs in a factorial experiment, for example), you might also include a separate Design subsection or have a “Design and Procedure” section. Deloitte. Note that in some studies (e.g., questionnaire studies in which there are many measures to describe but the medcalf procedure is brief), it may be more useful to present the Procedure section prior to the. Materials section rather than after it.

(labeled, flush left, bold) Total number of participants (# women, # men), age range, mean and SD for age, racial/ethnic composition (if applicable), population type (e.g., college students). Remember to write numbers out when they begin a sentence. Deloitte Resume. How were the resume pdf participants recruited? (Don’t say “randomly” if it wasn’t random!) Were they compensated for their time in any way? (e.g., money, extra credit points) Write for a broad audience. Thus, do not write, “Students in Psych. 280. Resume. ” Rather, write (for instance), “Students in a psychological statistics and research methods course at a small liberal arts college.” Try to course avoid short, choppy sentences. Combine information into a longer sentence when possible. (labeled, flush left, bold) Carefully describe any stimuli, questionnaires, and resume so forth. It is unnecessary to write a letter mention things such as the resume paper and pencil used to record the responses, the data recording sheet, the computer that ran the data analysis, the color of the computer, and argumentative about outline so forth.

If you included a questionnaire, you should describe it in resume, detail. For instance, note how many items were on the questionnaire, what the response format was (e.g., a 5-point Likert-type scale ranging from 1 (strongly disagree) to nursing course work 5 (strongly agree)), how many items were reverse-scored, whether the measure had subscales, and so forth. Provide a sample item or two for your reader. If you have created a new instrument, you should attach it as an Appendix. If you presented participants with various word lists to remember or stimuli to judge, you should describe those in detail here. Use subheadings to separate different types of deloitte, stimuli if needed. If you are only describing questionnaires, you may call this section “Measures .” (labeled, flush left, bold) Include an apparatus section if you used specialized equipment for your study (e.g., the eyetracking machine) and need to describe it in essay smoking, detail. (labeled, flush left, bold) What did participants do, and in what order?

When you list a control variable (e.g., “Participants all sat two feet from the experimenter.”), explain WHY you did what you did. In other words, what nuisance variable were you controlling for? Your procedure should be as brief and deloitte resume concise as possible. Read through it. Did you repeat yourself anywhere?

If so, how can you rearrange things to avoid redundancy? You may either write the instructions to the participants verbatim or paraphrase, whichever you deem more appropriate. Don’t forget to include brief statements about informed consent and course debriefing. (labeled, centered, bold) In this section, describe how you analyzed the deloitte data and writing an expository about what you found. If your data analyses were complex, feel free to break this section down into labeled subsections, perhaps one section for each hypothesis. Include a section for descriptive statistics List what type of analysis or test you conducted to deloitte test each hypothesis. Refer to your Statistics textbook for the proper way to report results in APA style. A t-test, for example, is reported in the following format: t (18) = 3.57, p .001, where 18 is the number of degrees of freedom ( N 2 for hand write a letter an independentgroups t test).

For a correlation: r (32) = -.52, p .001, where 32 is the number of degrees of freedom ( N 2 for a correlation). For a one-way ANOVA: F (2, 18) = 7.00, p .001, where 2 represents the df between and 18 represents df within . Remember that if a finding has a p value greater than .05, it is “nonsignificant,” not “insignificant.” For nonsignificant findings, still provide the exact p values. For correlations, be sure to report the r 2 value as an assessment of the deloitte resume strength of the finding, to show what proportion of different, variability is shared by deloitte resume, the two variables you’re correlating. Nursing Course Work. For t- tests and ANOVAs, report eta 2 . Report exact p values to two or three decimal places (e.g., p = .042; see p. 114 of resume, APA manual). However, for pvalues less than .001, simply put p .001. Following the presentation of all the statistics and numbers, be sure to state the nature of your finding(s) in words and whether or not they support your hypothesis (e.g., “As predicted, ”). This information can typically be presented in a sentence or two following the culture essay numbers (within the same paragraph). Also, be sure to include the relevant means and SDs. It may be useful to include a table or figure to represent your results visually. Be sure to refer to these in your paper (e.g., “As illustrated in Figure 1”).

Remember that you may present a set of findings either as a table or as a figure, but not as both. Deloitte. Make sure that your text is not redundant with your tables/figures. For instance, if you present a table of culture essay in mourning, means and standard deviations, you do not need to also report these in resume, the text. Argumentative About Outline. However, if you use a figure to deloitte resume represent your results, you may wish to resume report means and standard deviations in the text, as these may not always be precisely ascertained by examining the figure. Resume. Do describe the trends shown in the figure. Do not spend any time interpreting or explaining the results; save that for the Discussion section.

(labeled, centered, bold) The goal of the an expository essay discussion section is to interpret your findings and place them in deloitte, the broader context of the literature in the area. A discussion section is email like the reverse of the introduction, in that you begin with the specifics and work toward the more general (funnel out) . Some points to consider: Begin with a brief restatement of your main findings (using words, not numbers). Deloitte Resume. Did they support the hypothesis or not? If not, why not, do you think?

Were there any surprising or interesting findings? How do your findings tie into hand write a letter, the existing literature on the topic, or extend previous research? What do the results say about the broader behavior under investigation? Bring back some of the deloitte resume literature you discussed in the Introduction, and show how your results fit in (or don’t fit in, as the case may be). If you have surprising findings, you might discuss other theories that can help to writing essay about in me explain the findings. Begin with the assumption that your results are valid, and explain why they might differ from others in the literature.

What are the limitations of the resume study? If your findings differ from those of other researchers, or if you did not get statistically significant results, don’t spend pages and pages detailing what might have gone wrong with your study, but do provide one or two suggestions. Perhaps these could be incorporated into resume pdf, the future research section, below. What additional questions were generated from this study? What further research should be conducted on the topic? What gaps are there in the current body of research? Whenever you present an resume, idea for a future research study, be sure to in mourning explain why you think that particular study should be conducted. What new knowledge would be gained from it? Don’t just say, “I think it would be interesting to deloitte re-run the study on email resume, a different college campus or It would be better to run the study again with more participants.” Really put some thought into what extensions of the research might be interesting/informative, and why. What are the theoretical and/or practical implications of your findings?

How do these results relate to larger issues of deloitte, human thoughts, feelings, and behavior? Give your readers “the big picture.” Try to answer the question, “So what?” Final paragraph: Be sure to sum up your paper with a final concluding statement. Don’t just trail off with an an expository essay a change, idea for deloitte resume a future study. End on a positive note by reminding your reader why your study was important and what it added to different essay in mourning the literature. (labeled, centered, not bold)

Provide an resume, alphabetical listing of the references (alphabetize by last name of first author). Double-space all, with no extra spaces between references. The second line of each reference should be indented (this is called a hanging indent and is easily accomplished using the ruler in Microsoft Word). See the APA manual for how to work format references correctly. Examples of references to deloitte resume journal articles start on p. 198 of the manual, and examples of argumentative essay about, references to books and book chapters start on pp. 202. Digital object identifiers (DOIs) are now included for deloitte resume electronic sources (see pp. Eric Medcalf Resume. 187-192 of APA manual to learn more). [Note that only the first letter of the first word of the article title is capitalized; the journal name and volume are italicized. If the journal name had multiple words, each of the major words would be capitalized.] Ebner-Priemer, U. W., Trull, T. J. (2009).

Ecological momentary assessment of mood disorders and mood dysregulation. Psychological Assessment , 21, 463-475. doi:10.1037/a0017075. Book chapter example: [Note that only the first letter of the first word of resume, both the nursing work chapter title and book title are capitalized.] Stephan, W. G. (1985). Intergroup relations. In G. Lindzey E. Aronson (Eds.), The handbook of social psychology (3 rd ed., Vol.

2, pp. 599-658). New York: Random House. Gray, P. (2010). Psychology (6 th ed.). New York: Worth. There are various formats for tables, depending upon the information you wish to deloitte resume include. See the APA manual.

Be sure to provide a table number and table title (the latter is resume pdf italicized). Tables can be single or double-spaced. If you have more than one figure, each one gets its own page. Resume. Use a sans serif font, such as Helvetica, for any text within your figure. Be sure to label your x- and y-axes clearly, and make sure you’ve noted the units of measurement of the DV.

Underneath the nursing course work figure provide a label and brief caption (e.g., ?Figure 1. Mean evaluation of job applicant qualifications as. a function of resume, applicant attractiveness level?). The figure caption typically includes the IVs/predictor variables and the DV. Include error bars in your bar graphs, and a change note what the bars represent in deloitte resume, the figure caption: Error bars represent one standard error above and below the mean. (see pp.

174-179 of APA manual) When citing sources in your paper, you need to include the authors’ names and publication date. You should use the following formats: When including the citation as part of the sentence, use AND: “According to Jones and Smith (2003), the” When the citation appears in parentheses, use “”: “Studies have shown that priming can affect actual motor behavior (Jones Smith, 2003; Klein, Bailey, Hammer, 1999).” The studies appearing in parentheses should be ordered alphabetically by the first author’s last name, and should be separated by semicolons. If you are quoting directly (which you should avoid), you also need to include the page number. For sources with three or more authors, once you have listed all the authors’ names, you may write “et al.” on subsequent mentions. For example: “Klein et al. (1999) found that. ” For sources with two authors, both authors must be included every time the source is cited. When a source has six or more authors, the first author’s last name and culture different “et al.” are used every time the source is deloitte cited (including the first time).

“Secondary source” is the term used to describe material that is writing an expository a change in me cited in another source. If in his article entitled “Behavioral Study of Obedience” (1963), Stanley Milgram makes reference to the ideas of deloitte, Snow (presented above), Snow (1961) is the primary source, and write a letter Milgram (1963) is the secondary source. Deloitte Resume. Try to avoid using secondary sources in culture different, your. papers; in other words, try to find the primary source and read it before citing it in your own work. If you must use a secondary source, however, you should cite it in the following way:

Snow (as cited in Milgram, 1963) argued that, historically, the cause of most criminal acts. The reference for the Milgram article (but not the Snow reference) should then appear in the reference list at the end of your paper. Youngest Editor in Journal's History. In 2009, the American College of Physicians (ACP) named Hamilton alumna Christine Laine '83, MD, MPH, FACP editor of its flagship journal Annals of Internal Medicine .